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Turn 480P to 4K: 4k Video Enhancer Recommendation

Joshua Hill

Posted 2024-03-12

Videos are a major form of media consumption in this digital era. To ace the field it becomes essential to keep up with the creativity and quality of your videos. If you have been looking for ways to enhance video to 4K, this article is here to solve your problems.

In this article, we will give you a list of 4K video enhancer you can use to upgrade the quality of your video and strengthen your editing game.

Part 1. [Highly recommended] Stable 4K Video Enhancer to Turn 480P to 4K without Quality Loss

Tired of searching for 4K video enhancer online free? HitPaw is the better answer to your search. A user-friendly interface makes you know how to use it from the start. And applications like HitPaw Video Enhancer offer AI enhancing function simplifies the task of video enhancing and allows the user to add more quality to their work. To upgrade and improve your video resolution in just a click!

hitpaw is a 4k video enhancer
  • Poweful AI models to help you enhance everything with one-click
  • 3 amazing AI model to deal with most of videos
  • Easily improve your video resolution to 2K/4K/8K
  • Amazing effects of enhanced video

How to use HitPaw Video Enhancer?

HitPaw video enhancer is super easy to use. Given below are the Steps to using the HitPaw video enhancer.

Step 01 Download HitPaw Video Enhancer by clicking the button below

Step 02 Upload the original video you want the AI to enhance

hitpaw video enhancer is a 4k video enhancer

Step 03 Select the required AI models from the given three options and preview the video after applying the suitable choice

hitpaw enhancer is a 4k video enhancer

Step 04 Click on the export button to download the final video

Part 2. Convenient but Unproven Quality Choice: 4K Video Enhancers Online Free

Here is a list of five video quality enhancer 4K that topped the charts in 2022. These apps come with their own advantages and shortcomings and in this section, we will discuss each of them.

Clideo Video Enhancer

Clideo is a fast video enhancer tool that allows the user to add text, pictures, stickers, and music to their video. It also allows them to render video quality with attractive editing features.

clideo is a 4k video enhancer online


  • It is an ideal software for beginners in the video editing world
  • It allows the user to upgrade the color quality of their video along with other editing options


  • The tool only supports a limited number of file formats
  • The user needs to access a paid version to utilize the advanced features of this 4K video enhancer android

FlexClip Online Video Enhancer

FlexClip is a video editing tool that you can use to enhance video to 4K. It offers a free version for basic video editing and gives an upgraded editing and viewing experience to the user.

flexclip is a 4k video enhancer online


  • The tool supports high-quality resolution and offers more advanced editing features
  • It offers a variety of filters and noise-removing option


  • To access the advanced editing features, you need to buy the premium version
  • Not very user-friendly for beginners


Clipchamp is a common video quality enhancer 4K. It allows the users to improve their video quality with the help of a wide range of tools for trimming, transitioning, and merging videos.

clipchamp is a 4k video enhancer online


  • It gives a hassle-free experience with compressing, converting, collecting, recording, and creating videos
  • The tool offers customizable video templates with more media assets from the stock library


  • Video exporting is a slow process with Clipchamp
  • You cannot access the additional features with the free version


Kizoa helps enhance video to 4k online in a swift manner. It gives high-quality results with movie editing, slideshow creation, and more.

kizoa is a 4k video enhancer online


  • You can use the tool without registering for the site
  • It offers pre-made video templates along with many editing tools for video rotation, straightening, and cropping


  • You need the Pro plan to access the full HD recording option
  • You need a strong and stable internet connection to work with Kizoa

Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a web-based 4K video enhancer online. It allows users to experience effortless video enhancement with attractive templates and customizable videos.

design wizard is a 4k video enhancer online


  • It offers thousands of unique templates for video editing
  • It comes with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface need


  • The free version of Design Wizard has limited features
  • It needs a high-speed internet connection to function smoothly

Part 3. Which Should You Choose, Online or Desktop?

Every application in the current times is available in a plethora of options. One such option is that of an online or desktop video enhancer. How does a user make the best choice? Let’s start with the cons to using a desktop video enhancer.

Cons of Online Video Enhancer

  • The enhanced video quality won’t be so good since a lot of online video enhancer just adjust the brightness and contrast
  • You personal information is exposed to the cloud and has a danger of leaking
  • You have to adjust the setting while HitPaw can one-click beautify your video well

Pros of Desktop Video Enhancer

  • You might not necessarily need a network connection and HitPaw won’t leak your information
  • Network failures will not affect your editing process and you can therefore function smoothly
  • Desktop video enhancers like HitPaw offer more security and ease of usage


Are you too looking for a 4K video enhancer to oomph up the quality of your video? Now you have a list of options that you can consider and compare before you make your perfect choice. Video 4K enhancer like HitPaw Video Enhancer can dramatically improve your video quality and ease your work with its splendid performance. Now is your time to utilize the best in business and make a mark with your creative endeavors.

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