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Most Popular Minecraft Twitch Overlay in 2024

A number of streamers are actively looking for Minecraft Twitch overlay so as to make their stream look attractive. If you are one of the streamers looking for Minecraft overlay, then this is your lucky day. This article talks about different ways that can help you get the best Minecraft overlays for your stream. Read below to know more.

Part 1. Why do Streamers Use Minecraft Twitch Overlays?

Stream overlays are what Twitch streamers use to show a specific theme or style all over their channel, as well as create a more interactive and an eye-catching stream experience for the viewer. Showing eye-catching colors, the channel name, and even using some animation can be the recipe for creating brand-defining and unique overlay. Also, overlays are majorly used to improve the stream appearance, to create a sense of branding, and make the stream show up. Below are some obvious reasons as to why users use Twitch Minecraft overlay:

  • Overlays make your Minecraft stream look more professional
  • They keep viewers more engaged by making it appear more exciting
  • Overlays keep your viewers updated all over different platforms
  • They make for a more interactive and an attention-grabbing stream experience for the viewer

Part 2. The Best Places to Get Minecraft Twitch Overlays

This section talks about different places where users can get some of the best Twitch overlay template Minecraft. Read below to know more.

1. Etsy

Etsy offers some of the best overlays for Twitch. Most are personalized for specific games, such as blank Twitch overlay Minecraft. However, there is also a series of normal and general overlays. If you are seeking for high quality overlays, then users cannot go wrong with this site. Users can easily filter via the packages and templates on the website and they will surely find something that suffices their needs.

Minecraft Twitch overlay

2. Streamlabs Library

Streamlabs can possibly be one of the best places to get best overlays and templates as well as stream packages. Streamlabs has overlay packages and templates from Visuals By Impulse, Nerd or Die OWN3D, and a whole bunch of other major overlay platforms. The drawback is that users need to sign up to Streamlabs Prime to get hands on most of them. There are a quite few catchy stream and free overlays packages though. Hence, if you are seeking to save your money they you will get plenty of options here.

The platform comes with hundreds of free overlay themes and templates. Also, users can set them up on their stream very easily. Furthermore, users can easily find overlays in various styles, categories, and colors. The design quality of the templates and overlays are good. In addition to this, the platform offers incredible stream packs and designs available via paid version . Prime users get access to the awesome enhanced overlay maker as well.

Twitch Minecraft overlay

3. Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die offers almost 40 unique packages for users to design their needed design with a free stream overlay maker platform. The platform has a reasonably-priced range for average users that wants to design their live broadcasts with notifications. Webcam overlays are also comprised in their designs and the designs are compatible with Twitch along with other gaming platforms. The platform offers various free packages and paid versions also do not create holes to the pockets. In addition to this, users can design personalized templates too.

On the other hand, the platform syncs poorly with various templates. Also, users can experience color abnormality in several packages.

Twitch overlay template Minecraft

Part 3. How to Add Minecraft Overlays to Twitch Easily?

You heard it right! It is possible to add the overlays to your Twitch stream. To do so, users will need a streaming software, such as HitPaw Screen Recorder, Streamlabs OBS, or OBS Studio. Such software lets users to entirely personalize their stream visuals. In addition to this, using this tools, overlays can be added with either a media source, image source, or scenes.

Now, as the name suggests, an image source is for adding images to a stream. This can be stream labels, a facecam border, or even a top overlay. On the other hand, media sources are a way to include animated elements such as “starting soon screen” or a webcam overlay to your stream. Lastly, scenes can be an intermission screen or a live screen scene.

Follow the below steps to know how to use HitPaw Screen Recorder.

  • Step 1.Download and install HitPaw Screen Recorder on your PC and then launch it.

  • Step 2.On main interface and tap Live option and click Live Streaming option.

  • Step 3.Tap the Add Source option to add Screen, Game, Webcam, Window, Texts or Images you want to Live Stream.

    blank Twitch overlay Minecraft
  • Step 4.Open the Twitch live streaming platform and select HitPaw Virtual Camera below the camera list.

  • Step 5.Next, you can begin to live stream with this tool. To do so, go to Twitch Studio. And select Video Capture Device under Add Source. Now, click Video & Image option to add Minecraft overlay.

  • Step 6. Now, launch OBS Studio or Twitch Studio and add Source. Select HitPaw Camera from the list of device.

    Minecraft Twitch overlay
  • Step 7.Users can live stream with different platforms. Select HitPaw Camera after opening all the platforms you need to live stream from.

  • Step 8.If users need to live stream and record at the same time, they can do that as well.

    Twitch Minecraft overlay


In short, we just had a look at different places where users can find the best Minecraft Twitch overlay and templates. In addition to this, we also had a look at different solutions that can be used to add overlays to your stream. Amongst those, HitPaw Screen Recorderis the perfect tool to suffice all the streaming needs and can be used easily for adding overlays on your Twitch stream.

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