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Best Ways To Watch and Download The Starry Love with English Subtitle

In this article, you'll learn how to watch The Starry Love with English subtitle and where to watch The Starry Love all episodes. Videos are entertaining and when it's great with plot twists, watching the simple storyline and happy endings awakens our emotions. Watching the two twin sisters struggle to live in love together will open your eyes to their mystery world no one understands.

watch the starry love with english subtitle

The StarryLove is a tale of two twin sisters one believed to be born with fortune and the other misfortune. A mix-up during their marriage turn the tide. Shall these tides be reversed? To know how the whole story unfolds, you should watch the Starry of Love in the language you understand best.

The best way to watch The Starry Love is to download all the episodes with English subtitle using HitPaw Video Converter to watch offline. This tool downloads and converts videos, images, and audio at an ultra-fast speed.

Part 1: What is The Starry Love About?

In the emperor of the human clan twin sisters are born to the queen of the human world. The cold-hearted, humble, and gracious older sister Qing Kui is respected by the entire tribe. On the contrary, the younger sister, Ye Tan, is cunning, shunned, and bullied by her people. Despite their people's perception, Qing Kui the loved sister is gentle, kind, and caring to her twin sister.

what the starry love story is about

The older sister born with the power of purity is betrothed to be married to the heavenly consort. The younger sister who is always abused and mistreated by her father is betrothed to be married into the Void clan as the crown princess. All the plans for their marriages are set and the two worlds welcome their marriage.

A mix-up during marriage leads to Qing Kui and Ye Tan marrying the wrong men. Contrary to the people's expectations, love blossoms fast between the two mismatched couples. This begins to trouble the four realms; the Second Prince of the Heavenly Realm, Emperor of Heaven, Queen of Heaven, and Young Princess of the Heavenly Realm. Despite all Ye Tan's humiliations, she saves the four realms making her father, The Heavenly Emperor, feel ashamed. This makes him pass the throne of the Heavenly Emperor to Qingheng.

Overview of the Movie and the Cast

Here is the cast crew that made this captivating romance drama hilarious and worth watching.

The Starry Love Cast The Starry Love Cast
Landy Li (Liguang Ye Tan) Luke Chen (Chao Feng)
He Xuan Lin (Qing Kui) Chen Xing Xu (Mei You Qing)
Qin Tian Yu (Di Lan Jue) Gong Zheng Ye (Zhu Jiu Yin)
Chen Si Che (Bi Qiong) Cheng Cheng (Xuan Guang)
Cao Bo (Gu Hai Chao) Tenzing Jigmey (Ding Yun)
He Xuan Lin (Liguang Qing Kui) Dai Ya Qi (Zi Wu)
Wang Li Na (Man Man) Cao Jun (Qing Li)
Cao Jie (Fei Chi) Ji Tian Yu (Jia Lou Luo)
Zhou Zhan (Lord Qing Heng) Russel Tang (Yan Fang)
Yang Chang Qing (Hu Sui's father) Geng Li Ming (Hu Sui's mother)
Yolanda Yang (Beast Queen) Jiang Xiao Lin (Wu Dai)
Bai Yu Fei (Hu Sui)

Part 2: Best Ways To Watch The Starry Love With English Subtitle Online

While some websites offer hours of uninterrupted video viewing, others stream The Starry Love in bits. Watching The Starry Love video on YOUKU is worth recommending since it's the host platform. Other sites like Viki stream the same video but the experience is a bit different. With these different experiences, which is the best way to watch The Starry Love with English subtitle?

Here are the best ways to watch The Starry Love if English is your preferred language:

Way 1. Watch The Starry Love on YOUKU

You don't have to register to watch the top trending drama on YOUKU but you'll need to upgrade to VIP to watch all the episodes in some of the videos like The Starry Love. YOUKU offers multiple filters for you to easily search for the drama, anime, or movie you want. To get a full glimpse of the Starry Love romance drama, this website has a detailed BTS (Behind The Scenes) section just below the streaming window.

How to Watch The Starry Love on YOUKU

  • 1.On your browser search for the YOUKU.TV and click to open.
  • 2.To watch all the episodes, sign up for an account.
  • 3.Search for The Starry Love and click to open. Click on the global icon and choose the English subtitle. Lastly, the play button and enjoy the drama with English subtitle.
how to watch the starry love on youku

Way 2. Stream The Starry Love on Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a site to reckon with when it comes to uploading romantic movies. This website has all genres of videos to watch in the comfort of your home. Besides genre classification, Rakuten has subdivided the movies into Paid, Watch Free, Fan Collection, New & Coming Soon, and Watch Parties. This site offers the opportunity to watch The Starry Love with English subtitle for free. However, you'll have to watch ads as compensation.

stream the starry love online free

How to Stream Starry Love on Rakuten Viki

  • 1.Open Rakuten Viki on your browser or download the app to your device, and click to launch.
  • 2.Search for the drama “The Starry Love” and click to open.
  • 3.Scroll down, click on Episodes, and start watching from Episode 1 with English subtitle. English is the default subtitle for this romantic drama.

Way 3. Watch The Starry Love on YouTube

Almost every video or audio hosting platform has a channel on YouTube. You'll also find YouTubers like Oshin who have uploaded nearly all The Starry Love episodes in English subtitle. Unless you're a Premium YouTube subscriber, watching this drama is free. The only shortcoming with YouTube is the high number of ads you have to watch.

watch the starry love on youtube

How to Watch The Starry Love on YouTube

  • 1.Go to YouTube on your device and search for “The Starry Love”.
  • 2.Select the channel with all the episodes in English subtitle and click to start watching.

Part 3: Download The Starry Love with English Subtitle To Watch Offline

The best way to watch The Starry Love is to download the full playlist with HitPaw Video Converter to watch offline. As an all-in-one video converter, HitPaw Video Converter will download this drama from any website and in any format you like. It's an easy-to-use software that even beginners without a tutorial. The entire video conversion process is simple. You can view the time elapsed, pause, or even delete the download.

HitPaw Video Converter Features

  • Downloads and converts videos, music, playlists, and images at 120X faster speed
  • Lossless video downloader for YouTube, BiliBili, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, ReelShort, and 1000+ other sites
  • Downloads videos in 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p resolution
  • Supports downloading videos in English subtitle and other languages
  • 30+ Built-in smart AI tools to merge the episodes, crop, split, and edit your downloads

How to Download The Starry Love from YouTube Using HitPaw Video Converter

  • Step 1:Free download the HitPaw Video Converter and install it on your Mac or Windows PC. Launch this software and choose the Download menu.

  • Step 2:Go to YouTube, search for “The Starry Love” and choose the channel to download the video from. Copy the video URL.

    choosing the starry love drama to download
  • Step 3:On the Software download window, click on the Paste URL window and the copied link will paste automatically. Wait for the software to analyze the link and display the video and audio info. Choose the desired format, quality, and English subtitle to download.

    download the starry love with eng subtitle
  • Step 4:Click on the “Download” button to start downloading The Starry Love with English subtitle. Save your download using the software's built-in media player to The Starry Love offline.

    downloading the starry love from youtube
  • Step 5:After the downloading process is completed, you can access to the Downloaded tab to play the downloaded video offline directly with the built-in HitPaw player.

    watch the starry love offline

Part 4: FAQs

Q1. Where Can I Download Starry Love?

A1. The most convenient and friendly site to download Starry Love is YouTube because there are tools developed to download videos from YouTube.

Q2. How Can I Watch Starry Love Chinese Drama in The UK?

A2. YouTube is available in the UK and is a good site to watch The Starry Love. Alternatively, download a VPN to your device > log in to the VPN > connect to a server in China > and open the Chinese drama you want to watch.

Part 5: Summary

How to watch The Starry Love with English subtitle is really simple with HitPaw Video Converter. Other channels on YouTube offer this drama in English subtitle. To watch The Starry Love, download the drama to your device with HitPaw Video Converter and play with the media player of your choice.

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