HitPaw Watermark Remover HitPaw Watermark Remover for Mac HitPaw Watermark Remover

Reviews 121 Great

Remove emoji

“It's so good to use hitpaw to remove unwanted emoji from photos. No trace!!!”

Jimmy 2023-10-31

Newbie friendly watermark remover!

“As a beginner, I am really tired of learning complex steps to remove a watermark. But I'm so lucky to meet this tool! Amazing! I can use it without a guide. Love~”

Shierly Ndemo 2023-09-22

Remove watermark from video

“I have tried some video watermark removers and finally got the best results with HitPaw Watermark Remover. Recommended~”

Wilma 2023-08-30

AI remove watermark from image

“I used the AI mode to remove watermark from an image. It worked like a charm!”

Monica 2023-08-30

Easy watermark remover for beginners

“It's a great time saver for novices to remove watermarks from videos and photos. The intuitive interface guides me on how to do it clearly.”

willf 2023-07-12

Good image watermark remover

“HitPaw Watermark Remover is really good and easy to use for me. It easily removed watermark from my images. Recommended!”

Kenven 2023-07-12

Best Watermark Remover

“This is the best watermark remover I ever used. The AI model helped me remove a photo stamp on my photo with no trace. Really recommended!”

Willma 2023-06-26

Remove watermark with AI

“This AI watermark removal did a great job to remove watermark from image effortlessly.”

Chiff 2023-06-13

best mac watermark remover

“I have tried many free online watermark removers but they only blurred the watermark. Finally, I used this AI watermark remover and removed the watermark perfectly.”

Cheep 2023-05-24

Remove watermark with no trace

“The AI image watermark remover completely erase the watermark from my image without leaving a trace. Recommended!”

Kipper 2023-03-16

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