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Is Hidive Worth It? Hidive vs Crunchyroll Full Comparison

In today’s world, Hidive and Crunchyroll are among the leading anime streaming services. They both aim at allowing legal streaming of anime shows online thus having large content libraries that are specifically designed for anime fanatics and cost-effective pricing models. However, if you’re about to subscribe to any of these services, it is important to take into account some key differences between them.

To establish which service could be more preferable based on the personal preferences of users, this review will discuss these two platforms in terms of their content libraries; pricing and plans; availability on different devices; the possibility of using subtitles or dubs; finally, we’ll speak about customers’ experience in general.

Part 1: Anime Streaming Services - Hidive and Crunchyroll

1. What is Hidive?


Hidive is an anime streaming platform owned by Sentai Filmworks dedicated exclusively to providing anime content to online fans, especially movies and series. Since its establishment in 2017, the service has increased its range of items with over 500 episodes and more than 100 films ready for streaming.

The platform’s intention is to satisfy animation enthusiasts; hence most of its collections are simulcasts, which are animes that air new episodes within a short period after their original broadcasting on Japanese screens. This allows viewers quicker access to the latest anime. Hidive also licenses older and classic anime series to stream. Their library spans popular contemporary titles as well as lesser-known and niche series.

In terms of availability, Hidive anime can be accessed via apps on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as on a number of media streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. It also has apps for gaming consoles and Smart TVs.

2. What is Crunchyroll?


Crunchyroll is one of the world's most popular anime streaming platforms, with over 5 million paying subscribers globally. Founded in 1994, it provides on-demand streaming access to one of the largest anime libraries with over 1,500 series and over 30,000 episodes.

Like Hidive, Crunchyroll focuses heavily on simulcasting the latest anime directly from Japan. New episodes go live on the platform within an hour of airing in Japan. Crunchyroll also licenses older anime series to add to its extensive back catalog. The service offers content across genres like action, adventure, drama, comedy, slice-of-life, etc.

In terms of availability, Crunchyroll can be accessed via web browsers, mobile apps (iOS, Android), media streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV), gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox), and Smart TVs. This wide device support makes its content very accessible.

Part 2: Hidive vs Crunchyroll: Which is the Best Place to Watch Anime

For anime streaming services, Hidive and Crunchyroll dominate the market. The best choice between the two depends on such factors as content library, pricing models, platform availability, subtitle options, and overall user experience. Each of these aspects is explained in this review.

1. Hidive vs Crunchyroll: Anime Library

Crunchyroll has a clear advantage when it comes to the size of its anime catalog, with over 1,500 shows comprising over 30,000 episodes. This includes a strong mix of all genres - action, adventure, drama, comedy, slice-of-life, etc. They lead the industry in simulcasts - airing new episodes shortly after they are released in Japan.

Hidive's library sits at over 500 anime series and over 100 films. While smaller, they have been rapidly ramping up licenses. Their focus lies more with classic anime and niche, lesser-known titles. For hardcore anime fans who have already seen popular shows, Hidive may provide something new. But Crunchyroll wins in terms of sheer content quantity and variety.

2. Hidive vs Crunchyroll: Subscription

An Hidive subscription costs $4.99 USD per month. This allows unlimited streaming in HD quality. In contrast, a Crunchyroll premium subscription runs at $7.99 per month, although they offer lower tiers, too.

However, you can see a substantial free, ad-supported tier in Crunchyroll subscription, whereas Hidive requires payment. When you factor in per dollar spent, Hidive theoretically offers more content value. But Crunchyroll's lower pricing tiers and massive free library edge them out in accessibility.

3. Where to Watch Call of the Night, Hidive or Crunchyroll?

Wondering Call of the Night where to watch? Outside of Japan, Call of the Night is available exclusively through Hidive. As part of their summer 2022 simulcast lineup, Hidive streams new episodes of the anime within hours of their Japanese broadcast.

Video quality goes up to 1080p HD. So, if you want to catch this hot new vampire anime, Hidive is currently the only legal streaming option.

4. Hidive vs Crunchyroll: Compatibility

Both Hidive and Crunchyroll support playing on many devices, such as web browsers, Smart TVs, Android and iOS smartphones, and gaming consoles. Compared with Crunchyroll, Hidive doesn’t support play on Apple TV.

5. Is Oshi No Ko on Crunchyroll or Hidive?

Unfortunately, as of now, the popular rom-com Oshi No Ko is not available on Crunchyroll, but it is streaming on Hidive. Both platforms stream a number of top current anime, but Crunchyroll has not acquired rights to this one.

For now, fans will have to employ less scrupulous methods to watch the show. But with demand running high, there's a chance one of the services may license it for future streaming.

6. Is Hidive and Crunchyroll Safe?

As major platforms operated by legal businesses, Hidive and Crunchyroll utilize industry standard practices around data protection and information security. Users can feel reasonably safe providing payment details as the risk of issues like fraud is quite low.

Accessing content legally through these services poses no malware or virus risk, unlike shady piracy sites. While no data systems are ever 100% foolproof, the streaming giants have solid measures in place to address safety concerns.

Bonus Tips: Save Crunchyroll Videos and Watch Offline with HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is a versatile video software that goes beyond just format conversion. One of its most useful features for anime fans is the ability to legally download videos from streaming sites like Crunchyroll for offline viewing.

Anime fans who want the flexibility to watch Crunchyroll videos without an internet connection can hugely benefit from this software. It unlocks offline viewing and makes it easy to build your very own digital anime library.

The following are the features of the HitPaw Video Converter:
  • Crunchyroll Video Downloader - Download videos, series, seasons, or channels from Crunchyroll to watch offline.
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  • Subtitle Preservation - Keeps original subtitles when downloading Crunchyroll videos so you don't miss dialogue.
  • Fast Speed - A powerful and optimized conversion engine provides high-speed file conversion and downloading.
  • Intuitive Interface - Simple and straightforward UI makes downloading and converting Crunchyroll anime intuitive.
Here is how to save Crunchyroll videos:
  • Step 1:Download and install the HitPaw Video Converter from the official website.

  • Step 2:Open the Crunchyroll downloader module in the HitPaw Video Converter. You can browse and watch Crunchyroll anime through the built-in web player.

    crunchyroll video downloader
  • Step 3:Log into your Crunchyroll account so you can download videos of the best quality available.

    login to your account
  • Step 4:Browse the anime video or series you want to save for offline viewing and click the download button.

    browse the anime
  • Step 5:Preview and select specific seasons or episodes to download if saving a series.

    preview the seasons
  • Step 6:Choose output video resolution up to 1080p HD and select the desired audio track and subtitles.

    set output settings
  • Step 7:Click download and convert Crunchyroll anime videos, which will be saved locally as MP4 files. Videos can now be played offline without needing the internet or the Crunchyroll app.

    start downloading

FAQs about Hidive and Crunchyroll

Q1. What is the best animes on Hidive?

A1. Some of the currently streaming best and most popular anime on Hidive are Spy x Family, Call of the Night, Love Live!, Made in Abyss, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Battle Game in 5 Seconds, and Ranking of Kings. Hidive’s focus is more on simulcasting current series directly from Japan.

Q2. Where can I watch call of the night?

A2. Call of the Night is exclusively available for streaming on Hidive outside Japan. New episodes are added to the platform every week as part of their summer 2022 simulcast lineup shortly after airing in Japan. For international viewers who want to watch vampire anime legally, only Hidive is possible.

Q3. Why can't I log into Crunchyroll?

A3. If you have issues with Crunchyroll login there could be several reasons such as incorrect password, service outage/site maintenance, internet connectivity problems, ad-blockers leading to conflicts or perhaps needing to verify an account via email. Reset your password or try accessing Crunchyroll through a different network or device.


When it comes to legal means of indulging the anime habit, both Crunchyroll and Hidive have their merits pointing them as good options for different users. The best thing about Crunchyroll is that it has a wide range of shows that stretch back to the classic and all the way through the current season.

For those who want to watch their favorite shows away from their screens, HitPaw Video Converter is just what they need. It’s easy to download videos from either Hidive or Crunchyroll and store them offline in case you want to view them later. It is the best place to watch anime.

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