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Top 7 Netflix Chinese TV Series in 2024

Chinese TV shows are finally making their mark in the international market with new shows in 2024. The best place to watch them right now is on Netflix, which has tons of shows with a mix of plot twists, Game of Thrones-esque drama, and full of epic fights with some love comedies thrown in the mix.

If you are looking for the next Netflix Chinese TV series to binge-watch right now, 2024 is the perfect year. Let's start by looking at the best Chinese TV series on Netflix on this list.

Top 7 Netflix Chinese TV Series

Here are 7 of the best TV shows on Netflix. Let's see which will be your best Chinese TV series on Netflix.

1. The Untamed

netflix chinese tv series the untamed

If you are looking for a Chinese fantasy-heavy serial, then The Untamed is the best right now. Pronounced Chén Qíng Lìng 陈情令 in Chinese, the series has over 50 episodes and is based on web novels that are highly popular among fans.

The series revolves around Wei Wu Xian (Xiao Zhan), who dies using dark arts even though he is a devout cultivator. The series continues with his redemption after he is resurrected somehow.

2. My Boss

netflix chinese tv series my boss

If you love romantic dramas where the protagonist falls in love with their boss, My Boss will be your new favorite Chinese TV series Netflix. The story is about Cheng Yao, who leaves her city to work at a big law firm. She doesn't get on good terms with her boss as he is pretty grumpy while also being her roommate.

3. The Ghost Bride

netflix chinese tv series the ghost bride

The best Chinese TV series Netflix, was aired in 2020 and only has six episodes, but millions love it. This historical supernatural drama, also called 彼岸之嫁 (Bǐ'àn Zhī Jià), is about Li Lan, who marries a dead rich guy due to financial issues for her family. Being the ghost bride now, she is pushed into marriage and thrown into the spiritual realm of the dead.

The main pull of this best Netflix Chinese TV series is her love triangle with her husband and a heavenly guard.

4. Falling Into Your Smile

netflix chinese tv series falling into your smile

The series aired in 2021 and has 31 episodes you can binge on weekends. This Netflix Chinese TV series is an impressive portrayal of the gaming scene in China, where Tong Yao, a female gamer, joins the team of our protagonist, Lu Si Chen.

The series starts with their tussle and professional rivalry and soon becomes romance.

5. The King's Avatar

netflix chinese tv series the kings avatar

If you love crime, action, and drama, The King's Avatar is the perfect Chinese TV series on Netflix for you. The show 全职高手 (Quánzhí Gāoshǒu) aired in 2019 and has 41 episodes. It is about Ye Xiu, a top-class professional gamer. Due to hatred, he is kicked off the team and goes into oblivion, getting a low-life job.

Chen Guo, his biggest fan, turns his life around as she inspires him to make a new team and regain the glory he lost.

6. The Fierce Wife

netflix chinese tv series the fierce wife

This fantastic and one of the best Chinese TV series on Netflix is a peek into the life of a regular household in China. The series is rife with self-empowerment, how it can lead to cheating, and how to deal with the aftermath.

7. Love Between Fairy and Devil

netflix chinese tv series love between fairy and devil

One of the most popular shows in 2020, with 36 episodes, is the first series most will recommend. This amazing series is about an orchid fairy and the Devil Lord, who Lan Hua, the fairy, releases.

The story takes a twist when the curse, instead of releasing Qing Cang, the Devil Lord, swaps his body with hers. The only way to remove the curse is to kiss her with true love intent, which is difficult as he is emotionally heartless and full of darkness.

Bonus tips: How to Download Netflix Chinese TV Series to Watch Offline

We know to watch the best Netflix Chinese TV series options, Netflix is the best option. The service has amazing quality shows. However, the streaming service requires being connected to the internet. Though you can watch it on any device capable of using a browser, most TVs or projectors don't have it.

So, the best option for enjoying a Netflix Chinese TV series is to download and transfer these shows to these devices. The best option to do this is HitPaw Video Converter. Here are some of its best features.

Best Features of HitPaw Netflix Video Downloader

  • Download Netflix Chinese TV series, shows, and movies without region restrictions
  • Support downloading in up to 1080p from Netflix
  • Enhance your experience with the highest Dolby Vision audio quality
  • Support downloading subtitles for the shows in many different languages

How to Use Netflix Video Downloader and Converter?

  • Step 1:After you download and install HitPaw Video Converter, go to the Toolbox tab and click on Netflix Video Downloader. You may have to download this module for the first time.

    netflix chinese tv series hitpaw netflix
  • Step 2:Once opened, go to the Netflix official website on the built-in browser and sign in to your account with your credentials.

    netflix chinese tv series hitpaw sign in
  • Step 3:Search from one of the best Netflix Chinese TV series as mentioned in the list above.

    netflix chinese tv series hitpaw choose show

    Click the download button on the top right to start downloading.

    netflix chinese tv series hitpaw download
  • Step 4:After pressing the download button, you can choose the resolution, subtitles, and audio quality. Once you have selected it, click on the Download button.

    netflix chinese tv series hitpaw format


Q1. Does Netflix have Chinese series?

A1. Yes, there is an extensive library of Netflix Chinese TV series and movies you can watch while streaming. You can choose from different unique categories: drama, crime, action, historical, fantasy, and more.

Q2. Which Chinese drama on Netflix is worth watching?

A2. There are many superb Netflix Chinese TV series and dramas on Netflix that are loved by fans and many alike. You can watch shows like Eternal Love (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms), The Ghost Bride, The Princess Weiyoung, and many more. You can enjoy the subscription once and start enjoying many more dramas.


If you love bingeing shows and movies, Netflix Chinese TV series and movies are a whole new world. They are full of intrigue, plot twists, mystery, and action that fans of any genre will surely love.

Some might have the main issue that they cannot watch these shows on the go as they cannot download all of them, and only a few support downloading. If you want to save your shows to watch on the go, HitPaw Video Converter is the best solution.

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