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Top 10 Apps that Smooth Skin for Beginners to Use in 2024

Do you often find imperfections taking away from your picture moments? In a world where every snapshot captures a memory, the pursuit of skin remains constant. Enter skin smoothing apps – the modern-day heroes for those seeking complexion in their photos. 2024 will witness a surge in demand for both paid apps, reflecting the craving for flawless selfies and portraits. Whether you seek touch-ups or advanced editing features, these apps are poised to transform your photo editing journey, ensuring that each image showcases your self.

Part 1: Top 10 Apps That Smooth Skin in Photos

In today's age, dominated by media and photography, everyone aspires to look their finest in pictures. Achieving flawless skin is an aspiration, with numerous apps to help attain that desired look. Here are the top 10 specialised skin smoothing apps renowned for their expertise in enhancing skin appearance in photos.

1. HitPaw AI Marvels - Auto Retouch Portraits

app that smooths skin in photos

Effortless Portrait Retouching, with Advanced AI Technology, effectively eliminates imperfections and wrinkles enhancing your beauty and elevating the quality of your photos.

Key Features

  • Retouching: Achieve professional-grade results with effort.
  • Natural Enhancements: Correct flaws seamlessly while maintaining an appearance.
  • Enhanced Photo Quality: Perfectly enhance your images to make every detail stand out.
  • User Friendly Design: The intuitive interface makes it accessible, to users of all levels.
  • Instant Results: Witness changes with real-time editing capabilities. HitPaw AI Marvels; Your solution for portraits.

2. Facetune - AI Photo Editor

app to make skin look smooth

Platform Compatibility: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.7 (iOS) 4.5 (Android)

Price Range: (iOS) Free with in-app purchases $7.99/month

Facetune stands out as an AI-driven app to smooth body skin offering tools, for refining portraits including skin smoothing allowing users to remove imperfections and enhance their features in photos effortlessly.

  • User interface.
  • Advanced retouching tools.
  • Diverse editing options.
  • Premium features require payment.
  • Some users may need help with the interface.

3. Face AI - Facial Recognition Technology

app to make skin smooth

Platform: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.7

Price: Free(iOS), Offers In-App Purchases($10/month)

Face AI is an app to smooth out skin that focuses on enhancing features through skin smoothing and various tools for adjusting skin tone and removing blemishes to improve overall appearance.

  • Specific focus on facial retouching.
  • Likely offers AI-based skin smoothing features similar to other apps.
  • A lack of platform information may deter potential users.
  • Limited reviews are available for assessment.

4. Airbrush - Face Perfection App

app to make your skin look smooth

Platform: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 (iOS) / 4.2 (Android)

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Airbrush is an app to smooth skin in photos on iOS and Android platforms with high ratings for its user-friendly interface designed for quick photo enhancements, particularly in perfecting faces. It offers tools for skin smoothing, blemish removal, and reshaping features.

  • Intuitive interface suitable for beginners.
  • Variety of filters and retouching options.
  • Some advanced features may require payment.
  • Occasional performance issues reported by users.

5. BeautyPlus - Natural Skin Retouching

app to smooth body skin

Platform: Not specified

Rating: 4.5 (iOS), 4.4 (Android)

Price: Free with in-app purchases

BeautyPlus offers tools, for enhancing skin by smoothing skin removing imperfections, and improving features. It also provides filters and effects to enhance photos

  • Skin retouching looks natural.
  • Offers a range of filters and effects.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Some features may require purchases.

6. Facelab - Beauty Face Editor

app to smooth out skin

Platform : iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 (iOS), 4.5(Android)

Price : Free with in-app purchases $7.99/, month

Facelab is a beauty face editor and the best app for smoothing skin on iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to enhance features, including skin smoothing through editing tools and filters to achieve the desired appearance.

  • Provides a range of editing tools.
  • Features real-time preview option.
  • Intuitive interface design.
  • The free version may have limitations compared to premium options.
  • Some users have reported bugs and crashes.

7. Peachy - AI Face & Body Editor

app to smooth skin in photos

Platform : iOS / Android

Rating: 4+ (iOS), 4.5(Android)

Price : Free with in-app purchases $6.99/, month

Peachy is an AI face and body editor that focuses on enhancing both features and body appearance. It includes tools for smoothing the skin as other editing features.

  • Likely provides a range of editing choices.
  • Potential for retouching both body features.
  • Need to make in-app purchases to access premium features.

8. Picsart - Effective Skin Enhancement

apps to smooth out skin

Operating System: : iOS / Android

Rating: 4.6 (iOS) 4.3 (Android)

Price : Free with options for in-app purchases

Picsart is a photo editing application that incorporates skin enhancement capabilities among its tools. It presents an array of filters, effects, and editing functions for improving photos.

  • Diverse editing capabilities.
  • Thriving community for sharing and discovering content.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • The steep learning curve for beginners is due to the abundance of choices.

9. FaceApp - AI Makeup Tool

apps to smooth skin in pictures

Operating System : iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 (iOS) 4.2 (Android)

Price Range: Free with options for, app purchases

FaceApp is recognized for its AI-driven makeup and facial enhancement features, which likely encompass skin smoothening effects. It provides a variety of filters and effects to enhance photos.

  • Advanced AI-driven editing functions.
  • Wide selection of filters and effects.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Privacy and data usage concerns.

10. Meitu - Enhancing Skin Smoothing

best app for smoothing skin

Platform: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 (iOS) 4.2 (Android)

Price Range: Free, with options for in-app purchases $9.99/month

Meitu is a photo editing application specialized in improving selfies, particularly focusing on skin smoothing. It likely provides a variety of filters, effects, and editing features to enhance photos.

  • Emphasis on improving selfies.
  • It likely offers editing capabilities.
  • Certain features may require purchases to access.

Part 2:(Stable & Fast) Best PC App to Make Skin Look Smooth

To effortlessly achieve flawless skin and enhance facial features it's crucial to have a stable and speedy PC program for batch processing. HitPaw Photo AI emerges as a solution with tailored capabilities for refining portraits. Achieving smooth skin effortlessly.

Features of HitPaw Photo AI:

  • It provides AI models tailored to enhancement requirements.
  • The software supports batch processing, allowing users to enhance photos simultaneously saving time and energy.
  • HitPaw Photo AI accommodates input formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP, TIFF, etc. ensuring compatibility, with file types.
  • HitPaw Photo AI offers a user interface that makes editing photos a breeze allowing users to effortlessly explore features and functions.

Step by Step Instructions for Improving Your Skin:

  • Step 1. Download and Set Up: Head to the HitPaw Photo AI website and download the software. Follow the installation steps to get it running on your computer.

  • Step 2. Upload Your Original Photo: Open HitPaw Photo AI and import the photo you want to improve by either selecting "Choose File" or dragging and dropping the image into the program.

    best app for smoothing skin
  • Step 3. Choose an AI Model: Select the AI model depending on your enhancement needs. Whether you're looking to reduce blurriness remove noise add color or fix scratches HitPaw Photo AI has got you covered.

    best app for smoothing skin
  • Step 4. Preview the Outcome: After processing your photo preview the result to ensure it meets your expectations. Once satisfied click "Export" to save your photo

    best app for smoothing skin

Video Guide for You to Make Photo Perfect

With HitPaw Photo AI's performance, quick processing speed, and intuitive interface achieving skin and enhancing facial features is now a stress-free task.


In wrapping up achieving skin is made easier, with the help of the best apps to smooth skin in pictures, whether they are free or paid, that come equipped with tools to enhance photos effortlessly. In this assessment, we have delved into the 10 options available in 2024, showcasing their distinct features and advantages.

Among these HitPaw Photo AI emerges as the best app for smoothing skin in photos due, to its excellent batch processing capabilities and Ability to produce flawless outcomes. Whether used for purposes or professional projects, these applications provide convenience and effectiveness, ensuring every photo captures a glow.

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