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Top 8 Websites to Download Anime Subtitles (Free)

The Japanese animation, anime, has gained much popularity globally in the content creation world. The unrealistic anime TV shows and movies are consumed by a huge audience, including non-native speakers of the Japanese language. However, subtitles are essential for people who do not understand the spoken language.

Usually, most of the series are produced with subtitles, but there are many shows that do not have captions added to it and finding them is a daunting task. In this article, we have shortlisted the 8 best websites that will let you download anime subtitles with convenience.

Part 1. 8 Best Websites to Download Anime Subtitles

There are many resources available that allow subtitle downloading, but many of them have become obsolete. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the active websites that provide subtitled anime service. From popular web series, mainstream shows, or movies, these 8 websites offer a vast collection of subtitles, ensuring accessibility for anime fans.

1. Addic7ed

Explore the vast collection of subtitles for anime TV shows and movies with this anime with Japanese subtitles website. With a library of subtitles in multiple languages, users can conveniently download the required options for their favorite content. This website keeps you updated with the latest releases and updates.

anime subtitle download from addic7ed
  • To access the animation subtitles in your desired language, select a TV show with a quick search or browse the trending ones.
  • This website also allows to edit the subtitles if you need to modify the provided captions.
  • Users may encounter ads while browsing through the titles on the website.

2. TVSubs

This website offers numerous subtitles for over 3000 TV shows, including anime shows. Along with downloading captions, this online anime subtitles download tool also lets you upload subtitles for any specific show. You can conveniently download them in ZIP format or add for a specific episode of the show.

anime subtitle download from tvsubs
  • The website recommends the list of shows with the highest rate of downloads.
  • You can browse the categories or search for the required show in the search bar.
  • The iMDb ratings for the shows are not available on this website.

3. Animetosho

This website has a huge library of anime shows for users to download via Torrent or Magnet. You can download the anime in parts or the entire show in a go from this platform. Furthermore, it also provides you the option to browse the library or directly search for your required anime movie subtitles.

anime subtitle download from animetosho
  • Animetosho lets you download subtitled anime in various languages including English, Vietnamese, Thai, and more.
  • The file size mentioned with the content titles on the webpage gives you an idea of how much space the file will consume.
  • The interface of this website might give an outdated feel.

4. CD Japan

If you are an anime enthusiast and seeking Japanese content with English subtitles, this multi-niche website is what you need. From classics to the latest releases, the anime subtitles website has a vast collection of anime shows for the users. You can find the shows on this site on Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD, with versions in multiple languages.

anime subtitle download from cd japan
  • Search your favorite anime by its release year to instantly find the required show.
  • You can explore other Japanese content like music, books, and games on CD Japan.
  • Most of the anime available on this website are paid.

5. English-Subtitles.org

From anime to web series, you can find a vast collection of anime shows with English subtitles on this website. The interface of this website can be easily navigated to discover your required anime subtitles. You can search through the titles and download the subtitles of a specific episode of your favorite TV show conveniently.

anime subtitle download from english subtitles
  • This website downloads the subtitles in SRT file format for efficient use of the text.
  • Use the search bar to instantly search for your favorite anime show.
  • This website only provides subtitles in the English language.

6. Kitsunekko

If you are looking for an animation subtitles download website with a simple and easy-to-access interface, Kitsunekko is the website you need to access. You can explore through a wide collection of anime with subtitles in a single file.

anime subtitle download from kitsunekko
  • The subtitles are sorted in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean on this website.
  • Show names are organized in alphabetical order to make the browsing process easier for website visitors.
  • You have to download the entire file even if you are looking for a specific part of the anime.

7. OpenSubtitles

This website is one of the best animation subtitles download websites that provides you the utility of downloading anime subtitles from a huge library. You can conveniently browse through the latest and top listed anime and other international TV shows.

anime subtitle download from opensubtitles
  • The website also provides you with the iMDb ratings of all the shows and movies.
  • From English to Dutch, this website provides subtitles in numerous global languages.
  • A paid membership is required to get rid of unnecessary ads while browsing the website.

8. SubDl

With a stunning interface, this website lets you search and download anime subtitles in multiple languages. From English to Arabic, you can seamlessly download the subtitles for your favorite movies.

anime subtitle download from subdl
  • Type in the search bar to find the subtitles for your favorite anime movie.
  • You can select the language for your file from the Filter Language option provided by this website.
  • Users may experience many ads while downloading the subtitles.

Part 2. Best Way to Add Animation Subtitles to Videos on Windows/Mac

The above list provides you with the website resources that let you download subtitles for anime conveniently. However, if you want to create anime movie subtitles on your own, utilizing a good editor is essential. One of the decent choices in video editing is HitPaw Edimakor. It is a complete solution for all the multimedia needs catering to a wide range of users from beginners to professionals.

HitPaw Edimakor is loaded with essential and advanced AI video editing features to enhance the visual and audio effects of your content. One of the notable features of Edimakor is the generation of subtitles. This intuitive tool lets you add and modify subtitles for your videos.

Here is how you can add anime subtitles for your anime by using this comprehensive tool:

Step 1. Opt For Subtitle Maker Within Edimakor

After you have successfully launched Edimakor, click on the Subtitle Maker option available on the homepage to start the animation subtitles process. Import your anime video by clicking the Import Files button on the editing interface and add it to the timeline.

import video file to edimakor

Step 2. Generate The Subtitles For Your Anime Video

Head to the Subtitles tab on the toolbar and select Auto Subtitling option to generate automatic subtitles. The subtitles will be generated and appear on the preview of your video. You can also edit the captions manually by selecting the Manual Subtitles section on the left side of the tool.

use auto subtitling to generate

Step 3. Animate Your Subtitle Text Using Edimakor

To modify your subtitle text, head to the Text panel on the right side of the interface and select text styling from the Preset options. You can also change the color of your caption's text by selecting the Color option. You can also Rotate, set Position and Zoom the subtitle according to your preferences.

make changes to your subtitles

Step 4. Finalize and Export the Video

Click the Play button on the preview window to check if the subtitles are in synchronization with the video. Once you are satisfied with the results, click the Export button on the top right corner of the window. Enter the configurations and finally save the video to the device by pressing the Export button.

export file from edimakor

Part 3. FAQs on Anime Subtitles You Want to Know

Q1. Where can I find anime subtitle files?

A1. There are many online resources available that lets you download the subtitles for your favorite anime. However, many available options have either stopped providing updated content, or do not work.

Q2. How can I watch anime with subtitles?

A2. You can watch anime with subtitles on different streaming websites and platforms. You can also download the shows and movies with subtitles to have a better understanding of the spoken language.

Q3. What is the best subtitle format for anime?

A3. The format for subtitles completely depends on the specific needs and personal preferences. However, one must always select the format of text in subtitles that is easily readable like Sans Serif, Helvetica, and Arial.

Q4. What are the perfect anime subtitles?

A4. The perfect anime subtitles can be generated according to personal preferences and needs. If you are looking for a good resource to generate the perfect subtitles, try HitPaw Edimakor. This comprehensive tool provides subtitle addition utility along with many advanced AI features.


All in all, adding subtitles to your anime makes it accessible to a larger audience who does not understand or speak the native language. However, to generate anime subtitles, you can utilize the dedicated feature of HitPaw Edimakor, which is one of the finest options for video editing and modification.

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