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Top 15 Microsoft Video Editors for Windows in 2024🔥🔥

Windows offered direct video editing services to some extent, but these were discontinued in the latest versions. However, this led to the creation of various Windows video editor tools that helped create compelling videos. In this article, we will consult the best Microsoft video editors for Windows, which can be put to efficient use.

Part 1. 15 Best Microsoft Video Editors to Create Videos on Windows

We've listed down the top video editors on Microsoft that provide an effective environment for creating videos of high quality as follows:

1. HitPaw Edimakor

HitPaw Edimakor offers plenty of features like watermark removal, screen recording, object remover, and other video editing features. With AI-powered proficiency, it makes video editing tasks more comprehensible. This video editor offers cross-platform compatibility, making it an ideal choice for a video editor in Windows 10.

edimakor windows video editor

Key Features

  • 1.The AI-powered editing features streamline video editing tasks with smart trim, cut, and merge features.
  • 2.You can access an exhaustive media collection, including videos, images, and sounds.
  • 3.The Text-to-Subtitle conversion feature lets users refine the subtitle creation process.
  • 4.Enhance your design work by seamlessly removing backgrounds from images.
  • The AI-generated script provides a structure for the scriptwriting of your videos.
  • Dynamic effects, animations, and text styles help in producing outstanding videos.
  • The AI smart cutout feature helps remove objects from images to change backgrounds.
  • You are provided with a watermarked video in the output.

2. Clipchamp

This video editing software for Windows comes with multi-track editing with recording utilities. Furthermore, you can create interesting visual content using a variety of enhancement tools.

clipchamp video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.The comprehensive recording tools provide different recording modes.
  • 2.Speech-to-text technology lets you create explicit captions for videos in over 80 languages.
  • 3.AI-generated videos can be generated by uploading the media files and choosing a video style.
  • Conveniently replace the background of your video with various effects.
  • Convert any clip into a GIF with its GIF maker.
  • Many features, like 4K resolution quality, require a paid subscription.

3. OpenShot Video Editor

This is an open-source video editing platform for Windows that provides a platform for editing and creating videos. This editing software offers a decent solution for basic video editing needs.

openshot video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.It allows flexibility and accessibility for users across different platforms.
  • 2.The advanced timeline has features like drag and drop, panning, scrolling, and snapping.
  • 3.The 3D animation framework enables users to create unlimited video animations.
  • Unlimited layers of audio, videos, and images can be created in a project.
  • Allows users to write and read most media content in various formats.
  • Rendering and exporting videos takes more time than other Windows video editors.

4. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is a multi-functional, affordable, and good video editor for Windows. It offers advanced features like picture-in-picture, split-screen color wheel, and 360 VR.

vsdc video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.It is a non-linear editing tool that lets users combine videos and images in any sequence.
  • 2.Uses Chroma Key to enable users to add another image to their background.
  • 3.The motion tracking feature helps in tracking the movement of an element.
  • VSDC Video Editor can record real-time voice-overs.
  • Shaky videos and jitters can be stabilized with this tool without any special equipment.
  • No full-screen video preview can halt the editing experience.

5. Shotcut

With wide formatting support, Shotcut is a versatile choice for video editing software for Windows 10. It is a cross-platform, open-source platform that caters to the needs of video editors.

shotcut video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.Provides the option of a clip reversal tool and adjusts the speed of video and audio clips.
  • 2.Shotcut provides a wide range of effect filters like spot remover, noise reducer, scale, and rotate saturation.
  • 3.Has a set of tools for audio enhancement, including a tone generator, volume control, audio scope, and track mixer.
  • The users can have precise control over navigation and playback.
  • The native timeline editing interface of Shotcut does not require any file imports.
  • This tool does not provide extensive support for 3D editing.

6. BeeCut

BeeCut is one of the simplest Windows video editor Windows10 designed to meet the needs. It offers video editing tools that include transitions, filters, text overlays, and more.

beecut video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.BeeCut offers a diverse assortment of enhancements for creativity.
  • 2.It supports various aspect ratios like 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, and 4:3.
  • 3.Provides an enormous range of visual effects, including fine-tuning, speed ramping, and video stabilization.
  • Allows cutting and trimming of video content to achieve the desired length.
  • Enables users to split and merge video clips for seamless editing.
  • This software has limited editing features for professional content.

7. AVS Video Editor

This software is a versatile Microsoft video editor that lets you create and edit videos. From template customization to brand overlay, it provides you with various video editing features.

avs video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.The audio elements can be seamlessly added to your videos as it lets you capture audio directly.
  • 2.Integration of images into the videos from the image library is convenient.
  • 3.It provides support for a wide range of multimedia formats.
  • Allows editors to add annotations to their videos.
  • It empowers users with drag-and-drop functionality for convenient workflow.
  • Offers limited effects customization, creating disruption in the video editing process.

8. MiniTool MovieMaker

This feature-rich Windows video editor is designed for users who do not have prior video editing experience. It provides you with essential editing tools for creating slideshows, videos, and presentations.

minitool moviemaker video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.You can include text overlays, captions, and titles to make comprehensive videos.
  • 2.With the fast-forward and slow-motion effects, you can adjust the clip's playback speed.
  • 3.This tool can export final videos in various formats for sharing.
  • The predefined templates accelerate the video editing process.
  • It supports importing media files in various formats.
  • The exported videos have a watermark in the free version.

9. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio empowers users to perform basic video editing tasks in an HD video editing environment. Its creative face effects and animated stickers make it a good video editing software for Windows.

corel videostudio video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.This tool offers accurate splitting, merging, trimming, and cutting video clips.
  • 2.Editing and synchronizing videos simultaneously from multiple cameras is convenient.
  • 3.You can burn your edited videos to Blu-Ray discs or DVDs.
  • Offers color grading and face indexing for professional editing.
  • It records your computer screen with the audio.
  • The free version provides very limited editing options.


This video editing software can cater to the most challenging video projects with basic editing features. EDIUS X lets you edit high-resolution, clear videos that look amazing on big screens.

edius x video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.EDIUS X has a flexible modular design allows users to tailor its outlook.
  • 2.This tool provides an extensive level of customization for creating and editing videos like professionals.
  • 3.It enables simultaneous editing of multiple videos by providing a non-linear editing process.
  • No need for time-consuming rendering as EDIUS X provides real-time editing.
  • Offers advanced color grading tools to make your video look refreshing.
  • Reported multiple times for being a buggy video editor.

11. VideoProc Vlogger

This Windows video editor tool caters to vloggers by allowing them to create 4K cinematic video content. The intuitive interface makes it captivating for beginners as well as professionals.

videoproc vlogger video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.VideoProc Vlogger offers advanced camera motion effects like rolls and tilts.
  • 2.With the automatic keyframes, adjust the speed of your video without splitting it into segments.
  • 3.Set a professional touch on the video with its color grading and correction tool.
  • Set video speeds with 20 different presets available.
  • This tool also provides features like noise reduction and grain removal.
  • You might need powerful hardware to ensure the smooth running of this software.

12. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a robust video editing software for Windows that offers professional-grade video editing capabilities. It meets a wide range of video editing needs like voice changing and animated text.

powerdirector video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.With the AI Body Effect, you can add excellent effects to auto-wrap the body contour.
  • 2.The easy-to-use blending tools help to give your visual content an artistic touch.
  • 3.The moving objects can be automatically detected by adding graphics or text.
  • Offers a fast-rendering speed that makes the editing process smoother.
  • You can add transitions by simply dragging and dropping the effects.
  • You must have a high-end processing system as it is heavy-duty software.

13. Kdenlive

It is an open-source video editing software for Windows 10, offering a variety of effects and compositions. From Audio/Video effects to customization shortcuts, it provides all the features needed to create visual content.

kdenlive video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.Edit previews while modifying the clip with Kdenlive's real-time preview feature.
  • 2.Multiple audio and videos can be added simultaneously while locking or muting a specific clip.
  • 3.It lets you create dynamic visuals with keyframe animation.
  • Kdenlive is an open-source software, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • It supports multi-track editing to get a hold of complex video projects.
  • It might be challenging for beginners to use it because of complex editing operations.

14. CapCut

CapCut is a widely used, popular Windows video editing software, Windows 10, offering a range of powerful tools for editing videos.

capcut video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.Utilize the predefined templates to create trending videos.
  • 2.It offers a huge library of audio tracks and sound effects.
  • 3.The auto-captioning tool accurately generates the caption for your visual content.
  • With 3D Zoom effects, users can give their video a creative touch.
  • It offers users to adjust the frame rate and resolution of the video.
  • Does not provide any diverse AI-integrated features for editing.

15. VN Video Editor

With comprehensive editing features like cropping, trimming, keyframe animation, and effects, this tool provides a versatile interface to create compelling and interesting videos.

vn video editor windows

Key Features

  • 1.VN Video Editor provides flexibility by allowing cross-platform collaboration.
  • 2.Incredible features to customize the music, sound effects, and texts to enhance creativity.
  • 3.The keyframe feature enables users to enhance the visual appeal of their content.
  • VN Video Editor enables you to export videos without adding a watermark.
  • This program is best for creating short videos.
  • Users cannot extensively modify the audio added to the video clips.

Part 2. Comparison Table Between These 15 Windows Video Editor

We have discussed a complete overview of all 15 Windows Video Editors; now mentioned below is the comparison table that can assist you in opting for the best video editor for Windows:

Program Pricing AI Features Effects and Resources
HitPaw Edimakor $19.95-$69.95
  • AI Script Generator
  • AI Subtitle Generator
  • AI Cutout
  • AI Audio Editor
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Speech-to-Text
Clipchamp $11.99
  • AI Video Editor
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Auto Captions
  • Speaker Coach
  • Silence Removal
OpenShot Free None Basic
VSDC $30 None Moderate
Shotcut Free None Basic
BeeCut $29.95-$59.95 None Basic
AVS Video Editor $49-$79 None Basic
MiniTool MovieMaker $12.99-$59.99 None Extensive
Corel VideoStudio $79.99-$99.99
  • AI Highlight Reel
  • Audio Ducking
EDIUS X Free None Moderate
VideoProc Vlogger Free None Moderate
PowerDirector $54.99-$139.99
  • AI Auto Face Blur
  • AI Anime Video Effect
  • AI Background Remover
  • AI Body Effects
  • AI Object Detection
  • AI Sky Replacement
  • AI Motion Tracking
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Sticker Maker
  • Speech-to-Text
  • AI Voice Changer
  • AI Audio Denoise
  • AI Speech Enhancement
  • AI Wind Removal
  • AI DeReverb
Kdenlive Free None Basic
CapCut Free
  • Script to Video
  • Long Video To Shorts
  • Product URL to Ads
  • Clips to Video
  • Auto Captions
  • AI Transcript
  • Auto Lyrics
VN Video Editor Free None Moderate

Part 3. FAQs About Video Editor on Microsoft

Q1. Does Microsoft have a video editor?

A1. Yes, Clipchamp is a Microsoft video editor used by many users who want to create and edit captivating videos.

Q2. Is the Windows video editor still available?

A2. The Windows video editor is no longer available. However, Microsoft has introduced a new video editing solution called Clipchamp.

Q3. What is the best video editor for Windows?

A3. The best video editing software for Windows is undoubtedly HitPaw Edimakor, as it provides an intuitive interface to edit videos like a pro.


The above-listed Windows video editors ensure that users can discover the video editing software that best suits their requirements. HitPaw Edimakor is unquestionably the best editing software for Windows. With these tools available, Windows users can create and modify compelling video content for their creative endeavors.

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