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[PC&Online] Top 10 Image Brighteners We Recommend for You

Whether you're a professional photographer or casual snapper, we all want our images to pop with vibrant colors and details. But often, photos can turn out dark or washed out. That's where image brighteners come in handy. In this article, we'll recommend the top 10 tools and software for boosting the brilliance of your photos.

From user-friendly online editors to powerful desktop programs, these image enhancers allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, and more with just a few clicks. Read on for our picks of the best photo brighteners to make your images shine.

Part 1. Top 10 Image Brighteners

1. The Best Desktop Tool to Brighten Photos with HitPaw Photo AI

HitPaw Photo AI is an AI-powered automatic photo enhancement tool for Windows and Mac. It leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to intelligently analyze and enhance photos.

The automatic adjustments make it easy for anyone to improve their images with just one click. We highly recommend HitPaw as the best desktop solution for enhancing photo brightness, colors, details, and more.

  • One-click to automatically enhance image quality and resolution using AI
  • Easily make pictures less blurry and remove noise
  • Enlarge and upscale images without quality loss
  • 4 AI models for general enhancement, denoising, face retouching, and colorization
  • Sharpen details and improve photo resolution
  • Restore and repair old, damaged photos
  • Batch processing capability
  • Step 1:First, download and install the HitPaw Photo AI software on your computer (Windows or Mac). Get it straight from their official website.
  • Step 2:Next, bring in the dull photo you want to brighten. Open it directly from your device or use drag and drop to import JPEGs, PNGs, etc.

  • Step 3:Now, choose the optimal AI model. For general photos like landscapes, go with the General enhancement model.

  • Step 4:Hit the "Preview" button and let HitPaw's AI work its magic. It'll automatically analyze and boost brightness, color vibrance, details, and more in seconds.

  • Step 5:Preview the dramatically improved photo that's now glowing with light and life. Make any tweaks if needed.


2. Image Brightener with Fotor

image brighteners 1

Fotor is a free online photo editor with a wide range of tools to enhance image brightness and quality. It provides automatic one-click optimization as well as granular editing options.

  • Offers automatic one-click enhancement to instantly improve photo brightness, colors, details, etc.
  • Provides granular editing tools to manually adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, and more
  • Batch editing capability to enhance multiple photos at once
  • Requires uploading images to Fotor's online platform rather than editing locally

3. Photo Brightener with PhotoRoom

image brighteners 2

PhotoRoom makes it easy to brighten lackluster photos through AI-powered automatic optimization and manual editing controls. With just one click, it can boost brightness, contrast, and vibrance.

  • One-click auto enhancement instantly improves overall photo brightness and quality
  • Manual editing tools to fine-tune brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, etc.
  • Range of filters and presets for quick optimization
  • Desktop app requires paid subscription for full feature access after 7-day free trial

4. AI Photo Brightener with PineTools

image brighteners 3

PineTools' photo brightener uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze images and make intelligent adjustments for better brightness and vibrance. With a single click, the ai photo brightener can boost lackluster photos taken in low light or hazy conditions.

  • One-click AI optimization instantly improves brightness, contrast, and details
  • Completely free to use with no limits
  • Fast processing time online
  • Results may not always match more robust desktop software
  • Limited manual editing controls

5. Photo Brightener with Adobe

image brighteners 4

Adobe's photo editing apps offers unparalleled capabilities for fine-tuning all aspects of image brightness and color. Photoshop gives pixel-level control through layers, selections, and manual adjustments. Lightroom streamlines editing workflows with presets and batch processing. But for professional results, Adobe sets the standard for expertly brightening and enhancing photos. The expansive toolset exceeds most competitors for those needing maximum editing power and flexibility.

  • Precise control over brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc.
  • Robust editing features like layers, masks, and filters
  • Integrates with Lightroom for streamlined workflow
  • Expensive subscription-based pricing

6. Image Brightener with Raw.pics.io

image brighteners 5

The Raw.pics.io web app offers a simple slider tool to manually increase the brightness levels of photos. Users can tweak the brightness and contrast to make dim images pop. While handy for basic adjustments, it lacks more advanced auto-correction or batch-processing capabilities.

  • Provides slider to easily adjust image brightness
  • Additional editing tools like crop, rotate, and filters
  • Converts RAW files to JPG/PNG
  • Manual adjustments only, no auto enhancement

7. Image Brightener Online with IMGonline

image brighteners 6

IMGonline provides one-click auto corrections to instantly improve photo brightness, contrast, and color balance. Users can also manually fine-tune brightness, contrast, and other parameters as needed. Convenient presets make it easy to quickly free image brightener lackluster photos.

  • Auto adjustments for contrast, color, lighting
  • Customizable manual controls for brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Handy presets for common enhancements
  • Simple interface
  • Requires uploading images
  • No batch editing

8. Image Brightener with Peko Step

image brighteners 7

Peko Step is a free online image editor. It allows users to manually adjust brightness and contrast to lighten up dim photos. But it is not as effective as any other image brightener online we reviewed in this article.

  • Free to use with no login required
  • Manual brightness and contrast controls
  • Simple web-based interface
  • No automatic optimization
  • Limited to basic adjustments

9. Photo Brightener with Image Online

image brighteners 8

Image Online offers free online filters and editing tools, including brightness and contrast controls to enhance image lighting. The toolset is also relatively basic compared to advanced desktop software. But for free online brightness tweaks, it delivers ample automatic and manual controls.

  • Completely free with no login or restrictions
  • Browser-based for easy online access
  • Range of filters and edits including brightness
  • Basic manual controls only

10. Image Brightener with Luminar AI

image brighteners 9

Luminar AI is an AI-powered photo editor for automatic and manual image enhancements like brightening. It works well for quick manual brightness tweaks on individual photos online. But it misses auto enhancement and robust editing tools found in more full-featured brighteners.

  • AI-enabled for smart auto adjustments
  • Manual editing tools also available
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Paid software (not free)

Final Thoughts

Enhancing lackluster photos with increased brightness and vibrance can give them a whole new life. In this guide, we explored the top 10 tools for expertly brightening your images, whether using automatic AI optimization or precise manual adjustments.

In particular, we highly recommend HitPaw Photo AI as the leading all-in-one solution for AI-powered automatic brightness enhancement combined with granular manual controls. The AI intelligently optimizes lighting, colors, and detail, while manual tools allow custom tweaks.

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