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Popular Songs of Taeyong You Cannot Miss in 2014

Lee Tae-yong, also known as the mononym Taeyong is South Korean rapper, singer, dancer and music producer. He is perfect recognized as a leader and member of the boy group NCT. First appeared in the first sub-unit of the group, NCT U, and the following year, he went on to lead the second unit, NCT 127. As a songwriter Taeyong has written more than 30 songs in four languages, and that were mostly released by NCT's various units. In 2019, he made his debut as part of SuperM, a South Korean supergroup SuperM, which is managed through SM Entertainment in collaboration with Capitol Records.

Part 1: Who is Taeyong?


Taeyong is a South Korean singer and songwriter well-known for his stunning vocals and captivating performances. Taeyong age is 28 whereas Taeyong height is 1.75m. As part of a well-known boy band, Taeyong has garnered a large fan base and praise for his talent in music. Taeyong is a member and leader of the South Korean boy band NCT under SM Entertainment. He began his career as the group's initial sub-unit, NCT U , in 2016 before being the head of the group's secondary sub-unit NCT 127 Taeyong later in the year. In 2019, he was introduced as an official part of his supergroup, South Korean supergroup SuperM , as a joint project that is a joint venture between SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. As a composer, Taeyong has written more than 40 songs in four languages, mostly released by the various units of NCT and as a soloist.

Taeyong debuted as a solo artist in June 2023, with his debut EP Shalala and became the first soloist from NCT. In April this year, Taeyong NCT 127 released their first Japanese album, Awaken. In that album, Taeyong co-wrote the single "Lips". In July 2019, Lee Taeyong released his debut solo single, "Long Flight", which he composed, wrote, and accompanied by a music video. The song was the final track for the 3rd season of the SM Station project. The track debuted at the sixth spot on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. On August 8 2019, Taeyong was revealed as an official member of SuperM, a supergroup of K-pop formed in the year 2000 by SM Entertainment in collaboration with Capitol Records. The group's promotional activities started in October and targeted the American market. The group released their debut EP, SuperM, for which Taeyong wrote and produced the hit song "No Manners".

Taeyong's Five Popular Songs

Let's look at five of Taeyong's greatest hits that show his unique musical style:



Taeyong Shalala is the first extended play (EP) by South Korean rapper Taeyong. The EP first came out on June 5 2023, via SM Entertainment through Kakao Entertainment in conjunction with its music video, the leading single with the identical title. The EP features seven tracks that Taeyong wrote alongside several other musicians and frequent collaborators Royal Dive, Squar and Zayson. The EP was a commercial success with sales of more than 380,000 copies within its first week of release and has since sold more than 500 000 copies.



"GWANDO" is a rock/pop track that evokes various emotions, such as a goodbye in a light and pleasant sound, while calmingly putting it out to the world to let everyone know it will all be okay. With its irresistible melodies and sentimental lyrics, "GWANDO" can be described as a heartfelt ballad that shows Taeyong's emotional and vocal range. This song has touched the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

Move Mode Mode


"Move Moody Mode (Feat. Wendi)" is a Korean song by TAEYONG, featuring WENDY from Red Velvet. It's the third song from his debut mini album SHALALA.

"Move Mood Mode" is a pop tune with a moderate tempo about new feelings for lovers. TAEYONG's adorable rapping style and Red Velvet WENDY's lovely vocals combine to create a thrilling experience.

Virtual Insanity


The edgy and futuristic hip-hop track 'Virtual Insanity is a song that begins with the idea of being able to experience TAEYONG's performance VR.

"Virtual Insanity" is an innovative pop song that explores the themes of love and technology. Taeyong's captivating voice shines through the track, creating an enchanting listening experience for the fans.

404 File Not Found


"404 File Not Found" is a track that defies genres that push the boundaries of music with its unique music and provoking lyrics. Taeyong's talent and creativity are evident in this unforgettable track.

Bonus Tips: How To Create an AI Song Cover for Taeyong?

Lee Tae-Yong's beautiful vocals are mesmerizing. Want to make a cover of Lee Tae Yung's songs, HitPaw AI Cover is a good choice for you. You can learn how to use HitPaw AI Song Cover Generator in the video below.

Key Features

  • Rich Sound Effects: HitPaw Voice Changer provides users with rich sound effects, users can use their favorite sound effects to meet their needs for sound effects.
  • Easy to learn: HitPaw Voice Changer has a simple interface, which is helpful for users to quickly learn and easily master the use of HitPaw Voice Changer.
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We are pleased to introduce HitPaw AI Song Cover, an innovative tool that lets users create stunning artificial intelligence-generated versions of Taeyong's most popular songs. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, HitPaw AI Song Cover allows you to create competent-quality covers in just a few minutes.

What is HitPaw AI Song Cover? HitPaw AI Song Cover is an advanced software application that uses AI algorithms to create captivating and unique song covers. Whether you're a professional musician or newbie, HitPaw AI Song Cover provides a simple and easy solution to create beautiful covers.

How to use HitPaw AI Song Cover?

Step 1: Transfer Files to the computer or copy Links

Select the AI Cover in the left options bar. Click to upload audio/video files. you can also copy and paste a YouTube link. HitPaw AI Cover allows uploading in various formats.


Step 2: Select AI Singer Models

Select your preferred singer model and then click apply it. We offer a wide range of singer models such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez, and will continue to add new models.


Step 3: Modify the Sound Settings

Once you have selected your favorite model, you can alter the pitch and voice similarity. After that, click "Make AI Cover" following each adjustment to allow the changes to be effective.


Step 4: Preview and Download

This is the final step where you can download the file after the completion of AI Cover.



In conclusion, Taeyong's cult tunes from 2014 continue to charm the public in 2024 with their infectious melodies and sincere lyrics. NCT's Taeyong was a solo artist who has previously dropped albums, but today marks the release of his first album. I'm shocked that even more NCT members aren't being promoted as soloists. In the end, there are so many musicians to pick from!

To be truthful, I had no expectations regarding Shalala. The moments of Taeyong in NCT's tracks usually leave me a bit disappointed. For better or worse, Taeyong is often in charge of the most memorable elements. In addition, Shalala is made up of all of them.

NCT's Taeyong is viewed as the primary solo star of the group, swiftly creating a unique hip-hop sound which incorporates elements from diverse styles. It's a difficult task for me because I find his highly influenced performance style difficult to understand. The new Single Tap is a follow-up, bringing out the fun at the cost of the melodic variation.

Discover the musical magic of Taeyong and the realm of AI songs with HitPaw AI Song Cover Generator . Don't miss the chance to design your original covers and show your talent to the rest of humanity. Learn the magic of Taeyong's songs and allow your imagination to fly through the use of HitPaw AI Song Cover.

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