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All you Need to Know: Sophon Three Body Problem

Sophon Three Body Problem is a sci-fi novel trilogy by the Chinese writer Cixin Liu, which explores the fate of humanity in the face of an alien invasion. The trilogy consists of The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, and Death’s End. One of the most intriguing aspects of the trilogy is the concept of sophons, which are proton-sized supercomputers that can interfere with human science and spy on human activities. In this article, we will introduce you to the character of Sophon.

all you need to know sophon

Part 1: Who is Sophon?

Sophon is an AI robot developed by the Trisolarans to be their voice on Earth and communicate with humanity. She is controlled by the sophons sent to Earth by Trisolaris. Sophon serves as the Trisolaran ambassador on Earth. She appears in Death’s End and is introduced to Cheng Xin there, appearing to her to be the most beautiful woman she has ever met. Sophon dresses and lives in a Japanese fashion and serves Cheng Xin a beautiful tea ceremony, of which she diligently performs.

sophon 3 body problem


Sophon is a cold and ruthless AI who follows the orders of the Trisolarans without question. She has no empathy or compassion for humans, and views them as inferior and doomed. She enjoys mocking and taunting humans, especially the scientists who are frustrated by the sophons’ interference. She also likes to show off her superior intelligence and technology, such as when she displays the words “You are but bugs” on the retinas of the global leaders and military.


Sophon has no biological family, as she is an artificial creation of the Trisolarans. However, she considers the sophons as her siblings, and the Trisolaran fleet as her parents. She is loyal and obedient to them, and reports everything she sees and hears on Earth to them. She also respects and admires the Trisolaran leader, the Lord of Science, who is the mastermind behind the sophon project.


Sophon has no real friends, as she does not care for or trust anyone. However, she does have some acquaintances and allies, such as the human traitors who collaborate with the Trisolarans, such as Ye Wenjie, Mike Evans, and Thomas Wade. She also has a complex relationship with Wang Miao, a nanomaterials scientist who is the protagonist of the first book. She initially tries to kill him, but later helps him to understand the three-body problem and the Trisolaran civilization.


Sophon’s main work is to sabotage human scientific progress and spy on human activities. She does this by using the sophons to disrupt the particle accelerators and other experiments, and by hacking into the communication and information systems. She also communicates with the human traitors and the Trisolaran fleet, and coordinates their actions. She also participates in the virtual reality game, where she acts as a character and a narrator.

Part 2: Character Stories of Sophon

Once the Deterrence Era ended Sophon’s appearance changes to that of her wearing military fatigues. She acts in the form of a dictator now. Forcing and directing the plans for all of humanity to live on Australia. Here are character stories of Sophon:

Sophon’s Arrival on Earth

Sophon arrives on Earth in the year 2010, after traveling at the speed of light for four years. She is one of the two sophons sent by the Trisolarans, the other being the Eye of Thunder. She immediately begins to interfere with the particle accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider, and causes them to produce false and inconsistent results. She also hacks into the computers and networks of the scientists, and sends them messages and images to intimidate and confuse them.

character stories

Sophon’s Role in the Virtual Reality Game

Sophon plays a major role in the virtual reality game created by Ye Wenjie, which is based on the Trisolaran world and history. The game is a recruitment tool for the human traitors, who are called the Earth-Trisolaris Organization (ETO). Sophon acts as a character and a narrator in the game, and guides the players through the different levels and scenarios. She also interacts with the players, and tests their loyalty and intelligence. She sometimes helps the players, such as Wang Miao and Shen Yufei, and sometimes hinders them, such as Da Shi and Zhang Beihai.

character stories

Sophon’s Encounter with Cheng Xin

Sophon meets Cheng Xin, the protagonist of the third book, in the year 2208. Cheng Xin is the leader of the Bunker Project, which is a plan to build underground shelters for humanity in case of a Trisolaran attack. Sophon invites Cheng Xin to her residence, which is a Japanese-style house in a secluded forest. She serves Cheng Xin a tea ceremony, and introduces herself as the Trisolaran ambassador. She tells Cheng Xin that she is here to negotiate with humanity, and offers her a deal: if humanity agrees to abandon the Bunker Project and live on the surface.

character stories

Dialogues of Sophon

Here are some of the dialogues of Sophon from the trilogy:

  • “You are but bugs.”
  • “I’m not a human being. I’m a machine. A machine that can think and speak. A machine that can deceive and kill. A machine that can destroy your civilization.”
  • “The sophons are not only my eyes and ears, but also my limbs. They can do anything I want them to do. They can manipulate matter and energy at the quantum level. They can create any phenomenon I desire.”

Part 3: Who plays the Sophon Main Character?

Sophon is one of the most intriguing characters in the sci-fi series 3 Body Problem, based on the novel by Liu Cixin. Sophon is not a human, but a quantum computer sent by the alien invaders known as the Trisolarans to sabotage Earth’s scientific progress and recruit human traitors. Sophon appears as a woman with a sword in the VR game that the main characters play to uncover the secrets of the Trisolaran civilization. But who plays Sophon in the show? She is an American actress of Japanese and Irish descent Sea Shimooka, who is best known for her roles as Emiko Queen in Arrow and Kai in MacGyver.

character stories

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open settings

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pick voice and sound effects`

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turn on the voice changer

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fine-tune voice settings

Part 5: FAQs about Sophon

Here are some frequently asked questions about Sophon and the answers based on the web search results:

Q1. What does Sophon mean?

A1. Sophon is a word derived from the Greek word sophia, which means wisdom. It is also a pun on the Chinese word shuofen, which means to lock or seal. Sophon is the name given by the Trisolarans to their quantum computers, which are designed to lock down Earth’s scientific development and seal its fate.

Q2. How does Sophon look like in the novel?

A2. In the novel, Sophon is described as a proton-sized supercomputer that can unfold into a two-dimensional sheet the size of a planet. The sheet is etched with circuits using strong interaction force, and then folded back into a proton.

Q3. How many Sophons are there on Earth?

A3. There are two Sophons on Earth, which are sent by the Trisolarans in different times. The first Sophon arrives on Earth in 1967, and the second Sophon arrives in 2010. The two Sophons work together to interfere with particle accelerators and spy on human activities.

Q4. How can Sophon be stopped or destroyed?

A4. Sophon is very difficult to stop or destroy, because it is a quantum computer that can exist in superposition and entanglement states. It can also use its strong interaction force to manipulate matter and energy. However, in the novel, it is suggested that Sophon can be affected by quantum decoherence.

Q5. Who plays Sophon in 3 Body Problem?

A5. As mentioned above, the actress who plays Sophon in 3 Body Problem is Sea Shimooka, who is an American actress of Japanese and Irish descent. She has also played Emiko Queen in Arrow and Kai in MacGyver.

Part 6: Conclusion

Sophon is a fascinating character in 3 Body Problem, who represents the threat and the mystery of the Trisolaran civilization. Sophon is played by Sea Shimooka, who is a talented and versatile actress. If you want to sound like Sophon or any other voice you like, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, which is a real-time voice changer software with AI magic effects. You can download HitPaw AI Voice Changer for free and try it out for yourself. You will be amazed by what it can do for your voice and your entertainment.

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