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What Is the Qatar World Cup Mascot and The Meaning Behind It

The much-awaited 2022 FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar, and almost every football fan was waiting for one of the most exciting things about the game, well, THE MASCOT! In every FIFA World Cup, a new mascot is released, telling something or the other about the country or the sport.

This year, the Qatar World Cup mascot is a bit unique in itself. So get ready to know all about the 2022 Qatar World Cup mascot La’eeb.

1. What's the Name of the Qatar World Cup Mascot and Its Meaning

This year’s fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 mascot is called La’eeb, it s an Arabic word, which means ‘Super skilled player’. La’eeb is portrayed to be a cheerful and playful figure, who is from a parallel universe, known as the mascot verse, a universe where all the tournament mascots reside.

laeeb is the qatar world cup mascot

FIFA has defined La’eeb mascot for Qatar World Cup, as a figment of imagination, they said that he can be whatever you want him to be. They also used the adjectives “courageous”, “playful” “uplifting”, etc. while describing La’eeb.

Through La’eeb’s design, Qatar is trying to showcase the Arab culture to the rest of the world as it represents a Ghutrah or Keffiyeh, which is the Arab headdress. It is said that he will spread the happiness of football to the whole world.

qatar world cup mascot is laeeb

2. The List of World Cup Mascots In The 2000s to 2020s

Throughout the history of FIFA, there have been, a number of famous mascots, with their own identities and features. Below are 5 mascots that surely left their mark on the history of football:

Ato, Kaz, and Nik

Futuristic, computer-generated creatures which are respectively orange, purple and blue. They’re a team for “Atomsball” (kind of future football). Ato is the coach while the rest of the twos are players.

world cup qatar mascot in 2002

Pille Goleo

A talking football named Pille and a lion sporting a Germany shirt with the number 06 on it. The name Goleo is a combination of the terms "goal" and "Leo," the Latin word for lion. In Germany, a football is referred to as a "pille."

world cup qatar mascot in 2006


A leopard with green hair, a common animal in South Africa, wearing a South Africa 2010 jersey. The green and gold colours of Zakumi represent the colours of the South African national sports team. His name is a combination of the letters "ZA" for South Africa and "Kumi," which signifies "ten" in many African languages.

world cup qatar mascot in 2010


A three-banded armadillo from Brazil wearing a white T-shirt with the words "Brasil 2014" and a green bermuda. He has a blue carapace that resembles a classic football. Fuleco's selection highlights the country's rich biodiversity, since the Brazilian three-banded armadillo is native to the country and is classed as a threatened species.

world cup qatar mascot in 2014


Zabivaka is a wolf, dressed in red shorts and a blue and white T-shirt that says "Russia 2018." The colour scheme is similar to that of the Russian squad, and the mascot was chosen through internet vote. Zabivaka, is a Russian word that translates to 'The Goalscorer' in English, giving the mascot its name.

world cup qatar mascot in 2018

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hitpaw to enhacne the world cup mascot

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  • hitpaw enhancer to enhacne the world cup mascot
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