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How to Stream Video to TV with VLC

Have you ever wanted to watch your favourite videos on the big screen but weren't sure how? Well, you're in luck! In this guide, we'll show you how to stream from VLC to Chromecast and other TVs. VLC is a great free video player that can help you VLC cast to TV easily. Whether you want to VLC stream TV shows or movies, we've got you covered. We'll walk you through how to cast VLC to Chromecast step-by-step for both Windows and Mac. Plus, we'll share a handy alternative if VLC gives you trouble.

stream vlc to tv

Part 1. Stream Video from VLC to TV on Windows

VLC is a free video player that lets you stream videos from your Windows computer to your TV. You can use your home network or the internet to play videos on different devices. VLC even has a web controller so you can change what's playing from anywhere in your house. Just remember, you need fast internet to stream over the web. No internet means no streaming!

Here's how to stream videos from your Windows computer to your TV using VLC:

  • Step 1:Open VLC on your computer. Click on "Media" at the top, then pick "Stream".

    Choose Stream option in vlc
  • Step 2:A new window will pop up. Click "Add" to choose the video you want to watch. Then click on "Capture Device", pick "Desktop", and hit the "Stream" button.

    add video to vlc
  • Step 3:You'll see a list of your videos. Just click "Next" to keep going.

    vlc stream output settings
  • Step 4:Now, pick where you want to send your video. Choose "HTTP" and click "Add". You can also check "Display Locally" if you want to see the video on your computer too. Click "Next" when you're done.

    stream output destinations in vlc

    You can change some settings here, but it's okay to leave them as they are. Click "Next" to continue.

    stream output http in vlc
  • Step 5:Click the "Stream" button to start. If you see a message about your firewall, click "Allow Access".

    stream video with vlc
  • Step 6:Go to "Media" again and pick "Open Network Stream".

    open network stream in vlc
  • Step 7:Type in "http://" followed by your computer's IP address, then ":8080". Click "Play" and your video should start on the TV!

    stream video to tv with vlc
  • Step 8:Now, your video will start playing on your TV.

    cast video to tv with vlc

Part 2. Use VLC to Cast Video to TV on Mac

Mac users can also use VLC to stream videos to their TV for free. It's easy to send videos from your Mac to a big screen, even an Apple TV. We'll show you how to use a Mac as the source and a Windows computer as the TV, but you can follow these steps to stream to other TVs too. VLC makes it simple to enjoy your videos on any screen you want!

  • Step 1:Find your Mac's name in System Preferences > Sharing. Write it down for later.

    Find your Mac's name
  • Step 2:Open VLC on your Mac. Click "File", then "Stream".

    vlc stream to network on mac
  • Step 3:Pick the video you want to watch and click "Next".

    choose video to stream in vlc on mac
  • Step 4:Choose "HTTP" for how to send the video. You don't need to type anything else here.

    Choose HTTP to stream in vlc mac
  • Step 5:On the next screen, you can change how the video looks, but you don't have to. Just click "Next".

    vlc transcode on mac
  • Step 6:Pick how you want to package your video. "MPEG TS" usually works well.

    select encapsulation format in vlc on mac
  • Step 7:You'll see some extra options, but you can leave them blank. Click "Next".

    Additional stream options in VLC on Mac
  • Step 8:Click "Next" one more time, then click "Finish".

    confirm stream options in VLC on mac
  • Step 9:On your TV (or the device you're using to watch), open VLC and go to "Media" > "Open Network Stream".

  • Step 10:Type "http://" followed by your Mac's name, then ".local:8080".

    stream video to TV with VLC on Mac
  • Step 11:Click "Play" and your video should start on the TV!

Part 3. Best Reliable VLC Alternative for Windows & Mac

While VLC is a popular choice for streaming videos to your TV, it can sometimes be challenging to use. If you're finding VLC tricky or want a simpler option, HitPaw Video Converter is an excellent alternative. This user-friendly tool works great for both Windows and Mac users who want to stream videos to their TVs without any hassle.

What is HitPaw Video Converter?

HitPaw Video Converter is a versatile and powerful tool designed to make video conversion and streaming a breeze. It's not just a simple converter - it's a complete video solution that can handle a wide range of tasks. Whether you want to change video formats, download online videos, or improve the quality of your old home movies, HitPaw Video Converter has got you covered.

Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Versatile Video Conversion: You can change videos into over 1000 different formats. This means you can make your videos work on almost any device or platform you want.
  • Online Video Downloader: Love a video on YouTube or another site? HitPaw lets you download it easily. It supports over 10,000 websites, so you can save your favourite online content.
  • Video Editing Tools: You don't need a separate editor with HitPaw. You can cut, trim, merge, and crop your videos right in the app. It's great for making quick edits or putting together video compilations.
  • Super-Fast Processing: Thanks to its advanced technology, HitPaw works quickly. You won't have to wait around for your videos to process.
  • Batch Processing: Need to convert multiple videos? HitPaw can handle them all at once, saving you time and effort.

How to Convert Videos in HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1.Open HitPaw Video Converter on your computer after installation. Click Add Files to add your videos.

    add video to hitpaw video converter
  • Step 2.Click Convert all to option to select an output format for your video.

    convert video to vlc or tv in hitpaw video converter
  • Step 3.Click Convert or Convert All to start converting videos at 120x faster speed.

    converting videos process
  • Step 4.After conversion, you can access the converted videos from the Converted tab quickly.

    access the converted video


Now you're all set to VLC stream TV shows and movies like a pro! Whether you prefer Windows or Mac, you've learned how to easily VLC cast to TV and enjoy your favourite content on the big screen. Remember, you can stream from VLC to Chromecast or other smart TVs using the methods we've discussed.

If you find that VLC is giving you trouble, don't worry - HitPaw Video Converter is there as a user-friendly alternative. It offers a wide range of features that not only help with streaming but also allow you to edit and enhance your videos.

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