How to Make Mp3 Louder: 6 Best Ways

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2022-03-31

Crux and the main attractiveness of an mp3 file is its volume. The right kind of volume can make an mp3 file better. However, sometimes mp3 is too low, so people wish to increase the mp3 file volume. Therefore, in this article, we will explain methods to make mp3 louder.

1. Make Mp3 Louder Online Tools

This section will focus on the online sites that can help you increase the volume of your mp3 files.

(1)How to Make Mp3 Louder with

One of the commonly used ways to make an mp3 louder is using Mp3 Louder, a free web service. It can help to increase the volume of Mp3 audio files online. Moreover, it can also tweak the volume level to make Mp3 louder. The biggest plus of using Mp3 louder is that you don't have to create an account to use its services. It has an easy and simple interface; therefore, anyone can use it easily. It can increase volume from 1-50 decibels, and the recommended decibels are 3dB.

Steps to increase the volume of Mp3 audio files using Mp3 Louder are:

  1. Open your browser and enter the address of the mp3louder website to land on their page.
  2. Click on the browser button to select an audio file from your computer.

    mp3 louder
  3. Once the file is uploaded, choose the 'Increase Volume' option under the "Select Action" setting. Therefore, you can edit mp3 audio file decibels and channels.
  4. Once you are done increasing the volume of the mp3 file, click on the 'Upload Now' button from the bottom of the screen to apply all changes.

(2) Make Audio Louder Use An Onlineconverter

Another tool that can increase the volume of mp3 audio files online is by using an online converter. It is a very effective tool when it comes to increasing or decreasing the volume of Mp3 audio. In case your mp3 file has a very low sound, it can make it louder. However, at the same time, if the volume is loud, with the help of an onlineconverter, you can also make the sound lighter.

Steps to use onlineconverter are:

  1. Go to the onlineconverter official page.
  2. Choose an mp3 file in which you wish you to change the volume.

  3. Then, you have to select a volume like increasing 50 percent or 100 percent. Besides, instead of percentage, you can also select the decibels' volume like increasing 1 decibel or 5 decibels. The same rule applies for decreasing the volume.
  4. Once you select your desired limit to increase or decrease volume, click on the 'Convert' button to upload the file.
  5. After the file is uploaded, you will be redirected to the webpage to see the converted result.

(3)Making Mp3 Louder with Audiotrimmer

Audiotrimmer is another free online tool that can help to increase the loudness of your mp3 files. The best thing about audiotrimmer is, it can work on increasing the overall gain of the audio signal, whereas, at the same time, it limits the audio peaks to 0dB to prevent distortion.

Its steps are:

  1. Go to the audiotrimmer website and click on the ‘Choose File’ option to import mp3 audio files.

    audio louder
  2. Now click on the ‘Loudness’ option to choose the audio types.
  3. To increase the volume of your selected mp3 file, click on the 'Boost Volume' button.
  4. Once the volume is increased, click on the 'Download' button to download and save the file.

2. How to Make Mp3 Louder with App

Apart from online volume increasing sites, tons of apps can make mp3 louder. Therefore, in this section, we will focus on the three best apps you can use to boost your mp3 audio files volume. These are:

(1)MP3 Amplifier

Mp3 Amplifier is the best app when it comes to make mp3 louder without losing quality. It can help you to increase your music ormp3 files up to eight times louder. Besides, there is no need for you to worry that the mp3 booster can change the original audio file when using this app. Because it can save the edited file in a separate folder on your phone moreover, it can also help to support setting the increased file as your ringtone.

mp3louder steps are:

  1. Download and install the MP3 Amplifier app from your PlayStore.
  2. Once it is downloaded, open the app and click on the '+' button on the main screen's top right. Therefore, you can select and upload your desired mp3 file.
  3. Next, set the amplification factor to increase the volume of your audio file as you find fit. Once you are finished, click on the 'OK' button to apply it.

    make mp3 louder
  4. After editing is done, click on the 'Amplify' button to increase the mp3 file's volume, and the file will automatically save on your phone.

(2) Super Volume Booster

Super volume booster is another excellent app that android users can use to boost app mp3 volume. Super volume booster is a great app and can also be used as a volume booster for Windows 10. It can give you an excellent music experience as you have never before.

Its steps include:

  1. Open the app once you successfully download and install it.
  2. Now upload the mp3 audio file that you wish to increase the volume.
  3. Increase the volume of the mp3 file as much as you wish from the setting.
  4. Once you are done increasing the mp3 file's volume, download the edited mp3 audio file on your mobile phone.

    making mp3 louder

(3) How to Make MP3 files louder with Audacity App

Lastly, we have the audacity app in the list that is a desktop Mp3 amplifier, which you can use to boost volume. It is quite simple to use, and anyone can use this app to adjust the volume level to make mp3 louder. Besides, you can also reduce the noise of the mp3 file. The best thing about the audacity app is that it can also support removing vocals from a song.

The steps one needs to follow to change the volume of an mp3 file using the audacity app are:

  1. Download and install the Audacity app; once it is successfully installed, open the app.
  2. Now upload the mp3 file by clicking on the 'File' button and then on the 'Open' option.
  3. Simultaneously click Ctrl + A to choose the mp3 file.
  4. Once the file is uploaded, go to 'Effect' and click on the 'Amplify' button from the list.

    make an mp3 louder
  5. Now adjust the uploaded file volume by moving the slider once you have edited the file, preview the edited audio file, and click on Ok.
  6. Finally, tap on File > Export > Export as Mp3 to export mp3 file.

3. How to Add Music to Videos

One of the best sites to add music to your video with ease and comfort is HitPaw Edimakor. It comes with various excellent features like ease of use, complete security, and works with any format.

The steps to use HitPaw Edimakor are:

  1. Download the HitPaw Edimakor first, then install it on your computer. Open the software and add you video and music to it.

  2. Once the video is uploaded, Drag the video and music to the different tracks. Now you can trim and loop it as you want. Also, set the volume of your video and audio.

    add music
  3. After editing is completed, preview the effect and then click Export button to save the video.


We have mentioned all ways like the online and best app to make mp3 louder. You can use any method that you found feasible. Besides, we have also introduce the way to add MP3 music to video using HitPaw Edimakor, and we hope it may helpful for you.

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