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Lowest Female Singing Voice: Contralto

In some choirs, many women are called altos even if they actually have higher-pitched voices like mezzo-sopranos/sopranos. This happens because there aren't enough true altos. But it can cause many problems for young girls. They start singing lower than their natural range. And in this way they get hurt their voices permanently. Contralto is the lowest female singing voice.

In a choir, contraltos sing a lower melody. This supports the higher melody sung by the sopranos. This doesn't mean that contraltos are not very important. Actually, the music can sound incomplete without the harmonies they provide. Moreover, there are very few true contraltos. These contraltos have a better chance of getting solos or doing well in auditions compared to sopranos. In this article, we will discuss the 10 female Contraltos voices.

female singing voice

Top 10 Lowest Female Singing Voice

Below are the 10 low female voice which you like to learn about:

1- Dame Clara Butt

Clara Butt is a powerful contralto singer. She was one of the most famous singers for over 30 years. She started from the early 1890s to the mid-1920s. She is also famous because she can sing with agility. She had an impressive stage presence, standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches.

Clara Butt left a lasting impression on many people. George Bernard Shaw was very impressed with her, and he already saw her talent and predicted her successful career. She also performed at the Norwich Festival.

2- Kathleen Ferrier

Kathleen was Born in Lancashire, Ferrier. Her career was as a skilled pianist. She earned victories at various festivals & competitions. However, it wasn't until she was around 25 years old that she started taking singing seriously. She won first prize at the Carlisle Festival. After this award, she started receiving offers for professional singing engagements.

She had a natural contralto voice with a rich, full sound from her young age. Her career started to soar when conductor Malcolm Sargent suggested her to a concert management agency. After some years of consistent performances in concerts & recordings, she gained much popularity. Then, she made her stage debut at Glyndebourne in Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia.

3- Maureen Forrester

Maureen Forrester was a famous opera singer known for her deep, rich voice. She became famous when she was just 20 years old. She sang an amazing song called 'Ombra mai fu' in a radio competition in Canada. This song is from Handel's opera called Xerxes. When she introduced herself on the radio, she humorously said she was a 'starving musician'. This means she was struggling financially as a musician.

4- Marian Anderson

Anderson had an exceptionally warm and deep voice. She also faced discrimination. She was denied entry to the Philadelphia Music Academy just because she was black. But she never decided to give up. By the way, she started taking singing classes with Giuseppe Boghetti.

Finally, won a competition in 1925 held by the New York Philharmonic. Her prize was the chance to perform with the orchestra. Both critics & audiences loved her, she said. Three years later, she sang at Carnegie Hall. 

5- Nathalie Stutzmann

In 1985, French contralto Nathalie Stutzmann started her career by singing in Bach's Magnificat at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. And she got a lot of popularity, especially for singing French art songs & German lieder.

6- Claudia Huckle

Huckle has a deep and rich voice.  Even when she sings low notes, she has a lot of power. Claudia Huckle's voice sounds warm, lovely and rounded. She was born in England. She got her training at the Royal College of Music in London and the New England Conservatory. Initially, she used to perform as a street musician in Italy and at Covent Garden.

In 2015, she had her first performance at the Royal Opera House.  In the Royal Opera House, she played the role of the third lady in Mozart's Magic Flute. 

lowest female voice

7- Lindsay Ammann

Ammann is an American singer who lives in Germany. Ammann sings with the Stuttgart Opera. She has a deep & strong voice. Her voice is very rare for female singers nowadays but necessary for a true contralto. Here is an interesting thing: she got all her singing training at a regular university, not a special music school.

8- Hilary Summers

Welsh contralto Hilary Summers is most famous for lending her voice to some big movie soundtracks.  For example, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Libertine.

Moreover, Hilary has recorded over forty albums. She covered music from the early Baroque era to contemporary pieces. She has also performed in many renowned concert halls.

9- Ewa Podles

Polish singer Podleś is a seasoned contralto with a unique voice. Her voice shines brightest in its lower range. When she sings, her voice becomes stronger the lower it goes. This gives her voice a special depth & resonance.

10- Marie-Nicole Lemieux

Lemieux is from Canada. She has an incredible voice. Her voice is full of warmth and is flexible and strong. People often call her a coloratura singer. This means she can sing high notes with lots of agility. But she also has some qualities of a dramatic contralto, which is a deeper voice.

What is a Female Voice Lower than Contralto?

The contralto, or alto, is the lowest female voice type. Sometimes, in choirs & music groups, women are labelled as altos even though their voices are actually mezzo-soprano or soprano. There is no lower voice than Contralto, as it is one of the lowest voices. 

What is the range of a contralto female?

The usual range for a contralto is from the note E3 to the note F5. 

range of a contralto female

How High can Contralto Sing?

Contraltos usually sing higher notes in their chest voice, even up to F4. This is relatively high. Their upper range typically extends from E-flat-5 to B-flat-6. While some contraltos can hit a high C, it's rare.

How to Make Your Voice Low?

Do you want to lower your voice like contraltos, which is the lowest female singing voice? We have an amazing solution for you. You can choose a good voice changer and make your voice lower. HitPaw Voice Changer is our recommendation. You can lower your voice with this software and use it in the game while playing with your friends. Here the steps to use HitPaw voice changer to make your voice lower or higher.

HitPaw Voice Changer's Features

HitPaw Voice Changer is a mind-blowing software as it is different from all other voice changers due to its unique features. It has the following features:

  • Straightforward & User-friendly interface.
  • Can modify your voice to any personality & celebrity.
  • Integrates with streaming platforms.
  • Produces a human-like Voice with few clicks.

How to Use HitPaw Voice Changer?

  • Download the HitPaw Voice Changer quickly and install it.
  • Open the app of HitPaw Voice Changer.
  • Go to settings.
  • From the settings menu, select output & input devices.
  • voice changer setting
  • Pick your favourite voice effect. For example, you want to lower or Higer the voice.
  • voice changer setting
  • Then, Activate the voice changer feature. Find the buttons of "Hear-Myself" and adjust your volume as you want.
  • activate the voice changer feature
  • Now it is done you can low or high your voice pitch with it.


So, you might have learned everything about Contralto (the lowest female singing voice) and the most famous lowest-voice singers. You can also turn your voice low like a Contralto. For this, you need a good voice changer. We highly recommend you to go and choose HitPaw Voice Changer. Due to this software, you can transform your voice like a Contralto and into any character’s voice. 

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