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Know More about Text to Speech Oddcast Technology Here (Alternative Included)

You'd have loved at some stage to add some interactivity and personality to the online content, and that's what the Oddcast text-to-speech generator is all about. Oddcast is a brilliant online tool that enables you to generate and edit talking characters and avatar courtesy of the text to speech AI technology.

This post reviews the Oddcast text-to-speech Oddcast alongside its better alternative.

Part 1. What is Oddcast?

Oddcast text-to-speech remains one of the best texT-to-speech tools used in generating guides and instructions for people. After being developed in 1999, the Oddcast text-to-speech generator never looked back.

oddcast text to speech

Although it was introduced as an online marketing company, later, the Oddcast demo revealed generating the talking avatars for videos, webpages, and other content. Oddcast text to speech has been serving professional and industry purposes.

And Oddcast Text to Speech Demo?

Oddcast had turned into a text to speech generator named Oddcast text-to-speech Demo. Before the arrival of the text to speech feature on the Oddcast, converting the text into speech wasn't. Text-to-speech Oddcast demo doesn't only allow you to convert text into speech. Instead, it helps you to convert the text into taking avatars without putting in any extra effort.

  • It is compatible with more than 20+ languages, including French, Italian, English, etc
  • Adjust the pitch and speed of your TTS
  • It comes up with 100 AI voices, including female and male
  • Allows you to customize the API
  • Offers the simple user interface
  • Input the up to 600 characters
  • Comes up with the 15-day free trial version
  • Blesses you with the unique voice effects
  • Comes up with the robotic voice

Pricing:The official website of text to speech Oddcast demo hasn't mentioned the price, but you can purchase the tool by visiting the

Part 2. How to Use Oddcast Text-to-Speech?

The substantial thing about the Oddcast Text to Speech is that you don't have to put in the hard yards to use it. Instead, you can generate talking avatars by only following a few steps. Whether you'd like to use the Oddcast text-to-speech MP3 as a developer or common user, we have you covered.

If you're a developer, you can download the generated talking avatars in MP3 format, which we will show later in this guide. Creep into the step-by-step guide to generate the text-to-speech avatar.

1. Oddcast com text to speech

If you're a casual user intending to generate speech from text through the Oddcast text-to-speech generator, follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • 1. First, you'll need to navigate to the official website of Oddcast text-to-speech generator. After visiting the website, you can select the desired voice or language you'd like to use.

    oddcast text to speech
  • 2. Now, you'll see the space where you can type up to 600 characters. After entering the words, you customize and rearrange them by hitting the Effect icon.

    oddcast text to speech
  • 3. You can also customize the avatar by uploading character expressions or images. One thing that needs to be ensured is that the avatar has an appropriate voice and language. Next, tap on the ''Say it'' icon, and that's what you need to convert the text into speech. It doesn't take long before turning the text into speech.

    oddcast text to speech

2. Oddcast text-to-speech mp3

Unfortunately, common users can't download the generated audio from the text-to-speech Oddcast demo. However, Oddcast text-to-speech lets the developers download the speech into MP3 format without breaking their sweat.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to know how to download Oddcast text to speech in MP3 format.

  • 1. Navigate to the official website of Oddcast by using the web browser. You can choose the API provided you're a developer, as this text-to-speech generator enables the developers to download the generated audio.

    oddcast text to speech
  • 2. After selecting the language or voice effects you'd like to apply, you must type in the text you'd like to turn into speech.

    Oddcast text-to-speech enables you to input 600 characters for free. Navigate to the Effects section to customize the characters.

    oddcast text to speech
  • 3. Now, you can edit the Avatar and press the Say icon to initiate converting the text into speech. After generating the audio, you can then download the audio into MP3 format if you have selected API appropriately.

    best text to speech oddcast

Part 3. Best Text to Speech Oddcast Alternative - HitPaw Voice Changer

Despite the Oddcast text-to-speech app having high ceilings, people tend to be amused by the shortcomings it comes up with. Unfortunately, it doesn't produce a realistic voice sounding like a Robot.

Thus, you can go for the HitPaw Voice Changer, as it is the perfect alternative to the Oddcast text-to-speech generator. There are a lot of attributes to look at HitPaw Voice Changer as it is a picture-perfect voice changer offering the high realistic sounding voices coming up with mind-blowing sound quality. On top of that, HitPaw Voice Changer also enables you to customize the pitch of your voice, allowing you to get complete control over it.


  • Change the voice effortlessly
  • Remove echo and Noise while modifying the voices
  • Mind-blowing voice modifier for content creators, gameplay, live streamer, and VTuber
  • Supports the multiple online streaming platforms
  • Allows you to customize the pitch and other parameters of your voice
  • Offers mind-blowing voice filters and sound effects
  • The ease of using it makes the HitPaw Voice Changer the best voice-changing tool

Follow the step-by-step guidelines below to change your voice in HitPaw Voice Changer.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of HitPaw Voice Changer and install the voice changer on your PC. After launching the voice changer, navigate to Settings and press the drop-down menu. Next, you'll need to choose the output and input device before adjusting the volume per your requirements.

  • Step 2: Tap on the Classic Voices icon and choose the voice filters you'd like to use while modifying the voice. You can test the selected voice filters by speaking into the microphone.

  • Step 3: You can also customize the sound effect by visiting the Sound Settings menu.Next, you can customize your sound's Timbre, Pitch, and Volume effortlessly. You can proceed after enabling the ''Hear myself'', ''Voice Changer'', and Noise Reduction options.

  • Step 4: Once the desired sound effects or voice filters are selected, tap the Connect icon to modify the voice on online streaming platforms like Steam, Discord, etc.



Producing the talk avatars in mind-blowing sound quality has been made a reality courtesy of the Oddcast text-to-speech generator. Text-to-speech Demo Oddcast is one of the most popular text-to-speech generators allowing you to produce prestigious voiceovers in different languages.

Since, Text to speech Oddcast also brings various shortcomings, we have recommended the HitPaw Voice Changer as the best alternative.

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