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  • Crop and rotate without any limits.
  • Cut video as you want easily.
  • Add your favorite music to videos properly.
  • Speed up or slow down to get your best moments.

Things You Need to Know about the HitPaw Toolkit

If you are enthusiastic about creating videos and editing them, the HitPaw Toolkit can come in handy. Whether you convert media for fun or you use them in other endeavors, the HitPaw Toolkit helps to convert files across multiple formats. There is a free and paid version that you can choose from. Our HitPaw Toolkit review aims to enlighten you on the HitPaw Toolkit download properly.



This article will tell you what is HitPaw Toolkit video editor, is it free, are there crack version, what the price and the detailed step of how to use it.

hitpaw toolkit

1. What is HitPaw Toolkit?

The HitPaw Toolkit is a revolutionary solution to all video editing needs. The HitPaw Toolkit contains multiple video editing tools that can make beginners create professional-level videos and edit them too. The functions of the HitPaw Toolkit includes:

hitpaw toolkit

  1. Cut: This function allows users to split videos into parts and extract needed clips from the video. Users can cut videos based on their preferred range of timeframe.
  2. Adjust: Sometimes, when recording videos, the camera could be shaky, or the aspect ratio could be odd. This function allows users to stabilize video recordings and change the aspect ratio to preferred settings.
  3. Add music: With this feature, users can add background music or voice notes to videos with ease.
  4. Video to gif: When users need a part of a video to create a meme, the video to GIF tool comes in handy. In a few clicks, users can create multiple GIF files from their desired videos.
  5. Stop motion: If there is a need to watch a video critically for specific details, users can use the stop motion feature. This feature can help analyze the quality of video recording and help in detecting faults in the videos.
  6. Change speed: Increase or decrease video speed across the different ranges as desired.
  7. Crop: Reduce video size by cropping some parts. You can also remove some parts of the video considered unnecessary with this tool.
  8. Rotate: If you have recorded a video on your mobile devices and need to rotate it through a certain angle, the rotate function can give you the desired angle.
  9. Meme: HitPaw provides many easy templates to help create memes in seconds.

2. Is HitPaw Toolkit Free?

The HitPaw Toolkit comes in both free and paid plans. The free plans permit users to use the tools for free. However, the video is watermarked by the HitPaw advert. To remove the watermark, users on the free version must upgrade to a paid version. The paid version grants access to all the toolkit functions during the time covered by the paid subscription.

a. The Price of HitPaw Toolkit

The paid plan for the HitPaw Toolkit grants a computer full access to all the toolkit functions for the subscription period. Monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions are available for $3.99, $5.99, and $8.99, respectively. Users save more on subscription costs when they choose the yearly plan. HitPaw accepts multiple payment platforms, including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Wire transfer, U-cash, and more options. You get a HitPaw Toolkit registration key and email after successful payment.

b. How to Remove a Watermark from HitPaw Toolkit

To remove a watermark from the videos edited on HitPaw, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. The steps for upgrading to a paid plan are given below.

1. Check and confirm the system requirements.

The HitPaw Toolkit runs on Windows10/Windows 8/Windows 7(64 bits). It also supports 768px, 1080px, 2K, 4K, and 5K video resolutions.

2. Download and Install

I. Click the Download Button on the HitPaw Toolkit official website to start with. You should find the download at the top left corner of the browser.

II. Open the downloaded file and install it. Select the system language, confirm the agreement, and choose the custom path where edited videos would be stored later. Allow the installation process to proceed. Click Finish to complete the installation process.

3. Registration and Activation

I. After installation, launch the HitPaw Toolkit. Locate the Settings menu on the top right corner of the page. Click and choose Register to fill out the registration form.

register hitpaw toolkit

II. If you already purchased a license for the HitPaw Toolkit, copy and paste the HitPaw Toolkit registration code and license email to activate your account. If you have not bought a license, go and buy before you continue.

III. Click Register after you have filled in the license email and your registration code appropriately. You will be notified if your registration is successful.

3. Are there HitPaw Toolkit Crack?

For some software enthusiasts, getting a cracked version of HitPaw may seem appealing. However, the bad news is that there are no cracked versions of the HitPaw Toolkit available presently. Additionally, the good news is that you can get the HitPaw Toolkit license for as cheap as $3.99 monthly or less than $10 annually.

The following are risks you may be exposed to should you patronize any website that claims to have a cracked version of the HitPaw Toolkit.

  • Malware and Virus: Cracked versions of popular software are associated with risks of viruses and malware. Many people have complained of crashing their computer hard drives after installing cracked versions of some software. This can result in the permanent loss of files or total damage to your computer.
  • Intellectual Property Theft: Some spyware may be added to the supposed cracked version of the HitPaw Toolkit. This may allow the software developer to see contents on your computer and steal some of your original video projects for various reasons. Also, the spyware can leave your computer vulnerable to subsequent hacking attempts.
  • Unavailable: There is no cracked version of HitPaw Toolkit available anywhere. You will likely get another video editing tool apart from the real HitPaw Toolkit. As of now, no software of a similar category can match the HitPaw Toolkit. Most likely, the supposed cracked version is likely to be crap. Rather than fall for lies, it is better to get the HitPaw Toolkit registration code free with the official website's license.

4. How to Use HitPaw Toolkit

Using the HitPaw Toolkit is very easy and may not require special training. Follow the steps below to cut a video.

  1. Launch the HitPaw Toolkit on your Windows PC.
  2. Select CUT from the main menu.
  3. Open the file section to locate the target video or drag and drop the video on the interface. The video uploads and appears on the timeline after the upload is successful.

    hitpaw toolkit guide
  4. Use the arrowheads to set start and endpoints for parts of the video you wish to cut.
  5. Click Preview to see what your new video should look like.

    hitpaw toolkit guide
  6. Use the other tools to customize the video as desired.
  7. Click Cut and Export the video to your custom or another folder.


The HitPaw Toolkit is quite affordable. Users can also get the HitPaw Toolkit free by registering for the 1-year HitPaw Toolkit licensed email and registration code free. Since the HitPaw toolkit caters to the video needs of everyday users and professional video editors, you need to get the HitPaw Toolkit for your personal use.

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