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Looking for Software for Streaming Games? Check This Out!

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-11-23

#Game Streaming
#Live Streaming

Playing games is a fantastic experience, and gamers love to share their gaming experience with friends. The purpose is to bring the excitement to the table that they are feeling themselves. Moreover, people need to do game streaming to participate in worldwide gaming competitions. Not only this but you can also arrange the competitions with your friends yourself.

Whatever is the case, you will require the best streaming software for gaming. This article covers some top recommendations, including free and paid ones.

Part1: Foundation of Software for Streaming Games

With every passing day in this digital era, the trend of streaming games is on the rise. That’s why the market is regularly updating the new and best streaming software for games. Since it’s always fascinating to know how a thing started and got to this height, let’s look at its progression & rise.

game streaming

Video game live-streaming emerged to broaden the scope of entertainment because it added value to traditional recorded broadcasting. Along with entertainment, people accepted it on a large scale because of its focus on learning, brain skill enhancement, improved multi-tasking skills, concentration, social benefits properties, and other related properties. However, only the best game streaming programs can do so because of enhancing video streaming with creative elements and features.

Furthermore, any new media content designed to fulfill the users’ interests always prevails. Since the gamers find it more exciting and satisfying, they try to use it more and more via some best game streaming software. Also, this online streaming boosted social interactivity by offering easy and fast access to millions of gamers and viewers, which is a need of the hour.

Thus all these factors combined to make it inevitable to try some best game streaming software for PC.

Part2: Most Frequently Used Software for Streaming Games

Let’s dive deep into the details of some frequently used game streaming software!

Tool 1. OBS

If you are looking for a cross-platform, powerful, and free game streaming software, OBS should be your way to go. However, it has a complex features’ set up, but you won’t get into it while game streaming. Besides offering a range of video filters and streaming videos on various platforms simultaneously, it also works as an efficient video recording software.

Moreover, its real-time capturing and mixing of audio/video features are what make it unique. Even you can enjoy the noise suppression, gain, and noise gate functions via VST plugin support.

obs best game streaming software


  • Open-source and completely free software for streaming games
  • SVarious configuration settings with high video quality


  • Unable to connect audio file as a source
  • A professional and top-class tutorial is required for the functioning

Tool 2. Streamlab OBS

If you want to enjoy the OBS features with an intuitive and straightforward interface, Streamlab OBS must be your top pick. Its improved performance with automatic optimization features makes it the best game streaming software for PC. You can use its advanced functioning like finding graphics, overlays, and streams.

Furthermore, it is possible to perform a multistreaming function at once. Also, the test button is available to check if the streaming is working correctly or not. Though it offers fast functioning, the software costs you extra CPU usage.

streamlab obs game streaming software


  • It proves to be the best for even naive or first-time users
  • Offer a built-in chat feature to use


  • It does not offer a Studio mode
  • Paid Prime version included

Tool 3. Xsplit

Xsplit comes under the best game streaming programs, thus assisting you in utilizing the advanced stream management features. It offers you limitless customization along with working as a screen recording software. Even you can import OBS files to start working here.

Being the best game streaming app for PC, you can avail of the premium features; however, most of them are behind the paywall. Moreover, it can host the biggest esports and gaming events. Also, you can use the In-Game UHD and multiple displays with the projector mode.

xsplit software for streaming games


  • Offer custom RTMP for any platform streaming
  • Flexible plugin for professional usage


  • Low streaming quality as 720pe
  • Embed Xsplit watermark

Tool 4. Gamecaster

Another free game streaming software and recorder is the Gamecaster. It offers you a user-friendly and impressive performance impact with the NVIDIA and AMD optimization. Even you can add sources for the perfect audio mixer, thus leading to the perfect scene balance. It is also at your fingertips to avail hundreds of the overlays by adding animations and editing layouts.

Moreover, keeping track of the game scenes and engaging with the other players is easier than ever because of its chatting feature. Even you can add music to enhance your video streaming or recording.

gamecaster free game streaming software


  • Import overlays for customization purposes
  • Chat stream option on display


  • Bugs issues in the synchronization
  • Sometimes, noise issues get high to the irritable extent

Tool 5. Wirecast

Despite all the other game streaming programs, Wirecast also proves to be the top choice for you because of its amazing functionalities. Developed by Telestream, it is good to work on both Windows and Mac. It offers four sections, including Live Window, Preview Window, Layers, and Editing Window.

Wirecast is unmatchable in its unique features compared with the other best game streaming software, even if you choose the cheap version. Moreover, you have 200+ scenes in the library from which you can use the one that best suits your streaming.

wirecast best game streaming app


  • Streaming on multiple platforms
  • Offer premium and professional streaming options


  • It is more costly than any other game streaming software
  • Requires a stable internet connection, otherwise freezes

Part3: Best Software for Streaming Games of the Year

HitPaw Screen Recorder is what you should never miss when it comes to getting high-quality recording and streaming. The best of its streaming capabilities include its infinite number of features and a solution to lagging issues. Along with games, it is also helpful for streaming video conferences, presentations, or lessons. Besides working as a screen recorder and game streamer, it also serves as an efficient virtual camera.

wirecast best game streaming app

This best game streaming software supports 300+ streaming platforms, including video meeting apps, chatting apps, and even webcams. Also, you can import audio or add it from the microphone to enhance the steaming functions. Last but not least, you have multiple templates to add a creative element to your streaming.

Amazing Features of HitPaw Screen Recorder

  • User-friendly interface
  • Offer real-time monitoring feature
  • The option to do segment recording
  • Record screen/webcam or capture full/specific screen area
  • Customize the steaming/recording area
  • Built-in templates for free

How to stream games via HitPaw Screen Recorder:

Step 01 First of all, download, install, and launch the software on your gaming PC. Select “Live” from the top menu and then “Live Streaming.” It will open up a new interface.

hitpaw screen recorder game streaming step1

Step 02 Secondly, you need to click “Add a Source” to add your game screen, ans as you can see there are multiple templates, they are all free to use.

hitpaw screen recorder game streaming step2

Step 03 In the final step, follow the steps for streaming to different platforms. Now, you can press the F10 or “stop” icon to stop the live streaming. That’s all!

hitpaw screen recorder game streaming step3


This write-up has provided you with a total of five best live streaming apps for gaming PC. Each software comes up with unique functionality and specific limitations; however, some of them are free game streaming software. Using these applications, you might face quality, cost, and bugs issues. In this situation, HitPaw Screen Recorder comes in handy. It not only offers you an infinite set of excellent features but also at a minimum cost. Even you can use the free trial to get hands-on experience before purchasing. Try it Now!

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