HitPaw Watermark Remover HitPaw Watermark Remover for Mac HitPaw Watermark Remover

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Pratical Tool

“The HitPaw Watermark Remover can remove watermarks from movies and images in only a few clicks. It's fun and exciting for me! I've told my family and friends about it. They also appreciate the straightforward but practical tool.”

Jak Burnett 2022-04-18

Make watermarks go away

“Wow, this dynamic watermark really solved my problem. It can make the moving pictures in the video go away. With it, the pictures and videos in my Instagram no longer have to show someone else's logo.”

Darius Wynn 2022-04-07

Great remover

“This tool helped me solve this problem and let me enjoy the video comfortably. It can can effectively remove ads or other watermarks from pictures or videos, which is great!”

Simmons 2022-03-22

Help me a lot

“It's sonice. I always use it to delete my image or video logo. Every time works! Now, I've got many wonderful images and videos with no watermark. Keep going on.”

Carlie 2022-03-15

Nice Work

“Now that the watermark in the video has been removed, I can finally give good comment!There're some pictures in My PowerPoint have watermarks. It's quite annoying. This product help me get rid of this! ”

Harry 2022-03-01

Amazing free

“It's capable for erasing watermarks in different pictures. I usually use it to get rid of annoying watermark existing in the picture which I used. Come and use it, it's amazing free!”

Alex 2022-02-21

Help me make a YouTube/ TikTok video

“Now that the watermark has been removed from the video, I can finally give a good review! This software is really cool and useful, I believe it will help me and my YouTube channel and TikTok in the future! Once I put all the tricks and secrets into making Video, I'll be sure to mention it! Thank you for creating this masterpiece.”

Alexandra 2022-02-17

Worth trying

“It's worth trying! Whether you're trying to remove the annoying watermarks from videos or pictures, it can help you instantly wipe them away and get a clear video/picture for you. And most importantly, it's super cheap. I haven't found another one cheaper and easier to use.”

Carlie 2022-02-15

Meet HitPaw in YouTube Video

“I watched the YouTube video and met HitPaw. I used this remover to remove many marks from photos and it worked well.”

Emma 2022-02-12


“Say goodbye to the annoying watermark! Thanks to HitPaw watermark remover, help me to get rid of this trouble~”

Ann 2022-02-08

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