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Guide to Know Where to Watch Stay with Me Chinese Drama

Looking to dive into a heartwarming boys' love (BL) story? Then "Stay with Me" (2023) might be your perfect binge-watch! This charming Chinese drama follows the blossoming romance between two young men who find solace and support in each other. But before you embark on this adorable journey, a crucial question arises: where can you stream Stay With Me' Chinese drama to experience all the cute moments in their entirety? This guide will be your cupid, helping you find the perfect platform to witness their love story unfold!

Part 1: What is Stay with Me Chinese Drama?

1. What is Stay with Me Chinese Drama About

"Stay with Me" is a Chinese television drama that follows the story of Li Weiwei, a successful career woman who faces unexpected challenges in her personal life. After a one-night stand with a stranger, she finds herself pregnant but without any memory of the encounter. Determined to raise her child on her own, Li Weiwei crosses paths with the father of her child, a wealthy businessman named Nan Xiang.

As they navigate their complicated relationship and the secrets of their pasts, unravel, they must confront their feelings and decide whether to stay together or go their separate ways. The drama explores themes of love, family, and forgiveness against the backdrop of modern-day Shanghai.

2. Stay With Me Chinese Drama Cast

"Stay with Me" (2023) features a fresh cast of young actors who bring the BL romance to life:

  • Zhang Jiong Min (张极敏) as Su Yu, a high school student facing family struggles who finds an unexpected connection with Wu Bi.
  • Xu Bin (徐彬) as Wu Bi, a cool and intelligent classmate who becomes Su Yu's confidante and potential love interest.

The drama also includes supporting actors who add depth to the story:

  • Wu Cheng Ze (吴承泽) as Mao Chong, a friend of Su Yu who might play a role in their evolving relationship.
  • Gao Zi Qi (高梓淇) is Wu Zheng Hao, Wu Bi's older brother, who may have his agenda.
  • Shuo Yang (杨烁) is Su Zhi Gang is, Su Yu's single father who navigates his challenges.

This cast is ready to melt your heart with their portrayal of friendship, budding romance, and the complexities of young adulthood in Stay With Me' Chinese drama".

Part 2: Where Can You Watch Stay with Me Chinese Drama

1. Reelshort

Reelshort is a platform where users can discover and watch short films, series, and videos. It hosts a variety of content, including independent productions and curated selections.

  • Visit the Reelshort website.
  • Use the search bar to look for "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama.
  • Browse through the search results to find the drama or related content.
  • Click on the video to start watching. Please note that availability may vary depending on the content uploaded by users.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and watch videos. It hosts a wide range of user-generated and professional content, including movies, TV shows, and drama series.

watch Stay with Me chinese drama on dailymotion
  • Visit the Dailymotion website or open the Dailymotion app.
  • Use the search bar to look for "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama.
  • Browse through the search results to find the drama or related clips.
  • Click on the video to start watching. Remember that availability may vary, and the drama may not be available in its entirety or with subtitles.

3. Viki

Viki is a streaming platform specializing in Asian content, including Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas. It offers a wide range of licensed content with subtitles in multiple languages.

watch Stay with Me chinese drama on viki
  • Visit the Viki website or open the Viki app.
  • Use the search bar to look for "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama.
  • Click on the drama's title to access its page.
  • If the drama is available in your region, you can start watching immediately. Otherwise, you may need to check if it's accessible with a Viki Pass subscription or wait for regional restrictions to be lifted.

Part 3: How to Download Stay with Me Chinese Drama to Watch Offline

Unlock the world of "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama with the convenience of downloading your favorite episodes directly from the HitPaw Video Converter. This powerful software offers a simple user interface and ensures that you can enjoy your videos in brilliant video quality. Whether on a Mac or Windows system, HitPaw Video Converter has got you covered, allowing you to seamlessly download and enjoy your favorite drama series without any hassle.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Converter

  • Download videos from 10,000+ popular sites.
  • Quickly download "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama videos.
  • Save subtitles along with the video content.
  • Experience 120x faster download speed.
  • Benefit from batch download support for efficient downloading.

How to download "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama videos through the HitPaw Converter?

  • Step 1:Install and start HitPaw Video Converter on your Mac or PC.

  • Step 2:Visit the website that is hosting the video, copy its URL, and start watching it.

    copy the url of the desired video
  • Step 3:Return to HitPaw Video Converter and navigate the Download section. Press "Paste URL" to start the automatic link analysis and see the metadata for the video. Choose your preferred video format, with support for resolutions up to 8K.

    click paste url
  • Step 4:Click the Download button to begin the website's download to your computer.

    click the download button
  • Step 5:After the download is complete, find your video under the Converted tab. You can use the built-in player on your computer or any other media player to see it.

Watch the following video to learn more details:


Q1. How many episodes in Stay with Me Chinese Drama?

A1. Stay with Me" Chinese Drama consists of 38 episodes in total.

Q2. Is Stay with Me Chinese Drama worth watching?

A2. "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama has received positive reviews for its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and captivating performances. The drama explores themes of love, ambition, and family relationships, making it appealing to fans of romance and drama genres. If you enjoy compelling narratives with intriguing plot twists and emotional depth, "Stay with Me" may be worth watching. However, personal preferences vary, so watching a few episodes is recommended to see if it aligns with your interests.


In summary, this post offers a thorough guide to the popular "Stay with Me" Chinese Drama, covering everything from its storyline to methods for downloading it across various platforms. It specifically recommends using HitPaw Video Converter for accessing the series from Reelshort, citing its user-friendly interface and convenient batch downloading feature as key advantages.

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