HitPaw Watermark Remover HitPaw Watermark Remover for Mac HitPaw Watermark Remover

Reviews 121 Great

This is the most convenient and friendly watermark remover I have ever seen!

“It can remove any watermarks from videos and photos, which meets my needs entirely. As one of the Youtube and Twitter users, I have encountered many watermarks on videos or photos. It really very very bothers me. So, I use HitPaw Watermark Remover to solve my problem every single time and it works well every time. ”

Linda 2021-04-08

A Marvelous Tool

“I can use it to clear any unwanted objects such as text and logo with a few clicks. Wow!”

Laier 2021-04-02

It's really Useful

“It helps me delete watermarks from videos or photos. Very good.”

Ethan 2021-03-26

Remove Watermark From Video Without Any Hassle!

“It's an excellent program. It allows you to remove watermark from videos and images, which helps me a lot. Many thanks!”

Ni ni 2021-03-19

Great Watermark Remover App!

“I've just got a video with watermark. It made the video look a little ugly. Then I put the video into Watermark Remover App and I was really impressed with it's fast removing watermark. A helpful and friendly App, very nice. I like it.”

Rora 2021-03-12

It is a surprise

“Works great to remove texts or logos from my pictures. ”

Liborio Geremia 2021-02-25

It makes my life easier.

“I always download a lot of videos from tiktok or other platforms and add them to my presentation which can help those who watch my presentation more easier to unserstand. But I do not like the watermark on the video. So I come to HitPaw Watermark. It is really helpful to me. And I like its feature to select several watermarks at one time most. It saves my time. ”

Louisa Sheila 2021-02-22

Not the best, but the cheapest

“I have tried many watermark removers and decided to buy hitpaw's at last. It was not the best one, but the functions can meet my needs.”

Hourig Taguhi 2021-02-03

This is the only Watermark Remover I use

“This is the only watermark remover I use to remove watermark from images downloaded from websites. What I like most is that you can remove all logos, text, marks very cleanly. If the effect does not satisfy me, I can redo it, then, try other methods provided by this watermark remover. That is a great feature. ”

Iliana Evridiki 2021-01-28


“Convenient and great, thanks a lot.”

Sirvard Krikor 2021-01-26

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