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How to Sound Like Brian Griffin Voice in 2024

In the history of animation shows, do you remember all the characters like Brian Griffin from the hit sitcom Family Guy? Of course, no. What makes him stand out is nothing but his iconic voice. Since his introduction, his charming & sophisticated voice has captured millions of hearts worldwide.

Whether it is his philosophical musings or witty remarks, his voice remains integral to the fans' charm. In this article, let's learn about Brian Griffin, his unique voice, and the talent behind it, along with the cutting-edge AI tool to mimic his voice.

Who is Brian Griffin?

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is a fictional character and a member of the Griffin family. He is an anthropomorphic white Labrador retriever with a remarkable blend of intellect, elegance, and humour. Despite his doggie nature, this pet shows human-like characteristics, like speaking fluently and engaging in complex conversations on various topics.

Throughout the series, he emerges as a multifaceted character with various interests, from literature and philosophy to politics and social issues. He often serves as the voice of reason amidst the chaos of the Griffin family, offering insightful commentary and moral guidance to his human companions.

His aspirations further enrich his character beyond his pet existence, such as his ambition to become a successful writer. Despite occasional setbacks and flaws, including his struggles with alcoholism and relationships, Brian remains an integral part of the Family Guy universe, endearing himself to audiences with his wit, charm, and unwavering loyalty to his family and friends. In terms of appearance, he is a white-coloured, good-looking pet with a red collar and a gold pendant. Plus, the Brian Griffin teeth are white, shiny, and a little outside the mouth.

However, the unforgettable thing is his distinctive voice, which brings depth and authenticity to this iconic anime figure. Lastly, you can see Brian Griffin dying in Season 12 and Episode 6 of Family Guy, "Life of Brian" (November 2013).

Who Voices Brian Griffin?

Who Voices Brian Griffin

People often inquire about who is the voice of Brian Griffin. The immensely talented Seth MacFarlane voices this anthropomorphic dog. Along with his voice acting, he serves as the creator, writer, and producer of The Family Guy. He offers smooth and eloquent delivery for Brian, thus perfectly portraying the witticism and sophistication of this character.

His vocal performance as Brian is a testament to his versatility. He adds personality, charm, and depth to this character, making this character resonate with audiences worldwide. Brian emerges as one of the most iconic and beloved characters through his voice acting.

His creative vision and comedic genius continue to captivate audiences. This led his fans to create the Brian Griffin memes, thus making this character a cultural phenomenon. Beyond his role as Brian Griffin, his contributions to The Family Guy have been instrumental in shaping the show's success and enduring popularity.

How to Sound Like Brian Griffin Voice in Real-time

HitPaw AI Voice Changer boasts advanced artificial intelligence technology to offer unparalleled capabilities for voice transformation. It assists you in effortlessly changing your voice in real time.

You can explore various voice and sound effects for voice modulation. However, Brian Griffin voice effects will be available soon. You can also access customisable settings to easily adjust pitch, volume, and timbre for personalised output.

Furthermore, it is compatible with various devices and platforms, ensuring seamless integration into your creative projects. Whether recording podcasts, creating videos or having fun with friends, you can enjoy endless opportunities for exploration and experimentation in new and exciting ways. You can even preview the voice output before downloading.


  • Available for both Windows and Mac users
  • Offer user-friendly interface, quick setup, and easy navigation
  • Instantly modify your voice to replicate the unique Brian Griffin voice
  • High quality and natural effects for real-time voice transformation
  • Adjust pitch and timbre to achieve the perfect Brian Griffin impression

Click Now & Check How to Change Your Voice in Real-Time

Step 1. Select Input and Output

Select Input and Output

The first step is to launch this software and click "Settings." Expand the drop-down menus for "Input" and "Output" and select the sources.

Detect Manual Sources

Sometimes, you may connect a manual source, which requires tapping the refresh icon to show. But if it doesn't appear, hit the "Detect" button.

Microphone and Speaker

Now, check the colour of "Choose your Microphone" and "Choose your Speaker." If these are green, go ahead.

Step 2. Choose Voice or Sound Effect

Select Voice Effect

Secondly, press the "Real-time Voice" section to explore different voice effects. Scroll down to check various categories and click the desired one to apply.

Step 3. Change the Global Settings

Change Global Settings

Check the bottom of the Window from where you can turn on or off the "Voice changer," "Hear myself," and "Noise reduction" features according to your preferences.

Step 4. Adjust the Voice Settings

Adjust Voice Settings

Once any voice effect is applied, you can see the small panel on the right side. You can change the "Pitch," "Timbre," and "Volume" to achieve the desired output. That's all. Start changing your voice on Google Meet, Twitch, Discord, and other platforms.

FAQs about Brian Griffin

Q1. How old is Brian Griffin?

A1. The age of Brian Griffin is not mentioned in the series. He is portrayed as a mature and intellectually sophisticated pet but cynical and world-weary.

Q2. What breed is Brian Griffin?

A2. Brian Griffin is depicted as a white Labrador Retriever in The Family Guy show.

Q3. How did Family Guy Brian Griffin get dead?

A3. Brian Griffin death happened in a tragic accident, succumbing to injuries after being struck by a car when he was going to play hockey with Stewie.


Brian Griffin voice remains an iconic element of The Family Guy success. For entertainment or creative endeavours, sounding like this character has never been more accessible. But fans can replicate his voice effortlessly with advanced AI tools like HitPaw AI Voice Changer.

This software is worth trying for an unparalleled experience in voice transformation. Start channelling your inner Brian Griffin and elevate your voice game to new heights!

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