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Best Gayest and Lesbian Anime on Netflix in 2024

With the rising acceptance and representation of the LGBTQ+ community all over the world, it is only obvious for content creators to suffice the needs of these audiences. As a matter of fact, Netflix has made strides in diversifying its shows and movies by featuring queer storylines and characters in the content. On the other hand, the question remains: which are the best gay and lesbian anime on Netflix to watch? If you are looking for answer to this question, this article is for you. Keep reading to know more.

Part 1. Best BL Anime on Netflix to Watch Right Now

This section talks about the gayest anime on Netflix that you can watch. Have a look.

1. Given

Given is one of the greatest gay anime Netflix has and shows dual romantic relationships among two high school boys. The show's amazing animation and beautiful music make it well-liked among viewers. All of the boys in the series are musicians and skilled at their musical instruments, such as bass, guitar, and drums. If you are a true fan of BL anime, then this series is a must watch. Given is also a short series with just 11 episodes. There is also a movie that was launched in 2020. Some of the songs are a must-add to your playlist. On the other hand, some themes in the series are more on the heavier side.

lesbian anime on netflix

2. Banana Fish

Banana Fish is another popular gay animation on Netflix, filled with attractive and intelligent characters. It depicts a homoerotic relationship between Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, the main characters of the series. The show is an excellent option for viewers to explore relationship of beautiful boys and experience their pure love.

gayest anime on netflix

3. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is the next candidate for best BL on Netflix that stands as an evidence to the transformative power of revamping a beloved classic. With an ideal mix of engaging storytelling, a fresh take on well-loved tropes, and diverse characters, this series leaves an indelible mark on the animation world. From the very first episode, the show captivates users with its richly developed and vibrant world of Etheria. The show excellently balances an overarching compelling narrative with character-based arcs, thereby making it an excellent binge-worthy experience. The smooth blend of drama, humor, heartwarming moments, and action keeps users of all ages invested in the fate of Etheria. One of the most remarkable achievements of the show lies in its well-rounded and diverse cast of characters. Not only does the show prioritize strong female characters, but it also shows different forms of representation, including LGBTQ+ and racial diversity.

gay anime netflix

4. The Stranger by the Beach

The Stranger by the Beach is a BL Netflix anime movie and an adaptation of the famous BL manga series Stranger Series. It was released in 2020 and was directed beautifully by Akiyo Ohashi. The story of this series revolves around two guys. The first is an ordinary young guy, Mio, and the second is a famous gay inspirational novelist, Shun. They first meet on a beach that Mio visits frequently, and as time goes on, Shun loses control of his emotions and drops the proposal to Mio.

gay animation on netflix

5. Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

The inability to accept his defeat at the Grand Pix Finale made Yuuri Katsuki come back to his hometown in Kyushu, Japan. After a video of him with Viktor Nikiforov's (his idol Russian figure skating champion) went viral, Viktor himself becomes interested in Yuuri, even going so far as to visit him in Kyushu to revive the stagnant skating career of the latter. Apart from the witty humor displayed and breathtaking choreography, Yuri!!! On Ice demonstrates one of the most intriguing BL relationships in anime, particularly in a typically male-based genre such as sports anime. The show depicts Victor and Yuri's romantic relationship as a loving and genuine one and does not shy away from showing physical affection between the two.

lesbian anime shows on netflix

6. Kakegurui

Kakegurui is a very rare show, and when we mean “rare” we mean it is more of a “it doesn't appear often” kind of rare. The series has amazing characters and animation. Additionally, the series depicts on how addiction works since the characters are obsessed with gambling. The characters in the series gives off the addiction personality out. Apart from this, the bonds and friendship between the characters are heart-warming.

yuri anime netflix

Part 2. Best Yuri (Lesbian) Anime To Watch on Netflix

This section talks about some of the best Yuri and cute animes to watch on Netflix. Keep reading to know more.

1. Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)

Produced by the talented Shimura Takako, Sweet Blue Flowers shows a tender tale across 11 episodes. This Yuri anime focuses on a high school student, Fumi Manjome, navigating the labyrinth of lesbian identity, and the endlessly congenial Akira Okudaira, her childhood companion. After Fumi relocates, the tale traces their journey as they meet again in high school. Unlike other series, Sweet Blue Flowers takes a deeper dive into the dramatic pool. It shows the intricacies of concealing one's true identify while embarking on a profound journey of personal discovery. This anime shows the intricate process of unveiling one's true identity and an evocative portrait of love.

cute animes to watch on netflix

2. Bloom into you

Bloom Into You is one of the most underrated lesbian anime shows on Netflix from 2018. The show was produced by TROYCA studios and was released in the fall of 2018 and had 13 episodes. Unlike many GL anime, the show has a relatable plot. It offers an in-depth dive into finding the meaning of lesbian love. The series is a great romantic show that will impact your beliefs undoubtedly. It revolves through the self-development of the characters instead of limiting the tale to just typical teenage love.

best bl on netflix

3. Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words)

This Yuri anime Netflix unfolds the story of Ushio Kazama and Sumika Murasame, inseparable high school buddies. Yet, below their friendship is a complicated and heartwarming twist: Sumika secretly has feelings for Ushio. But there is a comical catch! Sumika is the embodiment of athleticism, bursting with energy and towering in height and is totally different from Ushio's preference. The series excellently weaves a story that keeps viewers entertained. It provides a heartening shot into the bittersweet reality of one-sided love. In addition to this, it boldly dives into the attitudes of society towards LGBTQ+ identities, showing the challenges faced by people navigating through such complex emotions.

bl netflix

4. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

This lesbian anime on Netflix is certainly the one that you must need to watch alone. Even though it might not be out of the world in terms of storyline, the show has all the moments one watches for GL anime. The story revolves around Mamori Tokonome, who is transported mysteriously from her high school to a mermaid island. When the confusion starts rising, she meets another castaway Mirei, who knows everything. To save her from the attacks of island inhabitants, Mamori kisses Mirei, transforming her into a warrior fueled by her sexual arousals. Hence, Mirei requires to stimulate herself sexually to gain her powers. In general, the show is a GL anime filled with nudity.

lesbian anime on netflix

5. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri is one of the realistic lesbian anime shows on Netflix that has little left to the imagination. It was well-known due to the direction and the visual animations. The soundtrack also earned praise and performed well. The storyline is about Akari Akaza who studies middle school. The senior students here run an amusement club. Kyouko and Yui are the 2 main characters of the show. Akari, who is their long-term friend, also joins this club.

gayest anime on netflix

6. Sakura trick

Sakura trick is a Yuri anime Netflix and an adaptation of its manga comic series. It has a special episode as well. The main reason of its success was the beautiful artwork and colorful character design. Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama are the main characters. They are friends who know each other from school. After middle school, they plan to join the High school. Here, they face shock as Haruka and Yuu are separated. Yuu is an extrovert and is easy for her to make new friends while Haruka could not.

gay anime netflix

Part 3. Download BL and Gay Animation on Netflix to Watch Offline

With that, you had a look at the best BL and GL animation on Netflix. In order to make your viewing experience better, users can download them and watch offline at the highest possible quality. This can be achieved easily with the help of HitPaw Video Converter.

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  • Step 1:Begin by downloading and installing HitPaw on your device. Next, click the Netflix Video Downloader option within the tool.

    gay animation on netflix
  • Step 2:Log in to your Netflix account and search the movie or show that you need to download.

    lesbian anime shows on netflix
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    yuri anime netflix
  • Step 4:Once done, click the Save to folder to see the downloaded file.

    cute animes to watch on netflix


In a nutshell, we just had a look at some of the best gay and lesbian anime on Netflix. We also saw that users can make their viewing experience even better by downloading the anime and watching them offline at the highest possible quality with the help of HitPaw Netflix Video Downloader. HitPaw downloads GL and BL anime in highest possible audio and video quality that too with 120X faster speed.

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