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A Guide to the Top 10 Dog Movies on Netflix

One thing that can quickly fix a bad day or help you ease out after a hectic day at work is curling up in the blanket with your PJs on and watching a good dog movie.

Dogs are loyal, affectionate, and playful, and with their humans, they form a connection that is hard to break. However, while seeing a dog in real life can instantly change your mood for the better, watching one screen can just be as emotional and entertaining. So, if you are searching for some dog movies on Netflix, we list the top ten below. Let's dive in without any further ado!

Top 10 Dog Movies on Netflix

Searching for the happiest or saddest dog movies on Netflix? This article has all the best ones covered in one list below:

1. Dog Gone Trouble

The first of our ten Netflix dog movies is Dog Gone Trouble. Trouble is a pampered and spoiled dog until his elderly owner dies. After this, his life goes down when the owner's niece and nephew discard him and everything in the house, which they consider worthless, only to find out it is bonding with Trouble, which will get them the money their aunt has left behind. The movie is phenomenal and teaches more lessons than one.

movie dog gone trouble

2. Benji

The next Netflix dog movie on the list is Benji. Following the love and similar steps of its 1974 version, Benji rebooted a beloved franchise for modern viewers. The movie is about a stray dog who helps save two kidnapped kids. The 2018 movie version works on the same plot as its 1974 version, offering immense nostalgia to all its old viewers. However, the updated version has a tweak and is memorable and fun to watch. It's more intense, fast-paced, and has multiple emotional moments.

movie benji

3. Rescued by Ruby

When talking about movies about dogs on Netflix, which are based on a true story, how can we leave Rescued by Ruby behind? The film is heartwarming and shows that the underdogs can defy all expectations. The story highlights how dogs can save people similarly to how people often save them. So, do give this a watch for sure.

movie rescued by ruby

4. White Fang

Adapted from Jack London's 1906 book, the movie White Fang is about a young wolf pup separated from his mother and taken up by a Native American Tribe in Alaska. The pup is named White Fang there and works to pull sleds. However, he is then passed down from one owner to another until he finds his true bond with one. This dog movie on Netflix is a good watch.

movie white fang

5. Dog Gone

If your sick dog goes missing, how far would you find it? Everywhere, right? This is precisely what college senior Fielding Marshell does when his golden retriever mix goes missing on the Appalachian Trail.

Fielding and his dad hunt to find Gonker, who is lost. The duo only has a few days to accomplish this hunt, as little Gonker needs medication to survive. The film is a rollercoaster of emotion, and the best part is that it is based on a true story. This dog movie Netflix will make you hug your pets a little tighter after watching it.

movie dog gone

6. Pets United

What happens when you throw a stray dog and a spoiled kitty in one frame? Well, Pets United, of course! This wild comedy computer-animated film is a sequel to the 2010 film Animals United but focuses solely on house pets. If there is one thing we can guarantee, then you and your kids would love this Netflix movie about dogs and cats.

movie pets united

7. Seventeen

The movie is about Hector, a young boy who breaks out of his juvenile detention center to find his therapy dog, who he heard got adopted. Hector enlists his brother for help, and the two head out to find Sheep, the therapy dog. The movie is phenomenal and shows a deep connection between a boy and his dog.

movie seventeen

8. June & Kopi

If sad dog movies on Netflix are not your thing, then June and Kopi are what you should be tapping on. The movie shows a graphic designer, Aya, who saves a stray dog from being chased by kids. She then names her June and brings it home to her husband and pitbull Kopi. The two dogs become friends, and June takes up the role of being a protector for Aya's newborn baby for life. The movie has a tear-jerking ending, so keep some tissues on hand.

movie june kopi

9. Arctic Dogs

The Arctic DogS shows Swiftly the fox, who discovers the devious plan Otto Von Walrus is making to drill enough gas to melt all ice in the Arctic. So, with the help of his friends – an Alatross who is highly introverted, two crafty foxes, and two Paranoid otters – the gang sets out to save the day!

movie arctic dogs

10. Hotel For Dogs

Are you in search of simple yet sweet best dog movies on Netflix? Then plug in Hotel for Dogs on Netflix today. The movie is about two kids secretly taking a stray dog into a vacant hotel. Hotel For Dogs is more of a kids-out-smart-adult film and worth watching.

movie hotel for dogs

Bonus Tips: How to Download Movies about Dogs on Netflix

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FAQs of Dog Movies on Netflix

Q1. Is the movie a dog's purpose on Netflix?

A1. Yes! The movie A Dog's Purpose is on Netflix for you to watch and enjoy.

Q2. What is the saddest dog movie on Netflix?

A2. The saddest dog movie on Netflix is Hachi: A Dog's Tale. The movie is based on a true story and is a great watch.


If you were searching for some Netflix Movies about dogs, we hope our list gave you insight into some of the best ones. Let us know which one you ended up watching and whether you used the HitPaw Video Converter to make downloads of your favorite ones.

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