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Cheap and good

By Ruben Lucine 2021-04-20

“Hitpaw is the cheapest software I have ever tried and I think it gives a not bad effect, thanks. ”

This is the most convenient and friendly watermark remover I have ever seen!

By Linda 2021-04-08

“It can remove any watermarks from videos and photos, which meets my needs entirely. As one of the Youtube and Twitter users, I have encountered many watermarks on videos or photos. It really very very bothers me. So, I use HitPaw Watermark Remover to solve my problem every single time and it works well every time. ”

A Marvelous Tool

By Laier 2021-04-02

“I can use it to clear any unwanted objects such as text and logo with a few clicks. Wow! ”

It's really Useful

By Ethan 2021-03-26

“It helps me delete watermarks from videos or photos. Very good. ”

Remove Watermark From Video Without Any Hassle!

By Ni ni 2021-03-19

“It's an excellent program. It allows you to remove watermark from videos and images, which helps me a lot. Many thanks! ”

Great Watermark Remover App!

By Rora 2021-03-12

“I've just got a video with watermark. It made the video look a little ugly. Then I put the video into Watermark Remover App and I was really impressed with it's fast removing watermark. A helpful and friendly App, very nice. I like it. ”

It is a surprise

By Liborio Geremia 2021-02-25

“Works great to remove texts or logos from my pictures. ”

It makes my life easier.

By Louisa Sheila 2021-02-22

“I always download a lot of videos from tiktok or other platforms and add them to my presentation which can help those who watch my presentation more easier to unserstand. But I do not like the watermark on the video. So I come to HitPaw Watermark. It is really helpful to me. And I like its feature to select several watermarks at one time most. It saves my time. ”

Not the best, but the cheapest

By Hourig Taguhi 2021-02-03

“I have tried many watermark removers and decided to buy hitpaw's at last. It was not the best one, but the functions can meet my needs. ”

This is the only Watermark Remover I use

By Iliana Evridiki 2021-01-28

“This is the only watermark remover I use to remove watermark from images downloaded from websites. What I like most is that you can remove all logos, text, marks very cleanly. If the effect does not satisfy me, I can redo it, then, try other methods provided by this watermark remover. That is a great feature. ”

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