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All Things about Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a popular Netflix sci-fi drama series that follows the adventures of a group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana, who encounter supernatural forces and government conspiracies. One of the main characters in the show is Max Mayfield, a newcomer to the town and the party of friends. In this article, we will explore everything about Max Mayfield in Stranger Things, from her personality and interests to her main performance and the actress who plays her. We will also introduce a bonus feature that allows you to change your voice into Max Mayfield’s voice using HitPaw Voice Changer.

max mayfield stranger things

Part 1. Who is Max Mayfield?

Max Mayfield, also known as Maxine or MADMAX, is a 15-year-old girl who moved to Hawkins from California in 1984 with her mother and stepfather. She has a troubled relationship with her abusive stepbrother Billy Hargrove, who often bullies and controls her. She is a skilled skateboarder and gamer, who impressed the boys at the Palace Arcade with her high scores.

max mayfield outfits


Max is a confident, assertive, and independent girl who does not like to be told what to do or how to act. She is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself, even against bigger and stronger opponents. She is also loyal, caring, and supportive of her friends, especially Eleven, who she considers her best friend.


Max has a passion for skateboarding, which she learned from her father in California. She often rides her skateboard around town or at the arcade, where she also enjoys playing video games. She is particularly good at Dig Dug, a game that involves digging tunnels and defeating monsters. She also likes to watch horror movies and read horror comics, such as Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt.

Friend Circle

Max is a member of the party, a group of friends who share a bond over their experiences with the Upside Down, a parallel dimension filled with dark creatures. The party consists of Mike Wheeler, the leader and Eleven’s boyfriend; Lucas Sinclair, Max’s ex-boyfriend and best friend; Dustin Henderson, the smart and funny one; ,Byers, the artistic and sensitive one; and Eleven, the telekinetic girl who escaped from a secret lab.

mike, dustin will, eleven

Part 2. Max Mayfield’s Main Performance

Max Mayfield made her debut in season two of Stranger Things, where she joined the party after meeting them at school and the arcade. She helped them investigate the strange occurrences happening in Hawkins, such as the rotting pumpkins, the diseased rats, and the tunnels under the town. In season three, Max continued to be part of the party, and helped them deal with the new challenges they faced, such as puberty, romance, and Russian spies. She supported Eleven in her breakup with Mike, and encouraged her to explore her identity and have fun. She also helped her discover Billy’s possession by the Mind Flayer, and tried to save him from its influence. She participated in the battle at Starcourt Mall, where she saw Billy sacrifice himself to protect Eleven, and witnessed Hopper’s apparent death.

mind flayer

Part 3. Who plays Max Mayfield Character?

Max Mayfield is portrayed by Sadie Sink, an American actress who started her career in the theater. She rose to prominence for her roles as Max in Stranger Things and Ziggy Berman in the horror films Fear Street: Part Two - 1978 and Fear Street: Part Three - 1666.

Other famous movies

Besides Stranger Things and Fear Street, Sadie Sink has also appeared in other movies, such as:

The Glass Castle:

A biographical drama film based on the memoir of Jeannette Walls, a journalist who grew up in a dysfunctional family. Sadie played the role of young Lori, Jeannette’s older sister who dreamed of becoming an artist.

other famous movies


A horror film about a boy with a rare disease who undergoes a controversial treatment at a secluded clinic. Sadie played the role of Haley, a mysterious girl who befriends Eli and helps him uncover the dark secrets of the clinic.

other famous movies

The Whale:

A drama film based on the play of the same name by Samuel D. Hunter, about a morbidly obese man who tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Sadie played the role of Ellie, the daughter who is angry and rebellious, but also smart and compassionate.

other famous movies

Dear Zoe:

A coming-of-age film based on the novel of the same name by Philip Beard, about a teenage girl who writes letters to her deceased sister after the 9/11 attacks. Sadie played the role of Tess, the protagonist who struggles with grief, guilt, and family issues.

other famous movies

Part 4. [Bonus]: Change your Voice into Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

If you are a fan of Max Mayfield and want to sound like her, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to modify your voice in various ways. HitPaw Voice Changer is compatible with Windows and Mac, and supports various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, M4A, and more. It is also safe and secure, and does not collect or leak any personal information.

Features of HitPaw Voice Changer:

  • Choose from different voice effects, such as female, male, child, robot, alien, and more.
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  • Apply background sounds, such as music, rain, wind, and more, to create different scenarios.
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Part 5: FAQs about Max Mayfield

Here are some frequently asked questions about Max Mayfield and the actress who plays her:

Q1. What is Max Mayfield’s real name?

A1. Max Mayfield’s full name is Maxine Mayfield, but she prefers to go by Max. She also uses the nickname MADMAX for her arcade games.

Q2. How old is Max Mayfield in Stranger Things?

A2. Max Mayfield is 15 years old in season four of Stranger Things, which takes place in 1986. She was 13 years old in season two, and 14 years old in season three.

Q3. How old is Sadie Sink, the actress who plays Max Mayfield?

A3. Sadie Sink is 22 years old as of 2024. She was born on April 16, 2002, in Brenham, Texas.

Q4. What are Sadie Sink’s hobbies and interests?

A4. Sadie Sink is a vegan and an animal rights activist. She also enjoys singing, dancing, and playing guitar. She is a fan of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Part 6: Conclusion

Max Mayfield is a fascinating character in Stranger Things, who has a strong personality, a passion for skateboarding and horror, and a loyal friendship with the party. She has faced many challenges and losses in her life, but she has also shown courage and resilience. She is played by Sadie Sink, a talented actress who has also starred in other movies and shows. If you want to have some fun and sound like Max Mayfield, you can try HitPaw Voice Changer, a tool that lets you change your voice in various ways. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Max Mayfield in Stranger Things.

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