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Soojin: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a fan of KPOP and want to learn more about one of the most talented and charismatic singers in the industry? If so, this article is for you. In this article, we will introduce you to Soojin, a former member of the girl group (G)I-DLE and a soloist under BRD Communications. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of who Soojin is and why she is so loved by many fans around the world.


Part 1: Who is Soojin?

Soojin was born on March 9, 1998, in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She attended Korea Arts High School and started learning jazz dance and taekwondo when she was young. She decided to pursue a singing career early in her life, but it took her two years to convince her father to agree with her decision. She became a trainee at Cube Entertainment in 2016 and debuted with (G)I-DLE in 2018. She was the main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper of the group, as well as the “mom” of the group. She was known for her powerful and sexy stage presence. Soojin also held her first solo concert, Agassy Party, on December 25, 2023, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, attracting over 20,000 fans.

soojin famous singer

Part 2: Popular Songs of Soojin

Soojin left (G)I-DLE and Cube Entertainment in 2021, following a bullying scandal that tarnished her reputation. She then signed with BRD Communications, a new agency that focuses on solo artists. She made her solo debut on November 8, 2023, with the EP Agassy, which means “lady” in Korean. The EP consists of six tracks, including the title track “Lady Killer”, which is a catchy and seductive song that highlights her vocal and rap abilities.

Soojin: Lady Killer

Lady Killer is the title track of Soojin’s debut EP, Agassy. It is a pop-dance song with elements of trap and hip-hop, produced by GroovyRoom. The song expresses Soojin’s confidence and charisma as a solo artist, as well as her playful and flirtatious attitude towards her lover.The song features a catchy chorus, a rap verse, and a dance break, showcasing Soojin’s vocal and rap skills, as well as her dance skills. The song also has a music video, which is a visual feast of Soojin’s stunning outfits, makeup, and choreography. The music video has over 100 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed KPOP solo music videos of 2023.

lady killer

Soojin: Red

Red is the second track of Soojin’s debut EP, Agassy. It is a pop-rock song with elements of synth and electric guitar, produced by Code Kunst. The song is a tribute to Soojin’s former group, (G)I-DLE, and their hit song “Hann (Alone)”. The song expresses Soojin’s feelings of loneliness and nostalgia after leaving the group, as well as her determination to move on and start anew.The song features a powerful chorus, a guitar solo, and a high note, showcasing Soojin’s vocal range and emotion. The song also has a music video, which is a contrast of Soojin’s past and present. The music video has over 50 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed KPOP solo music videos of 2023.


Soojin: Moonlight

Moonlight is the third track of Soojin’s debut EP, Agassy. It is a R&B ballad song with elements of piano and strings, produced by Woogie. The song is a love song dedicated to Soojin’s boyfriend, Pentagon’s Hui, whom she has been dating since 2018. The song expresses Soojin’s gratitude and affection for Hui, who has been her source of support and happiness through the ups and downs of her career. The song features a soothing melody, a rap verse, and a duet chorus, showcasing Soojin’s vocal and rap skills, as well as her chemistry with Hui. The music video has over 30 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed KPOP solo music videos of 2023.


Part 3: Famous Scenes About Soojin on TV Shows/Concerts

Soojin: The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a popular singing competition show on MBC, where celebrities perform songs while wearing masks and costumes, and the panelists and the audience try to guess their identities. Soojin appeared on the show in 2020, under the alias of “Fox Girl”. She impressed everyone with her vocal and rap skills, as well as her charisma and stage presence. She performed songs such as “Jelly” by Soyeon, “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” by Blackpink, and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. She made it to the final round, where she faced off against “Lion King”, who turned out to be EXO’s Chen. She performed “Someone Like You” by Adele, and received a standing ovation from the panelists and the audience.

masked singer

Soojin: Running Man

Running Man is a popular variety show on SBS, where celebrities compete in various games and missions, often involving physical and mental challenges. Soojin appeared on the show in 2021, along with her fellow (G)I-DLE members. They were paired up with the Running Man members, and had to complete various tasks, such as finding clues, solving puzzles, and escaping from a haunted house She also performed a dance cover of “Lady Marmalade” by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil’ Kim, along with Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua, and amazed everyone with her sexy and confident dance moves. She and Kwang-soo won the final mission, and received a gold medal and a prize money of 1 million won.


Soojin: Agassy Party

Agassy Party was Soojin’s first solo concert, held on December 25, 2023, at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. It was a sold-out concert, with over 20,000 fans attending. Soojin performed songs from her debut EP, Agassy, as well as some of her favorite songs from other artists. She also performed some special stages, such as a dance medley of Beyoncé’s songs, a rap battle with Jessi, and a duet with Hui. She also interacted with her fans, and shared stories and messages with them. She also surprised them with a special announcement, that she will be releasing her second EP, Agassy 2, in February 2024. She ended the concert with a performance of “Lady Killer”, and a fireworks show.

agassy party

Extra Tips: Get the Iconic Voice Like Soojin in Real-Time Within Seconds

Do you want to sound like Soojin, and impress your friends and family with your singing and rapping skills? If so, you should try HitPaw Voice Changer, a simple and powerful tool that can change your voice in real-time within seconds. HitPaw AI Voice Changer is a software that uses artificial intelligence to modify your voice according to your preferences.

Features of HitPaw voice Changers:

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How to use the Functions of HitPaw voice Changer?

Step 1: Configure Input & Output

Open "Settings" and choose the input and output devices you want to use from the drop-down menu.

open settings

No voice coming out? Here's how to fix it!

If you added other devices manually, refresh the list to see if they are detected.

added other devices manually

If you still don't hear anything after picking a device, click "detect" to check the audio status.

click detect

The icons for microphone and speaker should be green if everything is working fine.

Step 2: Pick Voice and Sound Effects

Browse through the available effects and click on the ones you like to apply them.

pick voice and sound effects`

If you have devices with Nvidia 4G or higher and AMD 6G or higher, you can use AI Voice Effects to change your voice in real time.

use ai voice effects
Step 3: Tweak Global Settings

Turn on the "Voice Changer" and "Hear myself" options and speak into your microphone to hear how your voice sounds. If there is too much background noise, you can click on the "speaker icon" to enable noise reduction.

turn on the voice changer
Step 4: Fine-tune Voice Settings

Once you have chosen and previewed the sound affects you want, you can adjust the voice settings by hovering over the cartoon avatar.

fine-tune voice settings

FAQs about Soojin

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Soojin:

Q1. What is Soojin’s fandom name and color?

A1. Soojin’s fandom name is Seotang, which means “sweet soup” in Korean. It is a cute and affectionate name that Soojin chose for her fans. Soojin’s fandom color is cherry pink, which matches her nickname and personality.


Q2. What is Soojin’s relationship status?

A2. Soojin is currently single and focusing on her solo career. She was previously dating Pentagon’s Hui, but they broke up in 2018. She has not been involved in any dating rumors or scandals since then.

Q3. What are Soojin’s hobbies and interests?

A3. Soojin likes to cook, watch movies, listen to music, and play games. She also likes to collect perfumes and lip products. She is a fan of Marilyn Monroe and has her as her wallpaper. She also likes animals, especially cats and dogs.

marilyn monroe

Q4. What are Soojin’s strengths and weaknesses?

A4. Soojin’s strengths are her talent, charisma, confidence, and kindness. She is good at singing, dancing, rapping, and performing. She is also friendly, caring, and supportive of her friends and fans. Soojin’s weaknesses are her shyness, sensitivity, and perfectionism. She is sometimes nervous and awkward in front of strangers and cameras.


In this article, we have introduced you to Soojin, one of the most talented and charismatic singers in the KPOP industry. We have learned about her background, her popular songs, her famous scenes on TV shows and concerts, and some extra tips on how to get her iconic voice with a simple tool. If you are a fan of Soojin, or if you want to become one, don’t forget to check out her latest songs and performances, and to support her in her future endeavors. And if you want to experiment with your voice, give HitPaw Voice Changer, a try, and see how you can sound like Soojin in real-time within seconds. You might be surprised by the results!

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