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All You Need to Know: Jin Cheng Three Body Problem

Three Body Problem is a sci-fi series on Netflix based on the award-winning novel by Liu Cixin. It tells the story of humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization and the ensuing struggle for survival. One of the main characters in the series is Jin Cheng, a genius theoretical physicist who is part of the Oxford Five, a group of young scientists who are trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Jin Cheng is also in a relationship with Raj Varma, a naval officer who is involved in the secret project to communicate with the aliens.


Part 1: Who is Jin Cheng?

Jin Cheng is one of the main protagonists in Three Body Problem. She is based on the character of Cheng Xin from the novel, who is an aerospace engineer and a diplomat. Jin Cheng is portrayed by Jess Hong, a New Zealand actress who has also appeared in shows like The Wilds and The Luminaries. Here are some facts about Jin Cheng’s personality, family, friends, and work.

jin cheng


Jin Cheng is a curious, ambitious, and passionate scientist who is fascinated by the big questions of the universe. She is always eager to learn new things and challenge herself. She is also loyal, compassionate, and courageous, willing to risk her life for the sake of humanity. However, Jin Cheng can also be naive, idealistic, and indecisive at times, especially when faced with moral dilemmas and ethical conflicts.


Jin Cheng was born and raised in New Zealand, where she attended the same college as Yun Tianming, another main character in the series. Yun had a crush on Jin, but never confessed his feelings to her. He also bought her the rights to a star, DX3906, as a gift, using money from a classmate. Jin Cheng’s parents are not mentioned in the series, but it is implied that they are supportive of her career and achievements.


Jin Cheng is a member of the Oxford Five, a group of young and brilliant scientists who were recruited by Oxford University to work on cutting-edge research projects. The other members of the group are Mike Evans, a wealthy and charismatic entrepreneur who funds the group’s activities; Sophie Zhang, a computer scientist and hacker who is skilled in artificial intelligence and cryptography; Leo Zhang, a biologist and geneticist who is interested in the origin and evolution of life.


Jin Cheng is a theoretical physicist who specializes in quantum mechanics and cosmology. She is involved in several groundbreaking projects, such as the Staircase Program, a spy probe that was launched to observe the alien fleet; the Sophon Project, a quantum entanglement device that was used to communicate with the aliens; and the Dark Forest Project, a gravitational wave detector that was used to broadcast a message to the universe.

Part 2: Character Stories of Jin Cheng

Jin Cheng has a rich and complex character arc that spans across different eras and timelines. Here are some of the stories that showcase her development and role in the series.

Jin Cheng and the Staircase Program

The Staircase Program was the first attempt by humanity to spy on the alien fleet that was approaching the solar system. Jin Cheng was the one who proposed the idea of launching a probe with a human brain inside, using quantum entanglement to transmit information back to Earth. She also helped select the candidate for the mission, Yun Tianming, her college friend who had terminal cancer. Jin Cheng and Yun had a brief but emotional connection before he departed, and she promised to wait for him to return.

character setories

Jin Cheng and the Swordholder

The Swordholder was the title given to the person who had the power to activate the Doomsday Device, a weapon that could destroy the solar system and send a warning to the aliens. Jin Cheng was chosen as the third Swordholder, after Luo Ji and Thomas Wade. She inherited the responsibility of maintaining the balance of deterrence and peace between humanity and the aliens. However, she also faced a lot of pressure and criticism from different factions and groups, who had different opinions and agendas regarding the alien threat.

character setories

Jin Cheng and the Dark Forest

The Dark Forest was the theory that explained the nature and logic of the cosmic civilization. It stated that the universe was a dark and dangerous place, where every civilization was a hunter and a prey, and the only way to survive was to hide or destroy. Jin Cheng learned about the Dark Forest from Yun Tianming, who had been captured by the aliens and sent back a message to Earth using fairy tales. Jin Cheng and her friends decoded the message and realized that the aliens had a weakness: their home planet was vulnerable to a photon attack.

character setories

The Launch of the Staircase Program

This scene shows the launch of the Staircase Program, the spy probe that was sent to observe the alien fleet. Jin Cheng and her friends watch the launch from a control room, while Yun Tianming, the human brain inside the probe, communicates with them via a headset. Yun tells Jin that he loves her and thanks her for giving him a chance to see the stars. Jin is moved by his words and tries to comfort him.

famous scene

Dialogues of Jin Cheng

Here are some of the dialogues of Jin Cheng from the series.

  • “The universe is full of mysteries and wonders. We are just trying to find some answers.”
  • “I don’t want to be a hero. I just want to do the right thing.”
  • “You are not alone, Yun. I’m here with you. We are all here with you.”
  • “This is not an act of war. This is an act of justice. We are not the aggressors. We are the defenders.”

Part 3: Who plays the Jin Cheng Main Character?

Jin Cheng is played by Jess Hong, a New Zealand actress of Chinese descent, born in Auckland in 1997. She is known for playing Maddy in The Brokenwood Mysteries (2021) and Jin Cheng in the Netflix series 3 Body Problem (2024). Jess Hong is a rising star who has impressed the critics and the fans with her performance as Jin Cheng. She has brought a lot of depth, emotion, and charisma to the role, and has captured the essence of the character. Jess Hong has also done a lot of research and preparation for the role, such as reading the novel, learning physics, and practicing the accent.


Part 4: Extra Tips: Get the Voice Like Jin Cheng Within Seconds

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open settings

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pick voice and sound effects`

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turn on the voice changer

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fine-tune voice settings

Part 5: FAQs about Jin Cheng

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Jin Cheng and her actor Jess Hong.

Q1. What is the meaning of Jin Cheng’s name?

A1. Jin Cheng’s name is based on the character of Cheng Xin from the novel, who is an aerospace engineer and a diplomat. Cheng means “sincerity” or “honesty” in Chinese, while Xin means “heart” or “core”. Jin is a common surname that means “gold” or “metal”.

Q2. How old is Jin Cheng in the series?

A2. Jin Cheng’s age is not explicitly stated in the series, but it is implied that she is in her late 20s or early 30s. She graduated from college in 2019 and joined the Oxford Five in 2020.

Q3. How did Jess Hong get the role of Jin Cheng?

A3. Jess Hong auditioned for the role of Jin Cheng in 2022, after her agent sent her the script. She was initially nervous and intimidated by the scale and scope of the project, but she was also excited and curious about the story and the character.

Q4. What are some of the challenges and rewards of playing Jin Cheng?

A4. Jess Hong said that playing Jin Cheng was both challenging and rewarding for her as an actress. She said that some of the challenges were to understand and portray the complex and nuanced character of Jin Cheng.

Part 6: Conclusion

Jin Cheng is a brilliant physicist and a main character in Netflix’s Three Body Problem. She is played by Jess Hong, a New Zealand actress who has done a remarkable job in bringing the character to life. If you want to get the voice like Jin Cheng, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, a free real-time AI voice changer with AI magic effects. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned more about Jin Cheng and her actor.

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