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Reviews 113 Great

This is the only Watermark Remover I use

“This is the only watermark remover I use to remove watermark from images downloaded from websites. What I like most is that you can remove all logos, text, marks very cleanly. If the effect does not satisfy me, I can redo it, then, try other methods provided by this watermark remover. That is a great feature. ”

Iliana Evridiki 2021-01-28


“Convenient and great, thanks a lot.”

Sirvard Krikor 2021-01-26

Remove text so cool!

“I used HitPaw Watermark remover to remove text from an image, it works great. Before I found Hitpaw, I have used many watermark removers, some were expensive, some just not working. HitPaw is the best, thanks.”

Sirvart Avedis 2021-01-20

Good job!

“Hitpaw watermark remover is just the same as they claim, it helps me erase some stains from my photo.”

Sarah 2021-01-16

Cancel subscription very quickly

“I bought one month license and remove the watermark on my images. I do not need it in the next month, so I contacted the support team, then help me cancel it. It is what I like. Only when I need it, I buy it. It will not charge me if I do not need it. ”

Erna Gunhilda 2021-01-15

Works as advertised

“Easy to use and can remove the watermark from images successfully. ”

Ira B 2021-01-07

HitPaw Watermark Remover is a great tool

“It is great tool to remove watermark, it will be better if it can be more powerful to remove watermark definitely in a clean way in the image with complicated background.”

Sofronio 2021-01-04

Magic tool~w~

“I'm a happy user of Hitpaw watermark remover, I have tried many different tools, like Apowersoft, remove logo now...but I must say hitpaw's watermark remover is the best one, and the price is the lowest. Besides, what a surprise, I also got a free license of the video editing tool, thanks a lot.”

Rudolf 2020-12-29

Great experience

“Three options to remove watermark, text, or logo from images are the best feature I like. ”

Anas Mahometus 2020-12-26

Good to Use

“Great. Thanks for providing such a good tool. ”

NimatWadud 2020-12-22

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