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Does LinkedIn Notify Screenshots (2024 Guide)

Have been scrolling through LinkedIn and came across an interesting post or a profile that you would want to save for future reference or share with some other person? Taking screenshots is the easiest solution but worried does LinkedIn notify screenshots. So, all your queries on Linked screenshots and whether they will be notified are answered in this article. Stay with us till the end.

does linkedin notify screenshots

Part 1. Does LinkedIn Notify Screenshots

Let's start with the core thing: does LinkedIn notify screenshots

No, LinkedIn does not notify screenshots of any profile, post, story, conversation, or any other content. So, no alert or any other type of notification is sent when a screenshot is taken on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional networking sites that emphasizes the protection of users' data as well as privacy and also offers multiple options for the account owner to have control over who can see their profile and its information. But as far as screenshots are concerned, there is no restriction or notification about the same.

Part 2. How to Take Screenshots on LinkedIn on Windows

So, after answering your query on does LinkedIn notify when you screenshot the next thing is how to take screenshots. The LinkedIn screenshots on Windows can be taken like any other screenshots. Still, the best 2 methods are explained below.

1. Snipping Tool

The Snipping tool is a Windows feature that facilitates taking screenshots of an entire screen, rectangular area, or window and saving the same in the form of an image file. The feature is available on Windows 7/8/10 and 11 OS.

Below are the detailed steps for using the Snipping Tool to take LinkedIn screenshots on Windows.

  • Step 1.On your Windows system, tap on the Start button, type the snipping tool, and click Enter.

  • Step 2.The Snipping Tool window will open from where expand the Snipping mode menu and select the desired option.

    snipping tool taking screenshots guide 1
  • Step 3.Next, you can tap on New or also press the Windows key + Shift + S to initiate the new snipping action.

    snipping tool taking screenshots guide 2
  • Step 4.Open the LinkedIn content for which you need to capture the screenshot and select the area.

  • Step 5.The captured screenshot will appear on the Snipping Tool window. Here you can choose to edit it using Paint, save it, or copy it.

    snipping tool taking screenshots guide 3

Note: The steps and options might differ for different versions.

2. HitPaw Screen Recorder

Another way to capture screenshots on your Windows system in high quality and with added features is to use a professional screen recording tool and the best one we can recommend here is HitPaw Screen Recorder. This is an excellent and feature-rich screen recording software that can be used on Windows and Mac. Using the software, you can choose to capture and record your desktop, webcam, video calls, and everything else displayed on your screen. Also, the software gives you the option to record the audio from the system along with your voice. You can choose to record the entire area or choose the custom area. The software also works as an excellent streaming tool.

The steps below can be followed for taking LinkedIn screenshots using the HitPaw Screen recorder.

  • Step 1.On your system, download, install, and then open the HitPaw Screen recorder software. On the home page, tap on the Screen option under the Record tab.

    hitpaw screen recorder taking screenshot guide 1

    Note: Open the LinkedIn profile or the post that needs to be captured

  • Step 2.Choose the area to be captured or select full screen.

  • Step 3.At the recording window, click on the camera icon to take a screenshot of the selected area.

    hitpaw screen recorder taking screenshot guide 2
  • Step 4.The captured screenshot will be saved to the selected folder on your system. You can change and choose the location to save the screenshots from Settings > Output location.

    hitpaw screen recorder taking screenshot guide 3

Part 3. How to Take Screenshots on LinkedIn on Mac

Though there are several different methods to take screenshots on Mac, the easiest and the fastest is to use the system shortcuts. Using the shortcuts you can choose to capture a screenshot of an entire screen, a selected portion, or a window as needed. By default, the captured screenshot will be saved as a PNG file named “Screenshot ( date) at ( time) on your desktop.

Note: The default location can be changed if needed.

The shortcuts for capturing different areas on your Mac can be checked as below.

  • Capturing Entire Screen
    Shift+Cmd+3 mac screenshot shortcut full screen
  • Capturing screen portion
    Shift+Cmd+4 mac screenshot shortcut custom screen
  • Capturing a Window or Menu
    Shift+Cmd+4+Space bar mac screenshot shortcut window

Part 4. How to Take Screenshots on LinkedIn on iPhone

Taking LinkedIn screenshots on an iPhone is just like taking screenshots of any other page. Based on your iPhone version and OS or whether your phone uses Face ID or Touch ID the steps might vary. The captured screenshots on iPhone are saved to the Photos app of the device as an image. To check all the screenshots, you can go to Photos > Albums > Screenshots

Check out the steps for taking iPhone screenshots.

  • Step 1.Open the LinkedIn page or post for which a screenshot has to be taken. Next, quickly press and then release the side button and the volume button together ( for the device using Face ID) and the side button and home button ( for the device using Touch ID).

    iphone screenshot face id iphone screenshot touch id
  • Step 2.The thumbnail of the screenshot will appear at the lower-left corner of the phone and you can either view it by tapping it or dismiss it by swiping it to the left.

Part 5. How to Take Screenshots on LinkedIn on Android

The LinkedIn screenshot on your Android device can be taken using simple shortcut keys that might vary from one OS version to another. The captured screenshots can be viewed, edited as well, and shared as an image or a video file.

To take a screenshot, simply open the LinkedIn post and then press the Power and the Volume down buttons together.

In some devices, you might need to press and hold the Power button and then click on the Screenshot button.

The preview of the screenshot will appear on the phone screen.

android screenshot

Part 6. FAQs on Taking Screenshots on LinkedIn

Q1. Can someone tell if you screenshot LinkedIn?

A1. No, there is no way by which anyone can come to know and tell you if you screenshot LinkedIn.

Q2. Does LinkedIn notify you when you view someone's profile?

A2. Yes, LinkedIn sends alerts and email notifications to the profile owner when it is viewed by someone ( depending on the settings of the profile owner). The profile view history records each view for 90 days.

Q3. Does LinkedIn notify screenshots of profile picture?

A3. No, LinkedIn does not notify if a screenshot is taken for a profile picture or any other content on the platform.

Q4. How to know when someone took screenshots on LinkedIn?

A4. There is no direct way by which you can know if someone took screenshots on LinkedIn. However, some workarounds can be given a try like studying the changes in the engagement metrics which might be a result of someone sharing a screenshot of your post, story, or any other content.


So, you can keep your worries at bay when it comes to LinkedIn notify screenshots. So, on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, there are several different ways by which LinkedIn screenshots can be taken. Using a professional recording tool like HitPaw Screen Recorder offers multiple functions. Though there is no restriction by the platform for taking screenshots, it is always good to respect copyright and get permission to take a screenshot. Also, your intent for taking the screenshot must not harm anyone and comply with the professional etiquette of the platform.

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