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What Should I Stream on Twitch in 2024

Joshua Hill

Posted 2023-12-28

Live video and audio streaming has become extremely popular especially in the last 10 odd years. Content creators of all types have swarmed to a wide number of live streaming platforms.

Among all these platforms, Twitch, launched in 2011, is one of the biggest live streaming platform. The subscriber base of Twitch is fast expanding and by 2024 Twitch will reach a subscription of 5.68 million people. There is no doubt that looking at the vast number of stream, the idea to do live streaming often crosses our minds.

Now, if you have made up your mind and want to know as what to stream on twitch, you are exactly at the right place. In this article, we will sharing the top 10 best games to stream on twitch among several other important things related to twitch.

Part 1: What Is The Difference Between Twitch And YouTube?

You might be thinking as what’s actually the difference between Twitch and YouTube before you even think as what should I stream on twitch. Well, Twitch and YouTube, are two top online video sharing platforms. To be honest, both are best in their own ways.

But they have some key differences. You can’t do on YouTube what you can on Twitch and vice versa.

YouTube is a video sharing platform that carries a vast amount of content on almost every niche. It is also the second largest search engine only after Google.

On the other hand, what to stream twitch for? Twitch is a platform largely for live streamers and, by far, Twitch is the most dominant player in the Sports world.

Both the platform show some channels to users as recommended one. While, on YouTube, even a new channel can make it to the suggested category. On Twitch, only established channels get in the recommended section. So, streamers on twitch need to be successful before the make it to the recommended channels.

what to stream on twitch

Part 2: What Should I Stream on Twitch?

Twitch was one of the first movers in the live stream gaming industry and, today, it is the largest eSports platform in the world. You must be thinking as to what should I stream on twitch.

So, you can stream almost all types of content on Twitch including music, art, DIY, lifestyle, etc. But despite the fact that Twitch as a platform has a lot of diversity but the majority of the share of these live streams is held by video live games and eSports competitions.

As more and more live streamers are joining twitch the options and the volume of the games that are available to be watched have also increased exponentially over the past.

So, today, if as a Twitch subscriber, you have the question as what can you stream on twitch, you have never ending options before you.

Part 3: Top 10 Games to Stream on Twitch

Twitch is largely a place of abode for online video game aficionados. As a result, the size of esports live streaming has rose exponentially over the last few years.

As per Twitchtracker, the platform has about 116,355 live channels as of today. Now, with the question in mind as what game should I stream, you might find it difficult and even impossible to find the best games on Twitch given the size of live streaming available on the platform.  

In view of this, we have decided to take this job on us and in the following we have come up with the best games to stream on twitch right now.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

what to live stream on twitch

Most of us have our childhood memories associated with this game. The fascinating thing about Grand Auto theft is that it still captures our attention to this day. Grand Auto Theft V is one of the most viewed gaming stream on Twitch. The game a whopping 54.1M followers. It is very easy to attract audience with this game live streaming. Therefore, it tops the list as the best game to stream on twitch. 

2. League of Legends

what should i stream on twitch

Here is another great game that is perfect to start live streaming on twitch. The game has about 33.4 M followers, which is a really good number. The game is full of action, which makes it exciting and thrilling for the viewers. Also, the game is very fast and intense and has a kind of adrenaline rush about it. You as well as your viewership can easily get addicted to the energy that comes with this game. In short, it never get boring. 

3. Apex Legends

what to stream twitch

The game has 15.9 M followers. It is an exciting game that allows you to play with character shooters. The game also got launched on Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2019 and ever since its viewership is fast growing. The interesting thing about this game is that you can team up with other legendary characters. Definitely, it is one of the best games to stream on twitch right now.

4. Call of Duty: Warzone

what can you stream on twitch

This game is completely free to play. As a result, definitely, it must have been played by much larger audiences, which makes the game really relatable.This game allows you two different gaming modes: Batle royal and Plunder. Both are exciting to play and have their own separate fan base.

5. Dota 2

what to stream right now twitch

Here is another MOBA video game that is featuring in this list. Dora 2 is a multiplayer. It allows you to team up with other and thereby also combine your viewers and followers. The game is continuously evolving ever since its launch through regular updates. It never gets boring with new updates, features and heroes. All these features combine to make this game as one of the best options as game to start streaming on twitch.

6. Hearthstone

twitch what to stream

Where the platform is full of violent war and MOBA games, hearthstone is definitely a breath of fresh air. It is an extremely intriguing card game that is really fast and a fun game to play. The best thing is that it is very easy to learn as well. Live streaming this simple but interesting game will be a fantastic idea and there is high probability that you will find a lot of interactive audience among the 9.2 million followers of the game.

7. Resident Evil Village

what to stream on twitch right now

This game is the 8th chapter of the Resident Evil Franchise and carries intense action. It is a First person action and survival horror thrill, which has the capacity to engage viewership for hours. The game has very detailed graphics which gives it a realistic experience. The overall experience of this game as reported by gamers is scary but exceptionally enjoyable as well.

8. FIFA 22

how to host a stream on twitch

Play with 17,000+ players, over 700 teams in 90+ stadiums and more than 30 leagues from all over the globe. Now, what can be more refreshing than watching FIFA 22 live streaming? For football passionate throughout the world, the games holds immense excitement. It is only logical that the large real life football fan base also shows up in the gaming world. If you also like football you must definitely go for it as option for live streaming on twitch.

9. Rocket League

how to host a twitch stream

Rocket League is a futuristic game of sports and it combines the game of football with that of racing. It is Free to play and therefore can help in attracting greater number of viewership over twitch. Already the game has 15.6 M followers on twitch. The game is customizable with around 500 trillion combinations, which allows you to be creative and innovative with your gameplay and create a magnetic pull for the wider audiences.

10. Genshin Impact

what game should i stream

Lastly, here is another excellent game that can be a great choice to questions like what game should I stream. The game already holds a handsome amount of followers. It is an animation based role Playing Game. So, this one is especially for all those people out there who love animations

You can choose any of the above top 10 games if you haven’t decided as yet about what to stream right now twitch. You must remember that you must only go a game if you have interest in it as otherwise live streaming is quite an exhaustive process.

Extra Tips: Can I Record Screen When Watch Live streaming on Twitch?

Yes, you can record screen when you watch the live streaming on Twitch with the help of screen recorder. HitPaw Screen Recorder is a complete and ultimate streaming software. Primarily you can use HitPaw for the following purposes:

  • Record screen from mac or other iOS devices as well as PCs
  • Record webcam mac or other iOS devices as well as PCs
  • Simultaneous recording of webcam and screen
  • Capture picture in picture

It’s hardware acceleration feature allows better quality screen or webcam recording using your PCs existing hardware and software more efficiently.

It has several other hand features such as it offers several frame rates and resolution settings to customize recordings as per your liking.

Despite its large number of features, HitPaw Screen Recorder is still very simple to operate. Its interface is user friendly which has things arranged in perfect placements for a live streamer. It will surely help you stand out as a live game streamer.

Here are some key features of HitPaw Screen Recorder:

  • A simple and intuitive way to livestream and record games
  • Supports recording in 1080P and 4K
  • Records games without lag
  • It offers you select a fascinating template to stream your video.

Below is the straightforward step by step process along with pictures to use HitPaw Screen Recorder to record screen when you watch stream on Twitch:

Step 01Click on the Download button to have HitPaw Screen Recorder on your desktop first.

Step 02Once installation is complete, Run HitPaw and select ‘Screen’ option from the home interface.

what games should i stream on twitch

Step 03Now, select the recording area. You can select as much screen area as you like to record screen for.

how does twitch know what game you're playing

Step 04Do other custom setting for the screen recording such as frame rate, resolution, etc.

best games to stream on twitch right now

Step 05Finally, click on the recording icon to start screen recording.

what to stream on twitch


Live streaming has rose the ladders of popularity pretty fast especially in the last decade or so. The success of platforms like Twitch is a prime evidence endorsing this reality. After reading this article, you should know what to stream on twitch.Once you have decided to start live streaming, this blog has listed the best games to stream on twitch right now in 2024. You can simply choose anyone according to your taste.

Meanwhile, this post even goes further and has shared the all in one screen recording software, HitPaw Screen Recorder with you that will not ease things for you as a live streamer on twitch but will also help you stand out from the rest. It is a best recorder for you to record anything you want. I believe it will not let you down.

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