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[100% Working!] How to See Who Liked You on Tinder without Gold

In today's digital age, dating apps like Tinder have become an increasingly popular way to meet potential partners. With a simple swipe, you can quickly connect with other singles who share similar interests and goals. However, as you continue to use the app, you may find it difficult in Tinder seeing who liked you or matched with you in the past.

Fortunately, there are several feasible ways to see who likes you on Tinder. In this blog, we'll explore three different methods that you can use to easily access your previous likes and make it easier to manage your matches. Whether you're new to the app or a seasoned user, these tips to see who likes you on Tinder will help you stay organized and up-to-date with your potential matches.

Read on to find out more about how to see who liked you on Tinder without gold.

Part 1. [Video Tutorial] How to See Who Liked You on Tinder without Paying

Here is a YouTube tutorial that you can watch to know how to see who liked you on Tinder. The video discusses two methods. The first one was via a Chrome extension called the violent money and the second one was via a code available in the video to copy-paste for how to see who liked you on Tinder without gold.

Part 2. Method 1: [Desktop & Mobile] How to See Who Liked You on Tinder without Gold

There are a few ways that you can use for how to see Tinder likes for free pc. For example, you can use the “inspect” element from your browser to get the job done. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. To begin, launch Google Chrome on your computer and navigate to the Tinder website.
  2. Look for the gold star icon at the top of the screen. If you notice a number beside the icon, it indicates in tinder how many likes do you get and haven't swiped left or right yet.
  3. As of now, the profiles will be blurred out. To remove the blurriness, right-click on a profile picture you want to see clearly and select "Inspect element."
  4. A new window will open at the bottom or right side of the screen containing the front-end code of the website. Locate the "blur" and "pixels" in the code by searching for them or scrolling through them.
  5. Set the pixel value to zero or close to it to remove the blurriness from the profile pictures. This will allow you to know how to see who likes you on Tinder.
how to see tinder likes for free PC

Part 3. Method 2:Check Their Name in Your Chats

This only requirement is that you match with someone who has already expressed interest in you.

  1. First, go to the Chats tab after opening the Tinder app. And turn to the conversation page to see with the person liked you.
  2. If the person's name is shown at the top of the dialog, the person has liked you. If the other person's name is not shown, they have not liked you.
  3. Extra Tip: You may check your Matches tab to find out if you've matched with someone.
how to see my likes on tinder without gold

Part 4. [BEST Solution] Use An AI Tool to Immediately Get Rid of the Annoying Blur

Well, now you have a problem. You have the profiles of the people who liked you on Tinder. But, they are all blur. Here is where the HitPaw Photo AI tool comes into use for Tinder deblur. You can use it after how to see who liked you on tinder without gold.

The HitPaw Photo AI is a user-friendly photo editing software that uses advanced AI-based algorithms to enhance your digital images quickly and easily. It provides powerful editing tools that AI adjust various image attributes, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness, to make your images look more professional and vibrant. It also has an old photo to new photo feature.

use hitpaw to unblur photo

Additionally, this software has the unique capability of enlarging low-resolution images without compromising their quality, making it an ideal tool for users who want to print their images in larger formats.

  • Upscale images automatically and remove the Tinder blur
  • Eliminate unwanted backgrounds or objects from the images
  • Supports Mac and Windows system
  • Offers a simple user interface

If you don't have a desktop - worry not. You can even use the HitPaw Photo AI tool.

HitPaw Photo AI mobile app is a powerful photo editing tool designed to enhance your digital images with ease. This app offers a range of features, including one-click unblur for Tinder portraits and face repair to fix blemishes or imperfections on your photos. Additionally, the app enables you to colorize your black and white photos, bringing old memories to life with vibrant colors.

use hitpaw to unblur photo
  • Easy interface
  • Offers one-click unblur for Tinder portraits and face repair to fix blemishes
  • Colorize black and white photos for a more vibrant look
  • Create 3D animations for a unique and eye-catching effect

Free Tip: If you want a free photo enhancer online, you can also try HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer, a web tool to upscale images instantly and effectively. AI photo enhancement won't be a problem in HitPaw. At HitPaw, you don't need to worry about any security issues at all, because HitPaw does not collect any user data.

Part 5. FAQs about How to See Who Liked You on Tinder?

Q1. How to see who liked me on Tinder?

A1. Tinder offer paid service to check who liked you. Also we share the free way to see such as using Chrome extension on PC or video code on mobile phone.

Q2. Can I see who liked me on Tinder?

A2. Yes, you can directly check the profiles of who liked you as a subscriber.

Q3. Is Tinder free to see who I liked?

A3. No, Tinder only offer blur photos with your likes without subscription. But you can use the robust third-party platform such as HitPaw Photo AI to deblur Tinder profile.


How to see who's liked you on Tinder without paying? Whether you choose to use a desktop browser or a mobile app, the methods described above are effective and can save you money in the long run. So, give them a try and see who has liked you on Tinder without the need for a paid subscription.

Other than that, you can use the HitPaw Photo AI tool to unblur the images - so you can have a closer look.

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