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Best 8 Ways to Sharpen Videos Like A Pro

Joshua Hill

Posted 2022-09-29

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Sharpening the video is crucial in this visual world. So if you are a content creator, you will surely want to improve the contrast, create a saturated video, increase the resolution, add filters, and alter the brightness. However, it's a bit more challenging to sharpen a video than a photo.

So you must look for a tool that helps you complete this task efficiently and quickly. Here is a complete list covering the top 8 ways to sharpen videos on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online. Let's explore!

Part 1: Top AI Video Enhancer for Sharpening videos in 2022

HitPaw Video Enhancer is a comprehensive and credible software that offers many features. The auto enhancement, noise reduction, and AI scaling are what make it stand above other software. It provides you with multiple AI models like general denoise, animation, face, and colorize. These features make it the best choice for you to sharpen your video.

Plus, you are allowed to preview any model before export. Not only does it support customized and up to 4K resolution, but also the quick rate. In addition, you can upload videos in multiple formats; however, the output formats include MOV or MP4. Last but not least, you are allowed to upload multiple videos at a time for batch processing.


  • Work on Windows and Mac version
  • Sharpen videos with one click
  • Offer a three-step processing method
  • 100% automatic video enhancement
  • Give perfection to human face videos
  • Increase the video resolution effortlessly

Let's walk into the steps to use the HitPaw Video Enhancer to sharpen your video:

Step 01 The first step is about downloading and launching the software on your system.

Step 02Now drag and drop the required video into the "Choose File" section. Next, you can select one of the AI models according to your demand. For example, the "Animation model." Also, choose the "Resolution" and "Output Format."

Step 2 to HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

Step 03Now you are allowed to preview the effect of your video.

Step 3 to HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

Step 05Finally, if you're satisfied with the effect, hit the "Export" button after selecting the destination folder to save the sharp video on your system. That's all!

Step 4 to HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

Part 2: Top 2 Tools to Sharpen videos on Windows/Mac

Though it's difficult to find efficient software for Windows and Mac systems, here are the two best ones!

Tool 1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best and most efficient software for Windows and Mac users to improve their video quality easily. It helps you to export videos in unique formats like MXF, AVI, etc. Also, you can mix audio with videos to create and share stories effortlessly.

You will get a high-quality output of up to 4K resolution. Extending its editing services, it aids you in managing the curve adjustments to give a sharp video look. Last but not least, you can automatically reformat your videos with the help of AI-based technology.

Adobe Premiere Pro Sharpen Video

Tool 2. Final Cut Pro X

If you are looking for a Mac software to sharpen video, Final Cut Pro must be your way to go. Besides working as a video enhancer, it also accelerates your post-production tasks, including real-time and 360-degree effects. You can also use this optimized tool to add 2D and 3D effects, along with using gift cards for Apple's digital content.

Moreover, it enables you to do close captioning by utilizing its advanced toolkit. Syncing to 64 angles of video in various formats, you can export your edited videos in up to 4K resolution.

Final Cut Pro X Sharpen Video


No doubt, Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro are professional video editors, which means you might also need professional skills on these 2 tools. If you're new to them, and all you need is to sharpen your video, you won't regret choosing HitPaw Video Enhancer.

Part 3: Top 2 Tools to Sharpen Videos on Android/iPhone

If you want to sharpen your video on your mobile devices, either Android or iPhone, it's a must to explore the below two tools!

Tool 1. Videoshop

Videoshop is one of the credible and best video enhancer apps for Android. You can either clear the blur videos or improve the video quality easily. It lets you change the playback speed, trim the video, and add voiceover for enhancement purposes. Plus, if required, its sound effects library like explosions, animal noises, laughter, and much more to insert into your videos.

Even TikTokers and Instagrammers can take benefit from its lip-syncing function. What you need to do is to import the clip and adjust its display parameters like contrast, brightness, and saturation. Also, set the resolution & frame rate and export the video.

Videoshop Sharpen Video

Tool 2. Sharpen Video: Enhance Quality

An amazing application for editing your videos is the Sharpen Video. It lets you perform the function by allowing you to change the video parameters such as exposure, brightness, gamma, saturation, contrast, and more. Along with that, it supports all popular formats like FLV, MP4, MOV, etc.

You can get the best results by using the sharpness filter. Furthermore, it preserves the aspect ratio of the original video while processing. Even it ensures fast performance, saving history and offering the option to share it with friends.

Sharpen Video Enhance Quality

Part 4: Top 3 Tools to Sharpen Videos Online

Since some people like to work online instead of installing software, here are the three credible and efficient online tools for you!

Tool 1. Clideo

Clideo is a fantastic online tool to help you clear the blurry videos by changing different settings. It's like a miracle formula that supports Google Drive and Dropbox to upload your video and sharpen it with the help of some sliders, such as sharpness, hue, brightness, contrast, etc. You need to use those options required to enhance your video's quality.

Besides these, it offers you the option to choose the desired output format from multiple ones like M4V, M2TS, F4V, and more. Even you can save the edited video in Cloud if required.

Clideo Sharpen Video

Tool 2. VEED.IO

Another remarkable online video lightning editor is VEED.IO, which has an easy-to-use, simple, and intuitive interface. To increase the video quality, it aids you in editing brightness, adjusting resolution up to 4K, changing the frame rate, and adding filters.

Also, you can use its contrast adjuster to give the video dramatic effects and remove shadows. Even it is possible to lighten the videos with various effects like VHS, Sepia tones, etc. As far as the supported formats are concerned, it offers WebM, OGG, MP4, MOV, GIF, and more.

VEED IO Sharpen Video

Tool 3. Kapwing

The Kawping Adjust Video tool is a full-fledged video editor which does not only let you import video from the system but also via URL and Cloud. You can crop/trim video, add filters, change the playback speed, increase/decrease the volume, clean audio, transcribe scenes, and more.

Even it offers the smart cut feature to remove those parts of the video with low audio/visual quality. Adding text, audio, elements, subtitles, layers, and transitions is easier than ever.

Kapwing Sharpen Video


After going through the above article, it's a sure thing that you have learned all about the process of sharpening video. So you won't find any difficulty in the task to sharpen the video by using any of the above eight tools. Though all tools are efficient, HitPaw Video Enhancer is the best of all. It lets you improve the video quality without any hassle. Even you can enjoy its wide range of features with high quality and super efficiency. So why not try it once now?

FAQs about Sharpening Videos

1. How can I improve video quality?

Different ways are available to improve video quality or sharpen video, such as using upscale video resolution, reducing noise, fixing shaky videos, rotating, cropping, flipping, adjusting frame rate/codec/resolution, optimizing brightness/contrast, and more. You need to go for the one that your video requires!

2. How can I make my video sharper online?

You need to use a video editing application like Clideo. It lets you carry out the process in three easy steps. After opening the website, you need to first upload your blurry video through the system or Cloud by clicking the choose file button. Now, use the sliders to sharpen your video online. Once done, choose the export format and then hit the Export button. You are all done!

3. Is there any app to clear up blurry videos?

Whether you are using an Android or iOS, it is good to go for the PowerDirector editing program. It offers several editing tools and effects to let you sharpen the video to change its complete look. Even you can use its stabilizer effect to clear the blur videos. That's all!

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