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[Fast & Easy] Create AI Vocals without Any Hassle in 2024

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized how we create and manipulate sound, and AI vocals are no exception. Gone are the days when crafting unique and captivating vocals was challenging. Today, anyone can harness the power of AI to produce mesmerizing AI vocals without hassle. However, you need the right tool with a step-by-step guide for the best results.

This post helps you explore how AI vocal technology changes your lives and introduces three exceptional tools that allow you to create AI vocals effortlessly.

How AI Vocal Changes Our Life

AI Vocal

Imagine having the power to transform your voice or create entirely new vocal personas with just a few clicks. AI vocal technology makes this dream a reality. It enables you to generate realistic and customizable artificial voices for music production, podcasts, video content, and more. With AI vocals, you can explore endless creative possibilities and bring your ideas to life in a unique way.

How to Create AI Vocals with No Effort

After understanding the transformative potential of AI vocals, let's delve into the three best ways to create them and bring your creative visions to life.

1- Kits.AI (Ranking: 4.7/5)

Kits AI Deepfake Voice Generator

Kits.AI emerges as groundbreaking software, transforming your voice into a masterpiece. It provides you with 100+ royalty-free AI voices in various languages. You can also craft personalized voices by refining their pitch, tone, and vocal range. Even it also offers the text to speech deepfake feature to turn your text into the desired character.

You can also split the song into remix-ready instrumentals and clear vocals. But it doesn't stop there. It lets you create an AI voice cover by pasting a YouTube link. You can craft up to two distinct AI voices and generate a worthy AI voice out of them.

Here is how to use Kits.AI to create AI vocals without hassle:

  • Step 1:Open the tool's website and click "Convert Vocals." You can select the desired voice and choose its "Genre," "Language," and "Style."
  • Step 2:Later, multiple options appear to provide an input, i.e., "Record," "Add or Drop File," "Enter YouTube Link," and "Free Demo Audio."
  • Step 3:Select the "Pitch Level" and then adjust all the "Advanced" settings. Once done, hit "Convert." All done!
  • Offer the library of official, licensed voice models
  • Let you convert input audio into any instrument
  • Allow audio uploading to create a personal voice model
  • Need to wait for a long time in queue

2- Uberduck (Ranking: 4.3/5)

Uberduck Speech Generator

Uberduck is a remarkable online voice cloning platform that employs neural algorithms to create and use professional quality AI voice for music production. Its text to speech feature helps you convert your text to music. You can also access over 5000 AI voices in its library.

However, what makes it unique is its AI rapper voice generator. You only need to opt for the desired beat, AI-generated lyrics, and the singer's voice to create a rap. Its voice-to-voice function lets you record your voice and change your pitch & tone.

Let's comply with the given steps on using Uberduck as a deepfake voice generator:

  • Step 1:Open the website, sign up for an account, and choose the "AI-Generated Rap," "Voice to Voice," "Text to Voice," or "Clone Your Voice" option.
  • Step 2:Suppose you select the "Text to Voice," choose the "Age," "Gender," "Accent," "Style," and other aspects under the "Voice Selection" section.
  • Step 3:Now, select from the given voices and add your text. Hit "Generate Speech," and that's all!
  • Offer a clean and smooth interface
  • Provide multiple royalty-free beats
  • Let you customize the amplitude
  • Voice synthesis may go wrong sometimes

3- Typecast (Ranking: 4/5)

Create AI Vocals with Typecast

If you want to generate human-like voices for video creation, Typecast should be your way to go. With its text to speech technology, you can make promotional videos, eLearning modules, etc. It offers a versatile AI singing voice generator that extends beyond crafting rap songs from text.

But besides accessing high-quality voices, you can avail of the opportunity to create avatars, thus making professional quality videos in a snap. It even lets you customize the voice aspects, add music, and apply special effects to enhance your video.

Below is a brief tutorial on using Typecast for rap creation:

  • Step 1:After creating an account, open the "Text to Rap" section. Start by clicking "Create New" and then "New Project" on your dashboard.
  • Step 2:Next, select the current character and click "Add Characters." Navigate to the left sidebar and choose "Music/Entertainment" under "Content."
  • Step 3:Once you've applied this filter, pick your preferred voice model. From the previous page, you can input the lyrics. Add media if needed and export your rap.
  • Let you change the pitch, speed, and tone
  • Offer pauses, emphasis, and vocal effects
  • Compatible with a range of video formats
  • The voice may not sound natural at times
  • A bit pricey for commercial use

Bonus: Explore More Voice Changing Effects

In addition to generating vocals from text, do you want to explore AI voice-changing effects? Try the HitPaw Voice Changer AI Music tool. In the realm of AI-driven vocal manipulation and music creation, this innovative software stands out as a true game-changer.

It takes your audio journey to the next level by generating AI music from the text. However, modifying and transforming voices for a personalized touch is also possible. You can access the library of 100+ voice-changing effects and adjust the tone, pitch, speed, volume, and other aspects. Its AI Music tool lets you choose a style from a broad range of music themes to create a unique melody. You can even change the music genre of the already generated music if needed.

  • Help you generate music with professional quality
  • Work over the text to speech deepfake technology
  • Offer multiple unique effects to apply to the AI voice
  • Create AI vocals for content creators, streamers, etc.
  • Support Discord, Fortnite, Steam, and other platforms
  • Step 1. Choose Text to Song Tool
    After downloading and launching the HitPaw Voice Changer, open the "AI Music" section from the side column. Now, you have to select the "Text to Song" tool.

    Text to Melody Tool
  • Step 2. Enter the Prompt and Pick the Music Theme
    From the following interface, you need to type the text in the "Prompt" section, set the "Time" from the available durations, and choose the desired "Music Theme."

    Choose the Music Theme
  • Step 3. Generate and Download AI Music
    After selecting the "Save format" and the destination folder from the "Save path" menu, hit the "Generate" tab. After a few seconds, you can preview the music in the right sidebar. If it's OK, press the "Download" tab.

    Generate AI Music

The Bottom Line

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, AI vocal technology has emerged as a game-changer to explore new horizons in music. Uberduck, Typecast, and Voicemod are excellent choices if you're looking to create AI vocals easily.

But for those who want to take their audio journey even further, HitPaw Voice Changer is the ideal tool to experiment with. You can generate songs from text or change the music genre. Experience the future of vocal manipulation and let AI elevate your audio projects.

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