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Available Websites to Watch Sealed with a Kiss Chinese Drama Ending

"Sealed with a Kiss" is a captivating Chinese drama that explores the complexities of love, power, and betrayal. The story centers around Qin Song, a kind-hearted young woman who is forced into a loveless marriage with the domineering CEO, Mo Shaoqian.

With its compelling narrative, passionate characters, and stunning visuals, "Sealed with a Kiss" has become a fan favorite among viewers worldwide. This guide explores where you can watch this enthralling drama, including the ending, and how to enjoy it offline for your convenience.

Part 1: What is "Sealed with a Kiss" Chinese Drama About

1. What is "Sealed with a Kiss" About


"Sealed with a Kiss" follows the story of Qin Song (played by Ying Er), a kind-hearted and optimistic young woman who is forced to marry Mo Shaoqian (played by Hawick Lau), the arrogant and powerful CEO of a prestigious corporation.

The marriage is a business arrangement orchestrated by Qin Song's father to save his failing company. Despite the circumstances, Qin Song remains determined to make the best of the situation. As she adjusts to her new life in Mo Shaoqian's luxurious mansion, she encounters challenges at every turn. Mo Shaoqian's cold and domineering personality clashes with her gentle nature.

However, beneath his harsh exterior, Qin Song senses a vulnerability in Mo Shaoqian. Slowly, a bond begins to form between them, fueled by a growing sense of respect and understanding. However, their path to happiness is riddled with obstacles.

Mo Shaoqian's ex-fiancée, the manipulative Yongfei, refuses to let him go, and a web of past secrets threatens to tear them apart. As Qin Song and Mo Shaoqian navigate the complexities of their relationship, they must learn to trust each other and overcome the forces that stand in their way.

2. "Sealed with a Kiss" Cast

The drama boasts a talented cast that brings the characters to life:

  • Ying Er as Qin Song (the kind-hearted heroine)
  • Hawick Lau as Mo Shaoqian (the domineering CEO)
  • Wen Zhengrong as Mo Yiming (Mo Shaoqian's brother)
  • Leanne Liu as Song Ning (Qin Song's mother)
  • Kelvin Li as Lin Chen (Qin Song's childhood friend)

Part 2: Where to Watch "Sealed with a Kiss" Chinese Drama

Finding "Sealed with a Kiss" online can be tricky, especially if you're looking for a complete series with English subtitles. Here are two platforms where you might be able to find the drama or clips related to it:

1. YouTube

  • Availability: Certain episodes or clips of "Sealed with a Kiss" might be available for free with ads on YouTube channels. You might also find fan-made edits or compilations, including clips focusing on the ending.
  • Pros: Free with ads, easily accessible.
  • Cons: Limited episode availability, potential copyright issues, may contain interruptions from ads, uncertain availability of the complete series with English subtitles.
sealed with a kiss Chinese drama

2. TV Time

  • Availability: TV Time is a social media platform for TV shows and movies. While it doesn't directly stream shows, it allows users to track their viewing progress, share reviews, and connect with other fans. You might find discussions or reviews related to "Sealed with a Kiss" and potentially discover where others are watching the drama.
  • Pros: Connects you with a community of drama fans and offers a platform to discuss the show.
  • Cons: Doesn't directly stream the drama; finding reliable sources with English subtitles might require further research.

Part 3: Extra Tips to Watch "Sealed with a Kiss" Chinese Drama Free Offline

If you want to enjoy "Sealed with a Kiss" offline without worrying about internet connectivity, here's a handy solution: HitPaw Video Converter.

sealed with a kiss Chinese drama

HitPaw Video Converter is a versatile software that allows you to download videos from various online platforms.

Here are some of its key features that make it ideal:

  • Video Download: HitPaw excels at capturing video streams from various websites, allowing you to download episodes of "Sealed with a Kiss" for offline viewing, including the ending.
  • High-Quality Output: Choose from a variety of output formats and resolutions to ensure your downloaded episodes look and sound fantastic on any device.
  • Batch Downloading: Save time by downloading entire seasons of "Sealed with a Kiss" at once, ensuring you have the complete story, including the much-anticipated ending.
  • Fast Download Speeds: Download episodes of "Sealed with a Kiss" quickly and efficiently with HitPaw's advanced download technology.
  • User-Friendly Interface: HitPaw boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all technical backgrounds to download their favorite shows.

How to Download "Sealed with a Kiss":

Follow these simple steps to download episodes of "Sealed with a Kiss," including the ending, with HitPaw Video Converter:

  • Step 1. Download and Install HitPaw Video Converter: Head over to the HitPaw website and download the software compatible with your operating system (Windows or Mac).

  • Step 2. Select Video Downloader: On the main interface, choose the "Video Downloader" option.

  • Step 3. Copy "Sealed with a Kiss" Episode URL: Locate the episode of "Sealed with a Kiss" you want to download, including the ending, on a website that allows downloading (ensure it's legal). Copy the episode URL from your web browser's address bar.

    download with hitpaw video converter
  • Step 4. Paste URL and Analyze: Paste the copied URL into the designated field within the HitPaw Video Converter. The software will analyze the URL and display available download options (if any).

    download with hitpaw video converter
  • Step 5. Choose Download Quality: Select your preferred video quality (resolution and format) for the downloaded episode.

    download with hitpaw video converter
  • Step 6. Download Episode: Click on the "Download" button to begin downloading the chosen episode of "Sealed with a Kiss."

    download with hitpaw video converter

Watch the following video to learn more details:

Final Thoughts

"Sealed with a Kiss" is a captivating Chinese drama that offers a passionate love story intertwined with themes of power struggles and personal growth. With the methods outlined above, you can explore the available online platforms to watch the drama, but finding the complete series with English subtitles might be challenging.

However, HitPaw Video Converter provides a user-friendly and reliable solution for downloading episodes, including the ending, so you can enjoy "Sealed with a Kiss" anytime, anywhere, and without internet limitations.

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