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(Latest )Who is the Most Popular Oshi No Ko Main Character

Oshi No Ko is a popular anime series that follows the lives of idols and their fans in the entertainment industry. Revolving around different main characters, this splendid anime intricately weaves together their lives, dreams and struggle while exploring the themes of fame, love, friendship, rivalry, and tragedy in a realistic and dark way.

But for anime lovers, the biggest question is who is the main Oshi No Ko character? To answer this question, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Oshi No Ko characters ranked by their number of favorites on MyAnimeList, as of December 3, 2023.

oshi no ko characters

Part 1: Ranked Oshi No Ko Television Show Characters

10. Sarina Tendouji: 107 Favorites

At number 10, we have Sarina Tendouji. Sarina Tendouji is a pivotal character in the Oshi No Ko manga series. She was this young patient under the care of Gorou Amamiya and had this huge admiration for Ai Hoshino, which kind of rubbed off on Gorou too. Unfortunately, she battled anaplastic astrocytoma, a really tough brain tumor, and passed away. But here's where things take a turn—she bounces back to life as Ruby, Ai's daughter.

At first glance, Sarina seemed full of energy despite her illness, especially when she was chatting about her favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, or playfully teasing Gorou. However, due to her illness, Sarina got pretty down about not being able to move freely and ended up developing a fear of falling. It got to the point where, even in her next life as Ruby Hoshino, she carried that fear with her. Luckily, with Ai's help, she managed to conquer that fear and move forward. In the Oshi Na Ko series, she's voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi.

oshi no ko television show characters

9. Gorou Amemiya: 139 Favorites

With 139 favorites, Gorou Amemiya is at number 9. Gorou Amamiya is the central character in the opening chapter of the Oshi No Ko manga series. He was a passionate and caring gynecologist at a rural hospital, overseeing Ai Hoshino's pregnancy. Specilizing in obstetrics and gynecology, he also supervised Ai Hoshino's pregnancy but was unfortunately killed by AI’s Stalker. But here’s a kick. Gorou Amamiya comes back to life as Ai's son, Aquamarine, keeping all his memories from his previous life intact.

Gorou seemed like a compassionate and dedicated doctor who genuinely cared about his patients. He was also a fan of idols, but it wasn't sketchy—it was to make one of his patients, Sarina, happy. Although there's a mention about him having a "loli-con image," which raises a few eyebrows, he still showed real support and empathy towards Ai during her pregnancy, keeping personal stuff separate from his professional side. By the way, Kento Itou voices him in the series!

characters in oshi no ko

8. Taishi Gotanda: 164 Favorites

At number 8, we have Taishi Gotanda. Taishi Gotanda is a renowned and award-winning director who played a pivotal role in discovering Aqua and steering him toward an acting career. Recognized for his influential work, he discovered Aqua Hoshino at a very young age and played a significant role in steering Aqua toward an acting career within the entertainment industry.

As Aqua matured, Taishi assumed a mentor-like role in his life, offering valuable insights into the workings of the industry. With his signature almost shoulder-length hair and penchant for a black jacket, Taishi stands as a supporting character but holds substantial knowledge, notably understanding the intricate ties between Aqua, Ruby, and Ai before Chapter 105. He aligns with Aqua's quest for retribution, seeking justice for Ai's murder while backing Aqua's revenge plan. He is voiced by Yasuyuki Kase.

oshi no ko anime characters

7. Miyako Saitou: 311 Favorites

Miyako Saitou, a character resonating with 313 devoted fans, brings a compelling dynamic to the storyline. Portrayed as a supporting character, Miyako's nuanced persona and contributions to key moments within the narrative add depth and intrigue. She is basically the wife of the president of Strawberry Production, Saitou-san, and the current president of Ichigo Production.

To protect the secret of their parentage, she often acts as the adoptive mother of Aqua and Ruby.Initially, Miyako appears to be a shallow woman. As she was hot-headed, she was the caretaker of twins, but with the passage of time, she grew to genuinely love them. Particularly for Ruby, her love is admirable as she lends her agency resources to support her aspiration of becoming an idol. She is voiced by Charistina Kelly, a prolific voice actress.

oshi no ko characters name

6. Mem-Cho: 634 Favorites

Mem-Cho, a significant supporting character in the Oshi No Ko manga series, once aspired to be an idol, but she faced setbacks due to family circumstances. Due to this, she missed her chance of becoming an idol. Despite this, she carved her path to fame as a popular YouTuber and former TikTok personality.

Her rise to streaming stardom led her to participate in the reality dating show "LoveNow," where she found a new opportunity. Post-show, Aqua, a fellow contestant, extended an invitation to join B-Komachi, a group aiming for an idol revival. Despite being considered past the typical age for an idol, her acceptance into the group by Aqua and others marked a significant chance to finally pursue her long-held dream within the entertainment industry.In the series, Mem-Cho is bubbly and mischevious and is voiced by Rumi Ookubo.

oshi no ko characters mem cho

5. Ruby Hoshino: 2,190 Favorites

Ruby Hoshino is a popular idol and one of the significant characters in Oshi No Ko. She is the younger sister of Aquamarine Hoshino, another popular idol and one of the main characters of the anime. She is a cute and cheerful girl who loves to sing and dance and aims to become an idol. In her previous life, she was named Sarina, who died due to anaplastic astrocytome. She is also very beautiful and charismatic and loves to make friends with most people. In the series, she is voiced by Yurie Igoma.

ruby hoshino

4. Akane Kurokawa: 3,320 Favorites

Akane Kurokawa is a pivotal figure in the Oshi No Ko manga series, renowned as a highly skilled actress affiliated with the Lala Lai Theatre Company. In the LoveNow series, Akane was introduced as Aqua Hoshino's co-star, initially saved by him during a controversy on set, leading to a faux romance for the show. Initially, she was perceived as unremarkable by audiences who were of the view that her appearance and personality lacked a standout quality. However, after navigating a controversy on social media, her gratitude towards Aqua for rescuing her led to a significant change. She began portraying herself with the same look and mannerisms as Hoshino Ai, demonstrating incredible acting prowess that surprised both Ruby and Aqua. She is voiced by Manaka Iwami.

akane kurokawa

3. Aquamarine Hoshino: 4,574 Favorites

Aquamarine Hoshino, also known as Aqua, stands as the male protagonist and one of the main characters of the Oshi No Ko series. He was once known as Gorou Amamiya, a Japanese doctor tragically murdered by a stalker of his patient, the famous idol Ai Hoshino. This time around, he’s reincarnated as Ai's child. Being an Orhpan and a fan of Ai, he enjoyed being her child, and this fueled his early entry into the entertainment world.

However, his newfound happiness was shattered when the same stalker killed Ai, leaving Aqua deeply scarred and vengeful. This incident changed him and Driven by a quest to uncover the truth behind Ai's betrayal, he delves into the darker facets of the industry, displaying remarkable acting talent and intelligence, a trait carried over from his previous life. In the series, he is voiced by Takeo Ootsuka.

oshi no ko main character

2. Ai Hoshino: 6,599 Favorites

At number 2, we have Ai Hoshino. Being the central figure in the Oshi No Ko manga series, Ai Hoshino stood as the lead idol of B-Komachi, an idol group associated with Strawberry Productions. Prior to her idol career, she had a humble background and lacked professionalism. As an idol, she maintained a facade of genuine affection toward her fans.

When she was pregnant with the twins, she gave birth and raised them secretly, not to squander her reputation. Tragically, her life of deception unraveled when a disgruntled fan attached herself. In her final moments, she expressed her love for her children, leaving a lasting impact even after her death. Her daughter continues her legacy as an idol, while her son dedicates himself to seeking revenge against her ex-boyfriend, the one responsible for her betrayal. Ai's presence resonates throughout the series, her life and demise shaping the trajectory of her children's journeys. She was voiced by Rie Takahashi.

main character in oshi no ko

1. Kana Arima 14,876 Favorites

Cherished by over 14 thousand enthusiasts, Kana Arima emerged as the most favorite character in the Oshi No Ko series. Started off as a prodigious child actress, Kana stumbled in her career due to a poor reputation she acquired on the set during her grade school years. Despite significant personal growth and a reformed attitude in the present, she continues to get hampered due to her past, and this hinders her current endeavors as well.

As a childhood friend of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino, Kana showcased remarkable talent as a young actress. However, her career trajectory took a downturn owing to her challenging behavior on sets, which led to a decline in popularity and fewer job opportunities for her. To survive in the industry, she adapted her acting style, albeit at the cost of diminishing roles. Yet, upon reconnecting with Aqua and Ruby and joining the resurrected idol group B-Komachi, coupled with her rivalry with Akane Kurokawa, Kana gradually begins to break free from the limitations she imposed on herself. She is voiced by Megumi Han.

popular character in oshi no ko

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Within the Oshi No Ko anime, there are diverse characters that contribute to the richness of the storyline. The personalities, aspirations, and interwoven connections of each character create a captivating narrative, and this has captured the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we delve into the rankings of the top Oshi No Ko characters based on the public votes on MyAnimeList.

In addition to this, we have learned about HitPaw FotorPea that can help you improve the quality and resolution of your photos of your favorite anime characters. If you are a fan of Oshi No Ko anime characters, you might want to check out these resources and enjoy the anime even more.

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