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Quick Guide on How to Colorize and Fix Demagaed Black and White Photos?

The black and white photos usually remind us of the moments of old days. Although we can take color photos with the current device at any time, the black and white photos still show precious memory of past time.

But many remained black and white photos are fading and damaged gradually. So here we share some easy ways to restore damaged black and white photos.

black and white photo restoration

Part 1: Best Choice to Restore Color to Black and White Photos

black and white photo restoration

As a robust image tool, HitPaw Photo AI is a must-have tool to restore colour to black and white photos. The photo enhancer applies AI color correction to adjust your photo color properly instead of just simply adding color to your photos. The powerful technology allows you to restore faded black and white photos with a click.

Key Features of Using HitPaw Photo AI
  • Colorize black and white photos by AI image coloring algorithms.
  • One click to restore color to black and white photos.
  • Automatically enhance more details of black and white photos .
  • Bring natural color to the black and white photos by AI matching.
  • AI face model makes the photo to be more realistic.
  • Supports a batch of process to save more time for you.

Part 2: Alternative Choices to Restore Old Black and White Photos

1. HitPaw Photo AI App in Few Seconds

HitPaw Photo AI App is available on both iOS and Android device, which allows you to restore old black and white damaged photos with the handy tool. By applying AI face model, the enhancer tool can enhance old black and white photos into high definition. Just one tap to start the black and white photo restoration with the user--friendly HitPaw Photo AI App.

restore color to black and white photo Reasons to Choose HitPaw Photo AI App
  • Easy access to the application no matter using Android or iPhone.
  • One tap to restore the black and white photo.
  • AI Animation 3D to make you photo lively.

2. Photoshop

Photoshop is a well-known professional tool to process pictures, including adjusting the color of a picture. It supports various editing operation on photos and also available on Windows and Mac OS. You can restore color to black and white photo by adjusting the Colorize filter on the Photoshop. It may takes few difficult steps for you to process.

restore old black and white photos
  • The design of new layer allows you to contrast the color any time.
  • Professional tools make the process more precisely.
  • Free for part of service.
  • Process steps is difficult for us to learn.
  • Further steps for the editing of picture is paid.
  • It takes more time to process a picture.

3. Vance AI

Vance AI is another choice of photo enhancer tool to make black and white photos restoration online free. The platform can transform a black and white photo into a colored one. Also its automatic face enhancement and correction of color can bring your photo another different experience.

black and white photo restoration
  • No registration to use for trial purpose.
  • Offers 3 free credits.
  • Limited free trial chance.
  • Full of watermark for free.

In the above, we have learned various ways to restore color to black and white photos, including desktop, mobile and online ways.

But the restoration of old photos sometime also accompanies with the repair of damaged old black and white photos. So next we’ll going to share how to use the most outstanding platform to fix old photos.

Part 3: How to Fix an Old Black and White Damaged Photo with the Fastest Way?

Here we take the robust software HitPaw Photo AI as a example.

  • Step 1: Installation
    Install the HitPaw Photo AI to your computer.

  • Step 2: AI Face Enhancement
    Run the software and choose the desired face model (soft or sharp look) you want. In this part, the repair of old photos will be more natural.

    restore color to black and white photo
  • Step 3: Repair Scratches to Fix Damaged Parts
    Choose the “Scratch Repair” model to remove the creasy mark on old photos. Don’t forget to tick the face model at the same time. Then click “Preview” to see the enhanced one.

    enhance old black and white photos
  • Step 4: Colorization of Old Photos
    Export the completed repaired one. Then add the repaired one into the software to colorize it.

    enhance old black and white photos
  • Step 5: Complement of Restoration
    Export the picture and then you will have a fixed and colored old photo.

    enhance old black and white photos

Part 4: FAQs about Old Damaged Black and White Photos

Q1. Can I restore black and white photos online?

A1. Yes. HitPaw Online Photo Enhancer also offers various service including Colorize Model and Restore Old Photo, which applies robust AI processing technology.

Q2. How to repair the damaged old photos?

A2. Use the scratch model of HitPaw Photo AI to repair the damaged part of your old photos. It takes only few seconds for the process.


This article covers 4 choices to make black and white photo restoration, including the colorization and repair of damaged black and white photos. From the processing steps and advantages, it’s clear that HitPaw Photo AI is a perfect solution to solve the restoration issues with just few seconds and one-click experience.

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