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6 Best AI 3D Model Generator from Image/Text

3D models play a massive role in multiple industries, including animation, architecture, game design, etc, promoting collaboration and offering more accurate information. The arrival of brilliant artificial intelligence technology has made it simple to convert images and text into 3D models.

Creating the AI-generated 3D models is only a couple of moments away as you can dig into this post to explore the six amazing 3D model generator AI tools.

Part 1: 3 Best AI 3D Models Generator from Image

Creating amazing 3D models from the images is simple, as you can look at the three amazing tools to put things in order.

1. Sloyd

Sloyd is a brilliant way to turn images into amazing 3D models. It makes it into the list of best AI-generated 3D model tools, and you won't even complain regarding the images quickly of the 3D models. Sloyd offers highly inspiring designs and styles; you can select the preferred description to make things happen for you.

With Sloyd, you don't need to spend much money as it has a wonderful free trial version to put things in order.

sloyd ai generated 3d model Features
  • Easy customization
  • Generate the 3D images fast
  • Ever expanding library
  • Wonderful automatic 3D creation

2. Fotor

Fotor won't be a bad AI 3D model generator that sets apart multiple counterparts courtesy of the amazing and eye-catching features. With Fotor, you can produce AI-generated 3D models from images, and it doesn't mess up with the image quality.

This AI 3D model generator only asks you to import the photo and then type in the prompt text afterward. Moreover, Fotor also blesses you with some of the most amazing designs and styles that can surely make the AI 3D model generation worth admiring.

Fotor ai 3d model generator Features
  • Offers a simple user interface
  • No installation needed
  • No ads or watermark
  • Commendable styles and designs
  • Let's you generate the flawless 3D models

3. cutout.pro

You can also go for the cutout.pro, which might be an appropriate AI 3D model generator that doesn't shy away from creating flawless 3D images. It asks you to upload the images, enter the desired text prompt, and select the other editing parameters to generate the top-notch 3D images. Luckily, cutout.pro doesn't affect the image quality and retains the original quality.

cutout ai 3d model generator Features
  • Helps you to turn the images into amazing AI generated models
  • Offers a simple user interface
  • No installation needed
  • Retains the original quality

Part 2: 3 Best AI 3D Model Generator from Text

If you want to ask the AI to generate 3D models through a text prompt, you can look at the three AI-generated 3D models generating tools listed below.

1. 3DFY

3DFY is a brilliant AI 3D model generation tool that offers generative artificial intelligence to develop top-notch 3D models through textual input. It only asks you to enter the desired text, and the 3DFY turns the text description into an amazing AI-generated 3D model.

On top of that, 3DFY pays huge attention to the photo quality and won't disappoint you while creating the AI generated models.

3dfy Features
  • Helps you to transform the text into a 3D model
  • Vertex count adjustment and flexible mesh quality.
  • Enable the 3D content creation

2. Live3D

If you want to generate a 3D model with AI courtesy of the text prompt, you can watch out for the Live3D. It is a highly inspiring tool for creating 3D model characters; all you need to do is enter the text prompt into the main interface of Live3D.

Another thing to like about Live3D is that it doesn't mess up with the image quality. On top of that, Live3D offers various outstanding designs and styles.

live3d Features
  • Helps you to produce 3D AI models from text
  • Produce the rapid prototype products.
  • Offers a simple user interface
  • No installation needed

3. Vidnoz Ai Avatar Generator.

For the AI 3D model generator from text, you can't ignore the Vidnoz Ai Avatar Generator. It is a free AI 3D model generator that lets you create multiple avatars, including the 3D avatars from the text prompt.

Vidnoz AI Avatar Generator depends upon AI recognition and algorithm technology to create aesthetic and natural 3D avatar models perfectly fitting the description.

3d model generator from text Features
  • Easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Multiple styles to select from
  • Doesn't affect the image quality

Part 3: Best Text to 3D Image/Video Online Free

The advanced technology has changed everything dramatically. Opting for artificial intelligence means that apart from turning the text into 3D images, you can also transform the text into an amazing 3D video.

Here's the list of two amazing and most recommended tools to turn the text into the image and video.

1. Text to 3D Image - HitPaw

HitPaw 4AiPaw Online doesn't need validation from anyone as it is a brilliant way to create AI-generated 3D models. It relies upon AI technology, so only entering the prompt text and choosing the appropriate styles and designs will be enough to create mesmerizing 3D images.

On top of that, HitPaw 4AiPaw Online doesn't affect the image quality, and you can also explore the amazing free trial version of the HitPaw 4AiPaw.

  • Offers the best AI animations
  • It allows you to turn the text into amazing art.
  • 100% safe
  • Doesn't come up with the ads or watermark
Generate Now!

Here's how to create the AI generated models from text through HitPaw 4AiPaw.

  • Step 1:Enter the official webpage of the HitPaw 4AiPaw and tap on the ''AI Art Generator'' icon. Next, you'll need to type in the text prompt there.

    text to image
  • Step 2:You can now select the desired styles and designs, including Sketch, Anime, etc.

    ai art generator
  • Step 3:After selecting the design and style, you must press the Generate icon. You can now also choose the saturation and size levels. Press the Generate icon before hitting the Download button to download the AI art.

    ai image generator
Generate Now!

2. Text to 3D Video - BlipCut

The BlipCut AI video generator is an impressive tool that helps you transform text into mind-blowing video. It supports multiple video formats, and exporting the videos to your favorite location on your computer is simpler than you think.

Another thing to like about the BlipCut AI video Generator is that it doesn't affect the video quality, maintaining the original quality.

Here's how to turn the text into video via BlipCut AI Video.

Generate AI Videos
  • Step 1:Navigate to the official website of BlipCut and press the Generate video button afterward.

    text to video
  • Step 2:Locate the ''text to video'' channel on your Discord before typing the ''/''. Next, you must choose the ''/create boy to type in the prompt.

    ai video generator
  • Step 3:After a few moments, you can get the customized video into your hands.

    discord ai video generator


AI 3D model generation knowledge can help you access mesmerizing and top-notch 3D content. From allowing you to turn the text into AI-generated models to help you transform the images into 3D models, this guide has introduced 6 amazing options. We have also recommended the HitPaw 4AiPaw Online as the best tool to turn the text into 3D images, followed by the BlipCut AI video generator, which enables getting the video from a text prompt.

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