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Discover The Top 6 Stormtrooper Helmet Voice Changers

Do you know a Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer can modify your voice into your favorite character?

Star Wars series is one of those movies & shows with a huge fan base worldwide. Though this includes impressive heroes and villains, Stormtrooper is the most beloved character. So following the trend of changing your voices to favorite characters, Star Wars fans also look toward Storm Trooper Voice Changer for fun on chatting and streaming platforms.

Since finding a voice changer that offers the Storm Trooper Helmet effect is challenging, here are the top offline and online options. Let’s begin!

Part 1. What is Storm Trooper Helmet&Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer?

What is Storm Trooper Helmet

Storm Trooper helmet has a communicator, a single power cell broadband communication antenna, two artificial air supply hoses, and an audio pick-up. It also contains an in-built filtration system for a breathable atmosphere.

With its motion sensors, the Stormtrooper can detect an enemy soldier. The unique thing about this is the fans love the fantastic voice of the Stormtrooper while wearing this helmet.

But don’t worry; this helmet is available on Amazon as Storm Trooper Voice Changer for ages 8 and up. Being a part of the Black series collection, this electronic device offers collector-grade quality. Using this helmet, you can change your voice to Imperial Stormtrooper.

Part 2. Top 6 Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changers For PC/Mac

Technological advancements have made it easier to change your voice on various communication and streaming sites. Below are the 6 best Storm Trooper Helemt Voice Changer for PC or Mac users with the pros, cons, and pricing plans:

Top 1. Best Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

Best Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

HitPaw Voice Changer is the leading one on the Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer list. Since it offers various magical sound effects, you can easily find and apply the Stormtrooper effect. Whether you are a live streamer, vTuber, gameplay, or content creator, this real-time voice modifier is ideal. This is because of its capability to integrate will all popular platforms.

Working over cutting-edge AI algorithms, achieving natural, lifelike voices became possible. Also, you can access its noise reduction and keybinds control feature. Even it lets you adjust the volume and pitch of the resulting voice. Not only will you get easy & quick processing but also high-quality output.

Top 2. Voicemod

Voicemod Stormtrooper Voice Changing Helmet

Pricing: $18 per year, $12 per quarter, $45 for a lifetime

If you want to add customized effects to your voice on various desktop software, Voicemod is the ultimate solution. It does not only help you produce voice avatars but also voices skin for metaverse and multiverse platforms. You can add your effects to the sound effect library.

Moreover, this voice changer offers various options to quickly customize the Stormtrooper helmet voice and other AI voices. Even you can edit the voices as desired.

  • Provide voices of male, female, ghost, scream, etc.
  • Help you set up a voice modulator in just 5 minutes
  • Let you upload voice input in WAV and MP3 format
  • Offer limited functionalities in the free plan
  • Unable to work with unstable network connection

Top 3. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Strom Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

Pricing: Free

Clownfish Voice Changer is the most user-friendly software with attractive features. Though you can pick the available effects, i.e., robot, baby pitch, atari, etc., it allows you to create personalized sound effects like Stormtrooper sound effects. However, you need to use the microphone or another capture device.

Along with supporting popular platforms, this Storm Trooper Helmet voice changer provides a music player with audio control features and an amazing playlist.

  • Work as a background music player
  • Assist you in converting text to speech
  • Produce static voice effects using the VST plugin
  • Work only on Windows
  • Offer only a few voice effects

Top 4. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Stormtrooper Helmet Voice Changer

Pricing: $34.99 (Home Use), $39.95 (Commercial License), $3.33/mon (Commercial License Quarterly Plan)

Whether you want to change or customize your voice on any app or game with an audio input device, Voxal Voice Changer must be your way. It helps you make unlimited custom voice effects using source files during live recording or streaming.

From girl to jellyfish to alien, this Stormtrooper Helmet voice changer offers a wide range of voice-changing options. You can also create character voices for audiobooks.

  • Compatible with existing gaming platforms
  • Help you with voice distortion and amplification
  • Offer hotkeys to control voice change
  • Come up with an outdated interface
  • A little complex for beginners

Top 5. Murf AI Voice Changer

Murf AI Voice Changer

Pricing: Free, $19 (Basic), $26 (Pro), $99 (Enterprise)

Murf AI Voice Changer is a remarkable software for modifying your voice to the Storm Trooper Helmet effect. Due to its AI technology-based processing, you can achieve studio-quality voiceovers. It offers over 120 text-to-speech voices in more than 20 languages.

In addition, you can play with the speed, emphasis, interjections, and pitch of the Stormtrooper helmet effect. Simply, it is suitable for those who need high-quality voice conversion.

  • Help you edit the voice quality
  • Let you remove pauses from the recordings
  • Record sound without any background voice
  • Record only 10 min in the free version
  • Need you to upgrade for advanced features

Top 6.

Voiceai Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

Pricing: Free is a real-time AI voice changer that lets you access the universe of limitless voices. You can create a unique vocal identity on your favorite games. Since it is compatible with multiple platforms, you can also use it while streaming.

Also, its robotic sound quality helps you change your voice recordings easily. Even you can effortlessly make your soundboard by compiling all the customized sound effects and recordings.

  • Offer cutting-edge technology with intuitive UI
  • Help you add personalized sound effects
  • Provide easy setup with high performance
  • It does not offer the voice cloning feature
  • Beginners may find it complex to function

Part 3. Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changers Online

Not everyone likes to download software on their system, so here are the key features and pricing of the several online Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer:


MyVoiceMod Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

Pricing: Free

MyVoiceMod is a leading online tool to offer fantastic voice changing effects. With a simple user interface, it is easy to operate for both beginners and professionals. You can also record sound via microphone or upload audio to apply the amazing voice effects.

It provides you with a range of options, including robotic, fast, evil, space, megaphone, etc. Even you can customize the effect if required. Lastly, it lets you preview the output file before downloading.


Voicechanger Stormtrooper Helmet

Pricing: Free

If you are looking for a high-quality user experience, is the best solution. This voice changer offers more than 50 unique voice effects, along with the option to create a customized voice, such as the Stormtrooper helmet voice effect.

It helps you change your voice to various characters. Furthermore, you can import your recording or record with the microphone to modify your voice. Even the feature of generating speech from text is possible.

3. Lingojam

Lingojam Stormtrooper Voice Changing Helmet

Pricing: Free

Lingojam is a basic choice for users who wish to convert text to a robotic effect. This voice changer requires you to enter the text and hit the Speak button to listen to the effect. You can save the voiceover to your device using the download button.

Also, it provides you the option to change the speed and pitch of the output file. You can even generate random sentences to check the sample beforehand.

Part 4. FAQs of Storm Trooper Helmet Voice Changer

Q1. Can Vader breathe without his helmet?

A1. No, Darth Vader is unable to breathe without his helmet. It’s because his helmet is connected to a life support system. He can only breathe without this mask in a controlled environment during meditation. Also, it’s the time when he can eat properly.

Q2. How much is an original Stormtrooper helmet worth?

A2. According to the news of The Hollywood Reporter, a prototype Imperial Stormtrooper helmet from 1976 is on sale, expected to fetch between $35K to $70K at the Star Wars auction. The iconic Darth Vader mask from “The Empire Strikes Back” was sold for $900K in September 2019.

Q3. Can you buy a Stormtrooper helmet at Disneyland?

A3. Yes, you can buy a Stormtrooper helmet at Disneyland from shopDisney. This shop has a shipment of First Order Stormtrooper helmets offering various sound and voice changing effects. This electronic helmet is capable of making your imperial dreams a reality.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, multiple Storm Trooper Helmet Voice changer are available in the market. The above guide has discussed the 9 efficient offline and online ones with their functionalities, pricing, pros, and cons. So, look at these to choose the one that fits your demands.

However, HitPaw Voice Changer is a superb Stormtrooper Helmet voice changing software. While changing voices, it also removes the echo and noise, bringing clear output. So why not give it a try?

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