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[Solved!] How to Take Motion Blur photos on iPhone

Photography has long struggled with the task of capturing moving objects, which remains one of its greatest challenges. Pioneers in the field, like Eadweard Muybridge, have dedicated their entire careers to perfecting photographic techniques that allow for the freezing of motion.

Even today, iPhone photographers face similar obstacles as they strive to capture motion blur while still maintaining a focused composition, requiring both preparation and skill.

1. What is Motion Blur

Motion blur is an effect in photography or videography where there is a perceived streaking or blurring of a moving object in an image. It occurs when the camera captures an image of a subject that is moving relative to the camera, resulting in a blurred or smeared appearance.

The effect can be intentional, such as when a photographer wants to convey a sense of motion in a dynamic or action-packed scene, or unintentional, such as when the camera settings are not adjusted correctly or the camera is not held steady enough to capture a clear image of a moving subject.

2. How to Take Motion Blur Photos on iPhone

To create motion blur intentionally, a photographer can use a slower shutter speed to capture a longer exposure time, allowing the camera to capture the movement of a subject over time. This can result in a blurred image that gives the impression of motion or speed.

Here are two methods on how to take motion blur photos.

Method 1: Shoot Photos Under Dark Light

Creating motion blur photos requires low light conditions as it allows for longer exposures of up to thirty seconds or more.

  1. To create motion blur photos, use a slow shutter speed for long exposures
  2. Keep your iPhone steady with a tripod and remote shutter release
  3. Add more light if needed
  4. Choose a location with controlled lighting, like indoors, or a location with little light, like a forest
how to take motion blur photos on iphone

Method 2: Use App to Slow Shutter

For iPhone photographers seeking for how to take motion blur pictures on iPhone beyond the limitations of built-in camera features, utilizing apps such as Slow Shutter Cam or LongExpo is highly recommended. These apps enable the creation of motion blur effects in locations with ample light.

how to take motion blur photos on your iphone

With these apps, capturing scenes such as long trails left by car taillights or smooth, silky rivers is made possible by adjusting the shutter speed settings. Additionally, for subjects in close proximity to the camera, these iPhone apps can deliver a near-perfect motion blur effect.

3. Tips for Taking Motion Blur Photos with a Suitable Camera Setting

The section will equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to achieve beautiful results in your photography, regardless of the genre. Here are some useful tips for how to take a motion blur photo.

Slow down your shutter speed

The cause of motion blur is when the camera's shutter is open for an extended period of time, allowing the subject to move within the frame. Conversely, fast shutter speeds freeze action within an image.

Therefore, the top tip for capturing movement is to use a longer shutter speed. A fast shutter speed like 1/4000s won't capture much movement, whereas a slower speed like five seconds will create a blur effect with only slight movement from the subject.

how to take motion blur photos

Stabilize your camera

There are two approaches to convey motion in your photos: Have the subject move & the camera move.

For the particular photo style we aim to achieve today, it will be the subject that creates motion. To capture this movement effectively, it is essential to keep your camera steady. Otherwise, not only will your subject be blurred, but the background will also lack sharpness.

Try Shutter Priority mode

Achieving a pleasing blurred effect in your photographs hinges on the shutter speed you choose. Even slight adjustments can significantly impact the final result. Hence, it's advisable to use a camera mode that provides full control over the shutter speed.

how to take motion blur photos

You have two choices for how to take a blurred motion photo. First, switch to full Manual mode, which is ideal for experienced photographers. However, if you're not yet comfortable with Manual mode, there is another option: Shutter Priority mode. In Shutter Priority mode, you select the shutter speed (and optionally, the ISO), and your camera automatically adjusts the aperture to achieve the proper exposure. It's a convenient mode for motion blur photography.

4. [Extra Tip] How to Remove Motion Blur Fast & Easily

Sometime blurry pictures annoy you especially when you didn’t intend to take them. Motion blur is a common issue in photography that can ruin an otherwise great shot.

However, there are a few techniques you can try to remove motion blur quickly and easily. Among them using specialized software like HitPaw Photo AI can help you to reduce the blurry effect from your photos.

use hitpaw to enhance photos
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Here are the simple steps to use the AI Enhancer tool of HitPaw Photo AI

  • Step 1.Download and install HitPaw by the button below

  • Step 2.Upload the original image using the Choose file option

    use hitpaw to enhance photos
  • Step 3.There are 4 AI models available choose the one perfect for your image. In this case using denoise model can help you a lot

    use hitpaw to enhance photos
  • Step 4.Select the preview button to process your image

  • Step 5.Once processed you can check the effect and later download it by clicking the export option


This article addressed how to take motion blur photos on iphone. To create photos with motion blur, persistence is key as it may take several attempts before achieving the desired result. However, if you want to remove the blurry effects from your precious photos then HitPaw Photo AI is a handy software to help you.

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