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10 Most Popular I Am Once Again Asking Meme Templetes | Know Your Meme

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-04-06

The last US presidential elections saw the immense popularity of I am once again asking meme showing Bernie Sanders asking for the support.

If you’re also intrigued by this hilarious meme and want a template to share your sarcastic skills with mates, then look no further. This article will provide insights into what actually this meme is as well as walk you through some popular templates.

In addition, we will also introduce you to a competent I am once again asking meme generator that anyone can use with ease.

Time to get down to the business!

I am once again asking Bernie meme - I am asking meme

Part 1: What Does I Am Once Again Asking Meme Mean?

If you have not been living under a rock for the last few months, you must have already seen Bernie Sanders asking for something on your social media timeline. It all started after Bernie tweeted a short clip asking the supporters to donate to his campaign just before the FEC fundraising deadline.

I am once again asking meme - Bernie meme

The template got worldwide popularity, starting from January 16th 2020, as millions of social media users started sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Even more surprisingly, Bernie Sanders himself enjoyed the meme and to his credit, one gain asked from financial support from his supporters in a post on his campaign subreddit a few days after.

The This Bernie meme I am once again asking template resonated with almost every person on the internet who needed anything from someone. Within no time, the phrase “I am asking for …” became a meme and the netizens started copying this template for other hilarious activities such as shamelessly asking money from parents, animals or pets begging for food, friends asking for treat, employees asking for pay raise, and so on.

I am once again asking meme - Bernie sanders meme

Part 2: 10 Most Popular Once Again I Am Asking Meme Templates

Check out a few popular templates of Bernie Sanders meme that you can use in your own meme.

  • 1.

    If you’re a college student and haven’t got any funds from your parents for several months, then this template is meant for you. It indicates a college kid calling home to ask for money from caretaker or parents.

    I am once again asking for financial support meme template
  • 2.

    Another hilarious I am once again asking Bernie meme that shows how YouTubers ask the viewers to subscribe to their channels.  If your friends are running a YouTube channel, then get this template to tease them on social media.

    I am once again asking Bernie meme - Bernie premium meme
  • 3.

    This fun template shows how it gets really frustrating when your clock wakes you up in the morning. Seems like you have just slept and it’s already in the morning and you need to go to work-college – even if you don’t want to.

    I am once again asking for financial support meme template - bernie wake up meme
  • 4.

    On wait, it’s June here again and the big companies are again talking about LGBT rights to get consumers’ attention and boost sales. Ironically, they do it in June every year – and not in any other month.

    I am once again asking meme - Bernie june
  • 5.

    Are you a Burger King fan and love to get your hands on juicy burgers? Then, you’ll understand how Burger King workers repeatedly ask you to get free fries or onions – even if you don’t want it.

    I am once again asking meme generator - Bernie burger king
  • 6.

    What if someone is just walking down the street and a mugger appears from now where? Well, the guy won’t just ask for financial support, instead he will get it by force. In such a scenario, you have no option but to offer your financial support.

    I am once again asking meme - no longer asking
  • 7.

    When a presidential candidate loses the election and has nothing to say but “showing his or her disappointment and frustration.” They no longer need anyone’s help until the next election comes.

    I am once again asking Bernie meme – Bernie not asking
  • 8.

    Have you spent all your pocket money and want to get more money from your parents? Just send this amazing template to them to cheer them up and then, ask for “financial support.”

    I am once again asking for financial support meme template – ask parents
  • 9.

    Just walking around the shopping mall and see someone without a mask? Without getting triggered, just share this meme on your social media to educate people as well as vent out your anger.

    I am once again asking meme – wear mask
  • 10.

    Every beggar in your street asks for just “one more coin” every single day. It’s better to keep change in your pocket or car to deal with such oblivion beggars.

    I am once again asking meme – wear mask

Part 3: Editor's Picked: Best I Am Once Again Asking You Meme Generator

If you’re looking for the best meme generator in 2022, then look no further and get HitPaw Video Converter. Whether you need to make a quick I am once again asking Bernie meme, a flyer poster, or any other captivating meme, you can do it all using this feature-rich program.

It comes loaded with all the photo editing features, filters, and effects that you need to develop a stunning meme and entertain your mates.  What sets it apart from other players is the tons of ready-made meme templates it offers to users. Also, don’t hesitate to use different font colors, text shapes and sizes to make your meme unique and eye-catching.

To make it easier for beginners, the program provides convenient resizing tools to make the creation for your favorite social media platform. All these stellar features coupled with its sleek interface make it a top-ranked once again I am asking you meme generator of 2022.

Bernie meme I am once again asking - hitpaw video converter

Key Features f HitPaw Video Converter:

  • A one-stop solution to create Bernie meme or any other meme quickly
  • Offers a plenty of built-in templates, that you can start using with just one click
  • All basic photo editing capabilities for meme generation
  • Bombards you with amazing text shapes and sizes
  • You can easily adjust the meme dimensions for any social media platform
  • Works on both Windows and MacOS system

Aside from these notable qualities, you can also explore a plethora of other features while using HitPaw Video Converter.

Final Thought

After reading this guide, you know everything about I am once again asking Bernie meme including its meaning and origin. We also discussed a few templates of this meme that you can use to entertain your family or friends on social media.  

Also, creating Bernie meme on your own is on your fingertips after getting your hands on HitPaw Video Converter. It offers a myriad of photo editing tools, effects, meme templates, text sizes and fonts to help you develop a stunning meme, making it our top-pick of I am asking you once again meme generator.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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