HitPaw Compressor

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Best compressor

“I really like to save some YouTube videos on my phone, but recently I ran out of memory on my phone and I really needed compression software. I stumbled upon this compressor and downloaded it to use. I found that it can really compress my videos fast and greatly reduce the size of the videos. Very useful tool!”

Pranay Narayana 2022-01-04

Capable tool to use

“Very capable to use. I was trying to delete videos long ago, but this compressor takes only a few minutes to solve my problem: they're much smaller size now.”

David 2021-12-29

Soooooo fast!

“I love its batch compression function because it does save a lot of time! No need to repeat some boring steps, I just need to upload my images, and then they can all be compressed. Besides, I can customize the quality and format, choose the image quality or image size according to my desire. Quite a good tool!”

Nirmala Wangi 2021-12-24

Great tool! Help in time

“I was just annoyed about whether to delete my old photos to save some space. This compressor helps me to get the extra space while keeping these photos. Thanks a lot!”

Ann 2021-12-15

Batch compressed video

“I had so many videos on my computer that there wasn't enough memory on my computer, so I wanted to try using compression software. My friend said this software can batch compress my videos and compress my videos greatly. So I try it. It really only took a few minutes and my computer freed up a lot of memory. My computer is finally working properly now!”

Jannie Anne Holton 2021-12-13

easy and fast

“I also want comment on its fast compression. It can compress several videos at one time, and it won't take much time. That's amazing!”

Angelica 2021-12-04

Nice tool!

“I often save some very creative videos to my computer, so I desperately need a compressor software. I happened to come across HitPaw Compressor on the internet. I've used it a few times now, and it's proven to work really well!”

Meghan Faye 2021-11-18

fast compression

“It really only takes one click to compress several videos at the same time”

Alejandra 2021-11-18

Great help

“I want to save my video to my computer, but my computer memory is very small, this software is very good to help me compress the video size.”

Astrid 2021-11-12

Amazing Effect

“This is my first time using this software, but it has given me unexpected results. My compressed video actually did not lose quality!!”

Gisele 2021-11-05

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