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Know Your Nut Button Meme(Meaning/Origin/Spread/Genrator)

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-10-24

In today’s era of social media, memes are ruling the internet like never before to which nut button meme is no exception. This meme gained social media traction as an image of a hand pressing a blue button.  If you, like millions of other people, love to use nut memes to mess with your mates and bring more fun to your conversations, then look no further.

Since we all know what does meme mean, we will walk you through most popular nut button meme generator and entertaining nut memes of 2023 and how can you generate your own nut meme. Without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

Part 1: What Is the Nut Button Meme

In this section, we will discuss everything you need to know about the nut button meme and show you some nut button meme templates.

1.1 The Meaning of the Nut Button Meme

A nut button meme is simply a picture of a hand slapping on to a blue button, that has “nut” photoshopped on it. People use nut button meme in a lot many contexts but usually, it makes fun of someone’s poor decisions. It is also used to convey ill-advised things like when world leaders, celebrities, or popular figures make bad choices.  

blank nutmeme

1.2 The Origin of the Nut Button Meme

The nut button meme is derived from a photo posted on Tumblr in 2015 with a text “like” written on it. It gained traction and people started Photoshop that image on different images and texts to make jokes on their friends or popular stars.

1.3 The Spread of the Nut Button Meme

After the first nut button meme was posted on Tumblr in January, 2016, it became internet sensation and amassed huge appreciation. Within no time, the meme was seen on every social media platform in different contexts. People edit the text written on the “blue button” to use it any situation they want.

Part 2: How to Generate My Own Nut Button Meme

After getting enough information about meme nut button, you must be wondering how to make a stunning meme yourself. Here we introduce two nut button meme generators to you. You can follow the below guide.


Well, all you need is an efficient nut button meme generator to get the job done and create the nut button meme. The internet is awash with such tools but here, we will go with Imgflip. It is a free online meme maker that enables users to create amazing memes using its built-in templates. People can add text, images, stickers, drawings, much more to a template of their choosing and customize it to get a nut meme. More so, you can also meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically.

Text Guide of Imgflip:

Here’s how to use this online tool:

Step 01 Head to its official website and choose your favorite template. You can also import yout own templates.

Step 02 Then, add text in corresponding boxes and click on the Settings icon to adjust its dimensions, color, opacity or size as needed. Similarly, you can add images and customize their settings as well.

create nut meme - Imgfilip

Step 03 When you’re done, check the “Private” box and hit on Generate Meme.

Cons of Imgflip:

Imgflip, like any other online tool, has several major downsides that discourage users from using its services. Some of its disadvantages include:

  • 1

    The free version comes with a huge watermark

  • 2

    Limited built-in templates

  • 3

    Very few editing options

  • 4

    Interface looks outdated

Part 3: Other Popular Memes Related to Nut Button Meme

Here is our list of netizens’ favorite memes related to nut memes that you can use to bring smiles on your friends’ faces.

2.1 No Nut November Meme

If you don’t know what No Nuts November means, this meme is taken as a challenge in which the reader abstains from masturbating or orgasm for the entire month. The Reddit community /r/NoNutNovember grew from 16,500 subscribers in 2018 to 107,800 in November 2021.

No Nut November Meme

2.2 This Pleases the Nut Meme

It involves a smiling peanut paired with text. People use sarcastic captions to convey the “nut” in this nut button meme as a slang for orgasm.  

This Pleases the Nut Meme

2.3 Baby Nut Memes

Also known as Baby Mr. Peanut, this meme refers to the reborn version of Planters' mascot Mr. Peanut, revealed during a Super Bowl LIV commercial in February 2020. It became popular on social media platforms where users expressed a desire to violently destroy the character by crushing him or turning him into paste.

baby nut memes

2.4 Luigi Super Nut Meme

This meme is a reaction image that features a screenshot from the video game Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. The “Nuts” in this video game are eatables that give power to the characters. However, it implies that the character Luigi is receiving sexual pleasure from these consumables. And the biggest one screenshot is max nut meme.

Luigi Super Nut Meme

2.5 Honey Nut Meme

The honey nut cheerios meme refers to a sweet yet evil person who is quite addictive to talk to but at the same time, he or she will tease the person for saying nice things. The honey meme is not really sweat.

Honey Nut Meme

2.6 Spongebob Nut Meme

This meme is a slang for sexual activity or masturbation and often used in various contexts to convey that the person gets irritated during the sexual intercourse.

Spongebob Nut Meme

2.7 Deez Nuts Meme

It is a very popular meme that is often used in real life conversation as a tension breaker. On social media, people use it to troll an otherwise serious topic or a conversation. Many users also use it in the context of showing their offense over a perceived disrespect by telling them to get involved in several sexual acts.

Deez Nuts Meme

Part 4: Can I Use A Generator for Creating Animated Meme?

Don’t want to download multiple third-party tools to make memes as well as perform several editing tasks? Worry not as we have a perfect all-in-one video converter called HitPaw Video Converter. It is a one-stop solution to download stunning memes as well as edit your photos and videos effortlessly.

This tool can help you convert nut video to gif, which mean you can make the animated meme, not only the nut button meme.

HitPaw Video Converter serves as a video converter, a video downloader and a video editor. It allows users to convert videos and audio to any desired format with a few clicks, download files from 1000+ popular sites easily and make simple edits on your videos or audio.

when you nut in her meme

Advantages of HitPaw Video Converter:

Here are the stellar features of this powerful software:

  • 1

    Convert, download and edit videos and audio in one place

  • 2

    Convert videos and audio to 800+ formats

  • 3

    Donwload video from YouTube and other 1000+ hot sites

  • 4

    Merge multiple videos quickly

  • 5

    Cut unwanted video clips

  • 6

    Batch convert media

  • 7

    Ultra-fast video converter with powerful acceleration features

How to convert video to gif using HitPaw Video Converter.

  • 1

    Please install the software and launch it.

  • 2

    You need to download the video that you want to make meme. It offers you to download many videos from different sites.

  • when you nut in her meme
  • 3

    Then switch to the Toolbox tab on the top menus. Choose Video to GIF feature there.

  • when you nut in her meme
  • 4

    Click “Select files” to add videos to this program. The source video will display in the timeline, and you can click the play button to preview the video.

  • when you nut in her meme
  • 5

    There are two drag bars on the timeline, drag the left one to adjust the start time of the GIF, drag the right one to adjust the end time of the GIF. You can click the play button to preview the segment. After confirming that there are no problems, you can click the “Create GIF” button to generate a GIF file of the clip you just set.

  • when you nut in her meme
  • 6

    Once you’ve created all GIFs you want from the video, you can click the Export button in the lower right corner to export the GIFs.

  • when you nut in her meme


To sum up, this article shows that nut button meme is used in a myriad of contexts to bring humor and sarcasm to the conversations. If you want more button meme genterators, please click to refer to this article. Hopefully, you have got the idea how to make a custom nut meme of your own and that’s where HitPaw Video Converter comes into play.  


Using this wonderful tool, you can get stunning memes not only the but button meme, as well as apply tons of basic editing effects to your videos. It is easy to install and use, and works perfectly even on low-end PCs.

For any queries, feel free to ask.

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