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How to Use Speed Ramping in Adobe Premiere Pro in 2023

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-02-02

Suppose you're wondering about the ways to speed ramp Premiere. In that case, we assure you it's not difficult to implement. Instead, speed ramping on Premiere is pretty easy; many people opt for Premiere to speed ramp the video. However, speed ramping requires you to do something unique to make things look creative for you. We'll walk you through the easy guide to speed ramp on Premiere Pro and give you pretty valuable tips that might be useful for you going forward.

Part 1: What Is Speed Ramping?

Before knowing how to speed ramp Premiere, you'll need to know about it. You can assume a speed as a way to accelerate or decelerate a video clip. Unlike abrupt shifting in speed, a speed ramp tends to establish a clean transition between two completely different speeds. We'll implement speed ramping, and then you'll be able to understand it more appropriately.

Part 2: How to Make A Speed Ramping Premiere Pro?

Suppose you're looking to speed ramp Premiere 2021. In that case, you don't need to feel confused about it, as Premiere Pro has made everything pretty easy. You'll only need to follow a couple of simple steps to serve your purpose.

Here's how to speed ramp Premiere Pro.

Step 01First, you'll need to launch Premiere and create a new project. Next, you'll need to upload the video you'd like to speed ramp. You can click and drag your video into the project window.

speed ramp premiere pro

Step 02After dragging the video to Premiere Pro's timeline, you'll need to select a moment where you intend to implement the speed ramp. The movement will be essential if you're looking for a satisfying speed ramp. Hence, it would help if you were looking to opt for a highly dynamic moment.

You can isolate the videos in numerous ways in Premiere Pro. Now, you'll need to use Command+K or Razor blade tool to cut or split the video clip into pieces.

However, if you're up to speed ramp more than once, you don't split the video. You can do it with keyframes.

Step 03Now, we'll create keyframes. But, you'll need to ensure that the keyframes you're creating are visible. To begin, you'll need to right-click on your clip and select Show Clip Keyframes. Next, you'll only need to select speed after hitting "Time Remapping".

You can select the pen or simply press the P key and tap the white line running on your video to create a keyframe.

For creating a speed ramp, you'll need to maintain at least two keyframes. The first keyframe will help you begin the speed ramp; the other is crucial for ending the ramp.

You can also use additional keyframes to make more complicated speed ramps. After putting the keyframes where you intend, you'll navigate to the selection tool. You can use the hotkey "V" to do it.

premiere speed ramp

Step 04After creating the keyframes, you'll need to start adjusting the speed of your video. Premiere Pro makes it extremely easy to ramp the video.

You'll find you only need to tap white line icons between the keyframes you've had. You can push the white line up to increase the speed of your video and move them down to decrease the speed of the video.

That's all you need to do to adjust the speed of your video. However, you'll still need to do more to make the speed ramp more smooth and efficient.

You'll need to tap and drag the keyframe marker's one side using the selection tool. This process will help you spread out the frame number that the video's speed transition occurs over. The more you space out a couple of halves of the keyframe, the longer your speed ramp will be.

After doing the same thing to other keyframes, your speed ramp will be completed.

There are multiple ways to speed ramp Premiere Pro, and you can experiment with many things to create a creative speed ramp using Keyframes.

adobe premiere ramp speed

Part 3: Best Alternative of Premiere Pro to Make Speed Ramps Quickly

Opting for ramp speed Premiere Pro isn't bad; you should do it when you want. However, the issue is that newcomers might find it hard to understand the Adobe Premiere speed ramp. Hence, looking for an alternative makes complete sense.

Why would you waste your time searching for a video when you've got HitPaw Edimakor up in the sleeves?

It is a gigantic video editor with fantastic features to make your video flawless. Using this tool, you can easily alter the video's playback speed. Making speed ramps in this video editor won't be a big deal. It helps you create different nodes to establish different speeds for all the sections simultaneously. On top of that, this video editor offers a breathtaking yet straightforward user interface.

1. Features of HitPaw Edimakor:

  • 1

    It allows you to adjust the video's speed in a single click.

  • 2

    HitPaw Edimakor won't compromise the video quality when editing the video for you.

  • 3

    It offers unbelievable editing options, including transitions, Picture-in-Picture, themes, text, and many more.

  • 4

    HitPaw Edimakor comes with a pretty intuitive user interface.

2. How to Speed Ramp in HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw makes speed ramping so easy! Here's how to speed ramping in HitPaw Edimakor.

Step 01Click the button to download this program here. Or visit the official webpage of HitPaw, you'll need to install HitPaw Edimakor and start the program afterward to begin the proceedings.

Step 02In this phase, you'll only need to press the "+" icon to upload your video and drop the video to the editor's timeline afterward.

adobe premiere speed ramp

Step 03Doing Adobe Premiere ramp speed might be a bit difficult for beginners. But, HitPaw Edimakor makes things look reasonably simple for you. If you want to make a speed ramp on HitPaw Edimakor, you'll need to tap on the "Speed" icon and then choose to speed ramping. Next, you can customize the video's speed from the right side. After doing it, you can perform other operations on your video if you want.

speed ramp premiere pro 2021

Step 04After getting the things done, you'll need to tap the "Export" icon to start downloading the video.

how to speed ramp in premiere pro 2020

Final Thought

Although speed ramping on Premiere isn't difficult, you still need to gather valuable tips and knowledge to make the speed ramp Premiere Pro effective and breathtaking. Apart from using Premiere Pro, you can also opt for HitPaw Edimakor to speed ramp in Premiere Pro. It is a fascinating video editor that helps you quickly perform multiple video activities on your video clip.

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