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Top 10 Frame-by-Frame Video Editors for All Devices (2024)

Almost every industry-standard post-production application is a frame-by-frame video editor. However, many times, locating a robust program to meet your requirements is pretty challenging. Therefore, the following sections suggest the best apps available for the devices you prefer to use.

Before proceeding, you must understand that any frame-by-frame video editor performs optimally and produces a pixel-perfect output when you use it on a computer, rather than installing it on a mobile device or accessing any online portal.

Nevertheless, you can choose any of the solutions suggested here according to your gears and ease of access.

Part 1: Top 4 Frame-by-Frame Video Editors for Windows/Mac

As explained before, any frame-by-frame video editor you install on your PC gives you the best output. The only challenging part is checking each program for its features and assessing the overhead it may put on your local hardware resources while in use. Considering these factors, listed below are the top 4 hand-picked frame-by-frame video editors you can try your hands with and choose the best among them:

1. Edimakor

Edimakor is a product by HitPaw and it is equipped with plenty of AI-powered features to reduce your manual tasks to almost nil. The app is a video editing software with a frame-by-frame modification option using the Skimmer in the built-in Timeline-oriented interface. Available for Windows and Mac platforms, Edimakor shares an identical interface on both.

frame by frame video editor

Key Features

  • Built-in screen recorder
  • AI-powered scriptwriter
  • AI-powered video joiner
  • AI-powered image enhancer
  • AI-powered text-to-speech converter
  • AI-powered speech-to-text converter
  • AI-powered subtitle creator
  • Supports Windows and Mac platforms
  • Lightweight on local hardware
  • Almost flattened learning curve
  • After installation, it occupies some disk space.
  • Requires manual consent even on automated prompts to install updates when they roll out

2. BeeCut

BeeCut is another Timeline-oriented frame-by-frame video editor app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and online platforms. The desktop variant of the program allows multiple Timeline layers for convenient media management.

video editing software frame by frame

Key Features

  • Multi-layer Timeline
  • Several transition and split-screen presets
  • Built-in automatic subtitle creator
  • Familiar video editing interface, loosely similar to Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Offers a lifetime subscription plan by paying once
  • Comprises commonly used aspect ratio presets
  • Free trial is available only for a limited duration
  • Novices and amateurs may find the interface a bit daunting for the first few days

3. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a cross-platform open-source free frame-by-frame video editor. Kdenlive is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, and comprises almost all the features and tools to produce industry-standard outputs for commercial gains or personal sharing.

free frame by frame video editor

Key Features

  • Fully customizable 2D title maker
  • Robust color-correction options
  • Automated low-res proxy creation for smooth Playhead navigation
  • Supports ProRes, h.264, DIVX, and other popular formats
  • Customizable interface
  • Supports keyframed animations and effects
  • Kdenlive has a complex interface, which may require a basic understanding frame-by-frame video editor process before trying hands in it
  • The landing page has a 'Donate' button, which could be frustrating for some users

4. iMovie

Developed by Apple, iMovie is a free frame-by-frame video editor for Mac and iOS devices. iMovie has several built-in presets to produce industry-standard videos for commercial distribution and social media sharing.

best frame by frame video editor

Key Features

  • Multi-layer Timeline
  • Built-in transition presets
  • Playback speed adjustment options for effective storytelling
  • Free
  • Produces industry-standard outputs
  • Doesn't require in-depth video editing skills to start
  • Available only for Apple devices
  • Doesn't work on macOS installed on a virtual machine

Part 2: Top 3 Frame-by-Frame Video Editors for iPhone/Android

If you are more comfortable working on smartphones, the following could be your go-to frame-by-frame video editor apps:

1. CapCut

CapCut is a cross-platform program, which means that it is available for Android and iOS devices too. With the static Playhead and movable Timeline, CapCut can make video editing experience easy and fun.

frame by frame video editor iphone

Key Features

  • Playback speed adjustment tool
  • Animated elements
  • Integrated voice and audio adjustment features
  • Supports up to 4K outputs
  • Easy access to all projects from one screen
  • The free version automatically adds a CapCut outro to videos
  • Not available in some parts of the world

2. KineMaster

One of the most popular and used frame-by-frame video editors for smartphones, KineMaster is the first choice for many newbies, post-production enthusiasts, college students, and vloggers.

android video editor frame by frame

Key Features

  • Auto-caption generator
  • Integrated equalizer for background music adjustments
  • Allows pitch controls for audio manipulations
  • Allows free access to frequently used features
  • Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • Comprises professional video templates
  • Free version adds watermarks to outputs
  • No longer supports devices running iOS and iPadOS lower than 15.6

3. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is also a cross-platform program for Mac and Windows PCs and Apple and Android smartphones. Furthermore, regardless of platforms, the program shares common interfaces on their respective device types. In simple words, the interface is identical for Windows and Mac computers, and the same applies to iOS and Android devices.

frame by frame video editor app

Key Features

  • Allows playback speed management via graphs and curves
  • Built-in title template library
  • Allows keyframe-oriented animations
  • Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
  • Generates automatic captions
  • Advanced color correction options and filters
  • Requires a good sense of colors and animated movements
  • Many users complain about the app being buggy when used for more than 15 to 20 minutes

Part 3: Top 3 Frame-by-Frame Video Editors Online

For occasional video editing and to avoid installing a program on your computer or smartphone, choosing a web portal would be the best and most handy solution. Listed below are the top 3 handpicked frame-by-frame video editors for online post-productions:

1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp gives you the feel of working on a professional frame-by-frame video editor right on your web browser.

frame by frame video editor online

Key Features

  • Built-in video templates
  • Several transition presets
  • Access to stock images and GIFs
  • Exports videos in up to 4K resolution
  • Allows brand kit assembly for promotional videos
  • Allows content backups
  • Videos exported under the free plan have watermarks
  • Brand kit and content backup features are available only with the paid subscription
  • Clipchamp doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox

2. Clideo

Clideo is a frame-by-frame video editor that offers a dedicated section for color correction, significantly improving your overall post-production experience.

online video editor frame by frame

Key Features

  • Multi-layer Timeline
  • Color correction and grading through sliders
  • Integrated screen, camera, and audio recorder
  • Allows you to try the web app without signing in
  • Imports media from Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Access to stock video clips
  • A paid subscription is required to unlock Clideo's advanced features
  • Doesn't have a free plan

3. Kapwing

Yet another robust frame-by-frame video editor, Kapwing has a Timeline-oriented interface and comes with a free plan with access to almost all basic tools.

video editor frame by frame online

Key Features

  • Layer-oriented media placement
  • Access to meme templates
  • Most popular aspect ratio presets
  • Allows quick signing up with a Google or Facebook accounts
  • Accepts media uploads from local computers and online portals via URLs
  • Kapwing comes with a free plan
  • Kapwing adds watermarks on videos exported under a free plan
  • Free members can convert only 8 minutes of text into speech a month

Part 4: FAQs About Frame-by-Frame Video Editor You Want to Know

Q1. Can you edit videos frame-by-frame?

A1. Yes, it is possible to edit videos frame-by-frame. However, making changes to each frame in a one-minute video would be extremely tedious. This is because when a clip's frame rate is 30 FPS, it means that each second of the video has 30 frames. This further means that each footage of one minute has 30 x 60 = 1800 frames, and working on each frame individually would take ages. As a workaround, you can use a robust application like HitPaw Edimakor to make your editing experience simple and quick.

Q2. How do you trim a frame-by-frame video?

A2. Any frame-by-frame video editor has a Playhead (Skimmer) that you can move forward or backward in increments of one frame at a time. However, while trimming, you don't delete each frame separately. Instead, you place the Skimmer on the frame the unwanted part of the video starts from and split it from there. After this, you select the isolated segment you want to get rid of and press 'Delete' on the keyboard.

Q3. What is the app that goes through videos frame-by-frame?

A3. Technically speaking, all video editing applications and media players read your clips frame by frame and that is how you can see the entire film.


The most convenient method to modify clips is by using a frame-by-frame video editor online portal, as it doesn't require downloading and installing a program on your computer. However, if you are a professional and edit videos regularly as a part of your job, choosing a dedicated tool like HitPaw Edimakor would be your best bet to get a frame-by-frame video editor handy.

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