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All Things about Steve Harrington in Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a popular Netflix series that blends sci-fi, horror, and nostalgia. It follows the adventures of a group of kids who encounter supernatural forces and government conspiracies in their small town of Hawkins, Indiana. One of the most memorable characters in the show is Steve Harrington, a former high school jock who becomes a hero and a mentor to the younger kids. In this article, we will explore everything about Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, from his personality and interests to his main performance and the actor who plays him.

all about steve harrington

Part 1: Who is Steve Harrington?

Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is a main character in Stranger Things, having a recurring role in the first season before being promoted to the main cast from the second season onwards . He is a student at Hawkins High School, where he was best friends with Tommy H and Carol Perkins and the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler. He was initially characterized as a stereotypically unlikeable jock, who was arrogant, selfish, and insensitive. However, he underwent a significant character development throughout the series, becoming more courageous, thoughtful, and caring.

main character in stranger things


Steve’s personality changed a lot over the course of the show. In the first season, he was mostly concerned with his popularity, his reputation, and his relationship with Nancy. He was often rude and dismissive to others, especially to Jonathan Byers, who he saw as a rival for Nancy’s affection. He also participated in some cruel pranks and vandalism with his friends, such as spray-painting insults on the movie theater marquee.


Steve’s interests include music, movies, and sports. He is a fan of rock bands like The Clash and The Police, as well as pop singers like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. He enjoys watching horror films like The Thing and Day of the Dead, as well as action films like Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. He is also a skilled swimmer, as he was a member of the Hawkins High Swim Team.

Friend circle

Steve’s friend circle changed a lot throughout the show. In the first season, he was friends with Tommy H and Carol Perkins, who were also popular students at Hawkins High. They often hung out at parties, the arcade, or the movie theater. In the second season, Steve became friends with Dustin Henderson, who he met through Nancy. In the third season, Steve became friends with Robin Buckley, who he worked with at Scoops Ahoy.

tommy, carol , dustin, robin, scoops

Part 2: Steve Harrington’s Main Performance

Steve Harrington’s main performance in Stranger Things was his role in the battle against the Mind Flayer in the second season. He joined forces with the other kids to stop the Mind Flayer from spreading its influence and taking over Hawkins. He helped to lure the Demodogs, the Mind Flayer’s minions, away from the Byers’ house, where Eleven, the telekinetic girl who could close the portal to the Upside Down, was hiding. He fought off the Demodogs with his bat, and managed to survive their attack. He also helped to burn the tunnels under Hawkins, where the Mind Flayer’s vines and spores were growing. He showed his courage, leadership, and resourcefulness, as he coordinated the plan, drove the car, and used the gasoline and lighter to set the tunnels on fire.

mind flayer

Part 3: Who plays Steve Harrington Character?

The actor who plays Steve Harrington in Stranger Things is Joe Keery, an American actor and musician. He was born on April 24, 1992, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He graduated from DePaul University in 2014, where he studied acting. He also plays guitar and sings in a rock band called Post Animal.

steve Harrington actor

Other famous movies

Molly’s Game (2017):

A biographical drama film based on the memoir of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic skier who ran a high-stakes poker game for celebrities and criminals. Keery played Cole, one of Molly’s poker players.

other famous movies

Slice (2018):

A horror comedy film about a series of murders involving pizza delivery drivers in a town where ghosts, werewolves, and witches coexist. Keery played Jackson, a reporter who investigates the murders.

other famous movies

Free Guy (2021):

A science fiction action comedy film about a bank teller who discovers that he is a non-player character in an open-world video game. Keery played Keys, a programmer who works for the game company.

other famous movies

Spree (2020):

A thriller film about a rideshare driver who livestreams his killing spree to gain fame and followers. Keery played Kurt, the main antagonist and the driver.

other famous movies

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open settings

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pick voice and sound effects`

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turn on the voice changer

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fine-tune voice settings

Part 5: FAQs about Steve Harrington

Q1. Who plays Steve Harrington?

A1. Joe Keery portrays Steve Harrington in the show. He’s an American actor and musician, born on April 24, 1992, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Keery graduated from DePaul University, where he studied acting. Besides his role in Stranger Things, he has appeared in several other movies, including Molly’s Game, Slice, Free Guy, and Spree.

Q2. What are Steve Harrington’s interests?

A2. Steve is a multifaceted character with diverse interests, he’s a fan of rock bands like The Clash and The Police, as well as pop singers like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.Movies taste spans horror films (The Thing, Day of the Dead) and action flicks (Back to the Future, Indiana Jones).Steve was a skilled swimmer and a member of the Hawkins High Swim Team.Hair Care: He takes pride in his voluminous hair and uses special shampoo and conditioner to maintain it.

Q3. How did Steve’s personality evolve throughout the series?

A3. Initially, he was an arrogant, selfish jock, but he transformed into a courageous, thoughtful hero. His friendship with Dustin Henderson played a significant role in this change.Steve’s journey from popularity-seeking teen to responsible protector showcases growth and maturity.

Q4. Who were Steve’s friends in Hawkins?

A4. In Season 1, he hung out with Tommy H and Carol Perkins, but they were shallow and meanIn Season 2, he formed a close bond with Dustin Henderson, acting as a mentor and protector.In Season 3, he became friends with Robin Buckley and Erica Sinclair, bonding over shared experiences and mutual respect.

Part 6: Conclusion

Steve Harrington’s character arc in Stranger Things is a testament to growth, resilience, and unexpected friendships. Whether he’s battling Demodogs or serving ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, Steve remains a beloved and complex character. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sound like Steve, consider using HitPaw Voice Changer, —a fantastic tool that lets you transform your voice with various effects, including celebrity voices like Steve Harrington’s. With features like real-time voice modulation, soundboards, and AI music creation, HitPaw Voice Changer is your gateway to a fun and unique audio experience .

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