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Learn How to Fix Overexposed Video

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of capturing a stunning video only to be marred by excessive brightness and washed-out details? Overexposure often ruins an otherwise great shot.

But there's no need to fret – Let us elaborate everything you need to know about how to fix overexposed videos. From mastering basic editing techniques to manually adjusting tones and colors, a complex arsenal of tools is waiting for you out there that can help bring your footage back from the brink.

We'll start with identifying why overexposure happens in the first place before moving on to simple steps for how novice and experienced video makers alike can adjust levels of lighting within their clips. So, if you're ready to master the art of salvaging overexposed videos, read on!

What Is Overexposure In A Video?

What Is Overexposure In A Video

Overexposure in a video is a phenomenon in which the brightness levels in a video surpass what is considered optimal. This means that the image appears too bright, with white tones wholly blown out and the details in the picture getting lost.

The result is suboptimal video quality that can be difficult to watch and even cause issues like eye strain. Overexposure is a common issue with video cameras, especially in outdoor settings where the sun is prominent and natural lighting is abundant.

Professional video editors often shoot video footage at a lower exposure than desired to prevent overexposure. Besides, video editors can usually fix the overexposure in post-production by adjusting the brightness and contrast levels of the video.

The best way to avoid overexposure is to shoot a video in proper lighting conditions and use the appropriate camera settings. However, if you have fallen victim to overexposure, we know just how to help!

How To Fix Overexposed Video Via AI Video Enhancer

Overexposed videos can be frustrating as they can ruin the entire viewing experience. Fortunately, modern AI-powered video-enhancing tools are available, making it easy to fix overexposed videos.

Among the top-notch video-enhancing software, the HitPaw Video Enhancer is the most recommended tool that utilizes AI algorithms to enhance the overall quality of videos.

When shooting videos, sometimes the lighting can cause overexposure, which makes the footage look washed out and lacking in detail. It cannot be easy to fix the problem in post-production, but AI video enhancers make it easier to correct overexposure.

One of the best tools to use for this task is HitPaw Video Enhancer. This software has advanced features that will ensure your videos are of the highest quality, including:

  • Exclusive overexposed videos fixing tool: HitPaw Video Enhancer can balance your overexposed videos to a standard level, ensuring your videos high quality.
  • Mature AI technology: It harnesses advanced AI technology to intelligently analyze and enhance the content of your videos, and delivers high-quality videos.
  • Simple and clean interface: HitPaw Video Enhancer offers an intuitive and clean interface, ensuring that both beginners and experts can effortlessly enhance their videos.
  • Preview without watermarks: Prior to finalizing your video enhancements, you have the freedom to preview the results without any intrusive watermarks, giving you a clear view of the improvements.

HitPaw Video Enhancer's AI technology can improve your video's brightness, contrast, and color balance. It automatically detects overexposure in the footage and adjusts the exposure levels accordingly. The result is a more vibrant and visually appealing video that will impress you.

Moreover, the simple and clean interface of HitPaw Video Enhancer makes it easy to use, even for those who need to be tech-savvy. The software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to enhance your videos with just a few clicks.

Steps of How To Fix Overexposed Video Via HitPaw Video Enhancer

  • Step 1: Download HitPaw Video Enhancer

    To fix overexposed videos with HitPaw Video Enhancer, you must first download the software.

  • Step 2: Import The Overexposed Video

    The user-friendly interface simplifies the process, making it easy for anyone to operate, regardless of technical skill. After opening the software, click "Add Files" to upload your overexposed video. Once uploaded, the video will be visible on the software dashboard. Ensure you select videos with the best possible qualities.

    import video
  • Step 3:Choose AI Model

    HitPaw Video Enhancer provides 4 AI Models for enhancing overexposed footage. You can choose according to your specific needs. And please also choose your desired output format and bit rates.

    fix overexposed video
  • Step 4: Preview & Save The Video

    When you're satisfied with the video changes, click "Save" to save it to your preferred location on your device. HitPaw Video Enhancer can upscale the original video to 8K resolution, ensuring it maintains its quality after enhancement.

    fix overexposed video

How To Fix Overexposed Video In Premiere Pro

To fix overexposed video Premiere Pro, follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Open The Lumetri Scopes

    Access the Lumetri Scopes panel at the top left of your screen. Go to the Color workspace by selecting Window > Workspaces > Color. Choose the footage you want to adjust, then expand the Basic Correction section of the panel.

    How To Fix Overexposed Video In Premiere Pro
  • 2. Adjust Brightness And Tonal Values With The Waveform Monitor

    The waveform monitor helps you identify bright and dark areas in your video. Overexposed parts will appear as dot clusters, and the white line on the waveform monitor will reach around 100. Darken your clip by clicking and dragging the numeric value to the left.

    How To Fix Overexposed Video In Premiere Pro
  • 3. Color Exposure

    Explore the Creative section and choose a preset that matches your desired mood for a natural color effect. Enhance skin tones using the vectorscope. Adjust the saturation notch towards the right. Additionally, you can isolate specific colors for further skin tone improvement.

It's important to note that the extent to which you can fix overexposure Premiere Pro depends on the severity of the overexposure. However, the software's powerful tools can still help to improve an overexposed video and make it worth watching.

How To Fix Overexposed Video In Final Cut Pro

Follow the steps given below to fix overexposed video in Final Cut Pro:

  • 1.Open Final Cut Pro and import the overexposed video into your project.
  • 2.Click on the Inspector tab in the top right corner of the screen, and select the Color Correction option.

    How To Fix Overexposed Video In Final Cut Pro

  • 3.Adjust the slider to the left under the Exposure section to decrease the video's brightness. If this doesn't fix it completely, try adjusting the Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows sliders.
  • 4.If the video is too bright, apply a LUT (Look Up Table) to the footage. Go to the Effects Browser, select the Color category, and drag a LUT into the video clip in your timeline.
  • 5.If the overexposed areas are too blown out to recover, you can add a vignette effect to the footage. This adjustment will result in a darkening effect along the frame's edges and draw the viewer's focus toward the center of the shot.

With these steps, you can quickly fix overexposed videos in Final Cut Pro and achieve a more professional look for your project.

How To Fix Overexposed Video In Davinci Resolve?

  • 1.Adjust The Exposure Settings

    The first step to fixing the overexposed video in Davinci Resolve is to adjust the exposure settings. Select the video clip and navigate to the Color tab to do this. Under the Basic Correction option, look for the Exposure setting and adjust the brightness level as needed.

    You can also use the Contrast and Highlight settings to control the exposure levels of the video better.

    How To Fix Overexposed Video In Davinci Resolve
  • 2.Add A LUT Or Color Grade

    If adjusting the exposure isn't enough to fix the overexposed video, add a LUT or color grade to the clip. A LUT (Lookup Table) is a preset that adjusts the color and tone of the video.

    To add a LUT, go to the Color tab, right-click on the video clip, and select "3D LUT." Browse through the available LUTs and choose one that best suits your needs.

    How To Fix Overexposed Video In Davinci Resolve

Alternatively, you can create a custom color grade by adjusting the individual settings, such as the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. This allows you to have more control over the video's overall look and feel.

Following these two steps, you can quickly fix the overexposed video in Davinci Resolve. Remember to always preview your changes before rendering your final video to ensure the best possible result.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, proper exposure to your digital video is essential to creating the best film. Editing is where you can make exposed footage better. Luckily, adjusting whatever vulnerabilities you don't quite get right in post-production software is easy.

From Premiere Pro to Davinci Resolve, many ways exist to improve overexposed shots and help make your video stand out from the crowd. We hope this information has been informative and helpful in guiding you through how to fix overexposure in various video editing software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

So, don't delay; pass this info along and try these tips! If you are still seeking extra assistance with exposure correction, remember HitPaw Video Enhancer - one of the best tools available for improving video quality in just a few clicks! Good luck showcasing your beautiful films!

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