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Sandor Clegane: Everything You Need to Know

Sandor Clegane, also known as the Hound, is one of the most intriguing and complex characters in the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. He is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane, nicknamed the Mountain, a monstrously huge and brutal knight who is feared by everyone. He is a fierce warrior, a loyal bodyguard, a cynical outcast, and a reluctant hero. In this article, we will explore how tall is sandor clegane, his background, personality, stories, sandor clegane death, and famous scenes, as well as give you some tips on how to get his voice with a powerful AI voice changer.

sandor clegane

Part 1: Who is Sandor Clegane?

Sandor Clegane is a member of House Clegane, a minor noble house that serves House Lannister. He is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane, nicknamed the Mountain, a monstrously huge and brutal knight who is feared by everyone. Sandor’s life was scarred by his brother when he was a child, as Gregor burned his face with a brazier for playing with one of his toys. This left Sandor with horrible facial scars, a hatred of fire, and a loathing of his brother and the hypocrisy of knighthood.

Sandor Clegane: The Hound

One of the most distinctive features of Sandor Clegane is his nickname, the Hound. He is called that for several reasons. One is because he wears a helmet shaped like a snarling dog’s head, which he uses to hide his scars. Another is because he is loyal and obedient to the Lannisters, who treat him like a dog. A third is because he is fierce and savage in battle, like a hunting hound. He also has a fondness of dogs, as they are the only creatures that show him affection.

Sandor Clegane: The Warrior

Another aspect of Sandor Clegane is his skill and reputation as a warrior. He is one of the most formidable fighters in the Seven Kingdoms, capable of wielding a sword, an axe, or a knife with deadly precision. He has fought in many battles and duels, such as the Tourney of the Hand, the Battle of the Blackwater, the Trial by Combat, and the Hound and the Mountain. He has killed many enemies, such as Lannister soldiers, Freys, Brotherhood members, and White Walkers. He has also survived many wounds and injuries, such as burns, stabs, bites, and falls.

Part 2: Character Stories of Sandor Clegane

Sandor Clegane: The Tourney of the Hand

One of the first stories that introduced Sandor Clegane was the Tourney of the Hand, a grand event held in King’s Landing to celebrate the appointment of Lord Eddard Stark as the Hand of the King. Sandor participated in the jousting competition and faced his brother Gregor in the final round. The two brothers fought fiercely, until Gregor lost his temper and attacked Sandor with his sword. Sandor defended himself and the two exchanged blows, until King Robert Baratheon ordered them to stop. Sandor knelt before the king and swore his loyalty, while Gregor stormed off in anger.

Sandor Clegane: The Journey with Arya Stark

A third story that highlighted Sandor Clegane’s development was his journey with Arya Stark, the younger daughter of Eddard Stark and a fugitive from the Lannisters. Sandor captured Arya and planned to ransom her to her family, but along the way, they formed an unlikely bond. They faced many dangers and enemies, such as the Brotherhood Without Banners, the Freys, and the Lannisters. Sandor taught Arya how to survive and fight, while Arya challenged Sandor’s cynicism and morality. They eventually reached the Vale of Arryn.

Sandor Clegane: The Brotherhood Without Banners

A fourth story that revealed Sandor Clegane’s fate was his involvement with the Brotherhood Without Banners, a group of outlaws who fought for the common people against the corrupt lords. Sandor was found alive by a septon named Ray, who nursed him back to health and gave him a new purpose. Sandor joined Ray and his followers, who lived peacefully in a small community. However, their peace was shattered when they were massacred by the rogue members of the Brotherhood, led by Lem Lemoncloak. Sandor survived the attack and sought revenge.

Part 3: Famous Scenes About Sandor Clegane on Game of Thrones

Sandor Clegane actor had many memorable scenes on the television show Game of Thrones, where he was portrayed by the Scottish actor Rory McCann. Here are some of the most famous ones:

The chicken scene

In the fourth season, Sandor and Arya stopped at an inn, where they encountered some Lannister soldiers who had killed some of Sandor’s friends. Sandor demanded some chicken from them, but they refused and insulted him. Sandor then killed them all in a bloody fight, while Arya helped him and reclaimed her sword Needle. Sandor then ate some chicken and told Arya that he understood why she wanted to kill the people on her list.

the chicken scene

The trial by combat scene

In the third season, Sandor was captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners and accused of murder and treason. He demanded a trial by combat and chose to fight Beric Dondarrion, the leader of the Brotherhood, who wielded a flaming sword. Sandor overcame his fear of fire and managed to kill Beric, but Beric was resurrected by Thoros of Myr, a red priest of the Lord of Light. Sandor was then released by the Brotherhood, but not before Arya called him a murderer.

trial by combat scene

The Hound and the Mountain scene

In the eighth and final season, Sandor finally confronted his brother Gregor, who had become a zombie-like creature under the service of Queen Cersei Lannister. Sandor fought his way to the Red Keep, where he found Gregor and his men. He killed Gregor’s men and faced his brother in a one-on-one duel. He stabbed Gregor several times, but Gregor did not die. Gregor then tried to crush Sandor’s skull, but Sandor gouged out his eyes. Sandor then realized that the only way to kill Gregor was to throw himself and his brother from the tower, into the flames below.

hound and the mountain scene

The Hound and the Dragon scene

In the seventh season, Sandor joined Jon Snow and his allies in a mission to capture a wight, a reanimated corpse controlled by the White Walkers. They ventured beyond the Wall, where they encountered a horde of wights and a White Walker. Sandor killed the White Walker with a dragonglass dagger, causing most of the wights to collapse. However, one wight remained alive, and they captured it. They then tried to escape, but they were surrounded by more wights on a frozen lake. They were saved by the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, who burned many of the wights.

hound and the dragon scene

Extra Tips: Get the Voice Like Sandor Clegane Within Seconds

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How to use the Functions of HitPaw Voice Changer?

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to pick the devices you want to use for input and output. To do that, go to “Settings” and choose them from the drop-down menu.

open settings

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pick voice and sound effects`

Step 3: Adjust Global Settings

To hear how your voice sounds, turn on the “Voice Changer” and “Hear myself” options and speak into your microphone. You will hear your voice with the effects you applied.

turn on the voice changer

Step 4: After you have chosen and previewed the sound affects you like, you can customize the voice settings by hovering over the cartoon avatar.

fine-tune voice settings

Part 4: FAQs about Sandor Clegane

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sandor Clegane actor and their answers:

Q1. Is Sandor Clegane alive or dead?

A1. Sandor Clegane’s fate is different in the books and the show. In the books, he is presumed dead after his fight with Brienne, but there are hints that he is still alive and living as a gravedigger in a monastery. In the show, he is confirmed to be alive and joins the Brotherhood Without Banners, before dying in his final fight with his brother.

Q2. What is Sandor Clegane’s relationship with Sansa Stark?

A2. Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark have a complicated relationship. Sandor is initially hostile and rude to Sansa, but he also protects her from Joffrey’s cruelty and offers to take her away from King’s Landing. Sansa is afraid and disgusted by Sandor, but she also feels pity and sympathy for him. They share a few tender moments, such as when Sandor gives her his cloak and when he sings her a song. In the books, they also share a kiss, but this is omitted in the show.

Q3. Why does Sandor Clegane hate his brother Gregor Clegane?

A3. Sandor Clegane hates his brother Gregor Clegane because Gregor burned his face when he was a child, leaving him with horrible scars and a fear of fire. Gregor also killed their father and sister, and was responsible for many atrocities and crimes. Sandor wanted to kill his brother and avenge his family, which he finally did in the show.


Sandor Clegane is a fascinating and complex character who has a lot of fans and admirers. He is a warrior, a bodyguard, a cynic, and a hero. He has a tragic past, a violent present, and an uncertain future. He has a unique voice, a distinctive look, and a memorable personality. If you want to learn more about him, you can read the books by George R. R. Martin or watch the show Game of Thrones. If you want to sound like him, you can use HitPaw Voice Changer, a powerful and easy-to-use software that can change your voice with AI. You can download it for free from here and have fun with it. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed it.

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