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Where to Watch Skip a Beat Chinese Drama Online and Offline

Not every video-sharing platform offers the video viewing experience you wish. Skip a Beat is an exciting love video between two charismatic young couples that you should watch all the episodes. If you're looking for where to watch Skip a Beat Chinese drama, we'll show the best sites to watch and download.

For episodes as long as the Skip a Beat, saving all the episodes on your computer will guarantee you convenience and enjoyment anytime you feel like watching the video. This can only happen if you download Skip a Beat to your media storage device. HitPaw Video Converter offers the best place to watch Skip a Beat drama. Use this tool to batch download all the episodes at an ultra-fast speed.

Part 1: What is the story of Skip a Beat Chinese drama?

Qiao Jing a quick-thinking and independent woman is the personal assistant to Gu Yi, a successful real estate developer. Charismatic and hardworking best describe the personal traits of those two characters. This powerful team beat many business rivals to win lucrative contracts. Qiao Jing and Gu Yi worked together successfully for several years with Gu Yi being the CEO of the Anxia Group.

skip a beat Chinese drama

Eventually, their work relationship turned out to be a romantic relationship. Gu Yi though calculative and aloof became a troubled individual after a car accident left him traumatized every day. The thoughts and events of that fateful day haunted him every day. The emotional scars sometimes became too deep and mood swings became on order of the day. Gu Yi's emotional disorder thrust his romantic relationship with Qian Jing into jeopardy.

Qian Jing also doesn't live a happy life. The ghosts of her past keep haunting her and her motive to remain Gu Yi's personal assistant is a dream not worth chasing. Love rivals take center stage making Gu Yi feel unsafe. Life and their romantic relationship become more complicated. This leaves Quan Jing unsure whether she should continue to stay with him or walk out of the relationship. Will Quin Jing continue living with her emotional lover, Gu Yi?

Overview of the Movie and the Cast

This video is worth watching courtesy of a team of dedicated and creative actors. Here is the team that made Skip a Beat Chinese drama a success.

Skip a Beat Cast Skip a Beat Cast
Rui Xian (Qiao Jing) - Main Role Ken Lok (Gu Nan)
Luo Zheng (Gu Yi) - Main Role Xie Chun Yi (Zhou Yue)
Vincent Cao (Bai Yan) Li Ya Xi (Fang Pei)
Wang Shi (Gu Yu) Yao Yi Chun (Gu Ying)
Guo Jia Nan (Su Juan) Jenny (Xiang Se Se)
Zhu Jin Tong (Bai Yun) Ma Jie (Qiao Yu)
Fu Hong Sheng (Jiang Sheng) Wang Zheng (Bai Yue)
Wang Zhi Peng (Chen Lan) Luo Kang Ning (Jiang Ling)
Zhao Zhen Yu (Chen Jia) Lu Si Tong (Yang Yang)
Song Ge (Tang Bing)

Part 2: Where To Watch Skip a Beat Chinese Drama Online

When searching for a website to watch Skip a Beat Chinese drama, the first option is to visit the online channels that have uploaded the romance drama. With some episodes as long as 38 minutes, you should watch this drama from a website that won't redirect you to other websites.

These are the best places to watch Skip a Beat drama:

Option 1. Watch Skip a Beat on iQIYI

iQIYI tops among the sites you should visit to watch Skip a Beat. You can watch Chinese movies, anime, and great reality shows like Girls Planet 999 from this website. Watch your favorite movie from iQIYI on your computer, Android, iPhone, TV, and Web. It has the simplest user interface that's simple to search and watch Skip a Beat online.

While iQIYI will offer you a humble movie-viewing experience, you first have to upgrade to a VIP plan. Even for the Skip a Beat drama, you need to become a VIP Member to watch all the episodes. For an uninterrupted viewing experience, you will have to part with $9.99 a month.

watch skip a beat on iqiyi

How to Watch Skip a Beat Drama on iQIYI

  • 1.On your browser, go to iQIYI and in the search bar, type Skip a Beat and click ENTER on your keyboard.
  • 2.Click episode 1 to start watching, or click “More” and on the new page click on the Play button.

You can also download and install the iQIYI app, search for the drama, and start watching the movie from the app.

Option 2. Stream Skip a Beat on Viki

Whether it's a romantic comedy, thriller, and suspense, or a romance movie like Skip a Beat, Viki is a video-sharing platform to visit. Unlike the iQIYI, you'll be invited to Watch Party (Watching advertisements) in exchange for watching Skip a Beat drama-free. Viki offers this movie in 10 subtitles including English, Portuguese, German, and French.

Rakuten Viki is one of the popular Asian entertainment sites with almost all movie and series genres. While watching some movies and series is free, others require you to subscribe to the Viki Pass for $4.99/month. This is where to catch up with the latest series and movies from Korea, Mainland China, Japan, the United States, Thailand, and Taiwan.

watch skip a beat on rakuten viki

How to Stream Skip a Beat on Viki

  • 1.Go to Rakuten TV on your browser, click on the search, type “Skip a Beat”, and click ENTER.
  • 2.Choose the movie and then click “Episodes”.
  • 3.Scroll down and click on the play button on the episode you want to play.

Option 3. Watch Skip a Beat on YouTube

YouTube is the home to all movies, series, and drama. And the advantage of watching Skip a Beat on YouTube is the personalization features. You can choose to watch the drama at high or low speed or watch at a lower resolution. This website offers the opportunity to first enjoy the drama Shorts unlike the sites mentioned above.

On YouTube, Skip a Beat Chinese drama has been uploaded by many channels including iQIYI and Viki Global TV.

watch skip a beat on youtube

How to Watch Skip a Beat on YouTube

  • 1.Open YouTube on your device and search for Skip a Beat Chinese drama.
  • 2.Choose the channel that has uploaded all the Skip a Beat episodes and click to open.
  • 3.Click the play button to watch Skip a Beat.

Part 3: How to Save Skip a Beat Chinese Drama To Watch Offline

If you've tried watching Skip a Beat on the websites above, you'll find these sites require you to unlock the episodes or watch ads. What is more, watching such lengthy episodes online will need plenty of internet bundles. HitPaw Video Converter helps avoid watching these ads and gives the freedom to watch Skip a Beat drama whenever you like and wherever you are. If you want to download all the Skip a Beat 20 episodes simultaneously, use this software.

HitPaw Video Converter Features

  • Downloads videos, playlists, and series in butch saving you time
  • Download movies with English subtitles or any other subtitle you understand
  • Download video to 8K, 4K, 1080P
  • Batch download full episodes
  • 120X faster download speed
  • Easy user interface
  • Built-in Smart AI tools to help merge, crop, and trim your video downloads

How to Download Skip a Beat from YouTube Using HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Free download and install HitPaw Video Converter on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch the software and click the “Download” menu.

  • Step 2:Go to YouTube, search for the video to download (Skip a Beat), select the channel to download the drama from, and copy its URL.

    copying skip a beat url
  • Step 3:On the software download window, click on the Paste URL box and the link will paste automatically.

    paste video link to analylze
  • Step 4:Wait for the software to analyze the link and display the audio and video info. Set the video download quality parameters that will result in a high-quality download.

    download skip a beat to mp4
  • Step 5:Click on the “Download” button to start downloading Skip a Beat with HitPaw Video Converter.

    downloading skip a beat full EP

Part 4: FAQs

Q1. How Do I Watch Skip a Beat?

A1. To watch Skip a Beat on your PC, download the Chinese drama using HitPaw Video Converter and use the software built-in media player to watch the full drama free offline.

Q2. Is Skip a Beat Chinese drama Worth Watching?

A2. The love-hate infatuations and love rivalry will definitely make you watch all the episodes in the Skip a Beat drama. Not only the drama suspense but the intense plot twists make Skip a Beat worth watching.

Q3. How Many Episodes is Skip a Beat?

A3. There are 20 episodes in the Skip a Beat Chinese drama.


Skip a Beat is worth watching. Whether you're using a computer or a smartphone there's a way to watch Skip a Beat. Online offers the quickest way to access this drama and start watching but the shortcomings are enormous. The best and most convenient way to watch Skip a Beat is to batch-download all the drama episodes using HitPaw Video Converter.

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