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Top 6 Clipchamp Alternatives for Video Editing

Video editing has become the recent need of the time hence everyone is in search of the helping tools. Clipchamp - video editor is one of the top selections of the users but what about other options on the internet? Let us get knowledge about the alternatives available in the market.

Part 1: 6 Alternatives to Clipchamp - Video Editor

Here we have some of the options for you as microsoft Clipchamp vs video editor to give a clear explanation:

1. Edimakor

With its robust functionality and easy-to-use interface, Edimakor Video Editor is a feature-rich editing program. It can be used by novices and seasoned professionals alike. With a vast array of editing options at its disposal, such as text overlays, audio upgrades, transitions, and filters, Ediamkor allows users to express their creativity and freedom while creating films of high calibre.

clipchamp vs video editor


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can consider it to be a comprehensive editing tool.
  • It has a high level of stability and professional-like performance.
  • Ediamkor is versatile in its functions.
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms.

How to Use Edimakor

Just like Clipchamp - free video editor Edimakor is also a simple tool with a quick interface. You are required to follow the given steps only:

Step 1: Starting Edimakor

To launch HitPaw Edimakor from your PC, double-click its icon or choose it from the Start menu. Click the Media button to import your media files, such as movies and pictures, into the application.

what is clipchamp video editor
Step 2: Applying Filters and Effects

Explore Edimakor's effects and filter library to enhance your film. Try utilizing color correction filters, including transitions between scenes, or playing around with special effects to make your movie look more visually appealing.

clipchamp editor e criador de videos gratuito
Step 3: Adding Subtitles

Click the Subtitle option to add text overlays or subtitles to your movie. Drag the text to the appropriate location on the timeline after entering it and modifying its font, size, colour, and position.

clipchamp editor de videos
Step 4: Preview and Download

After your video editing is complete, click the Preview button to see a sneak peek of your creation. Once you're happy with the outcome, save your movie by clicking the Export option.

clipchamp online video editor

2. iMovie

Apple Inc. created iMovie, an easy-to-use and intuitive movie editing program. With a variety of capabilities, iMovie is suitable for novices as well as intermediate users. It is the best solution to the query of Is Clipchamp a good video editor? Users can easily assemble their material, cut segments, add transitions, and improve their films with numerous visual effects and filters.



  • It offers an intuitive user interface that is appropriate for both novices and experts.
  • iMovie is a web-based editor, it can be used from any device with an internet connection and does not require the installation of additional software.

3. InVideo

InVideo is an easy-to-use video editing program that can be used by both novices and experts. It has several features, including as sophisticated effects, filters, transitions, and basic editing tools. InVideo offers an extensive resource collection and an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to create beautiful films.



  • Videos may be edited and exported quickly because of InVideo's rapid rendering and processing speed.
  • With InVideo, you have access to an extensive selection of editable themes, effects, and filters to personalize your films.

4. DaVinci Resolve

A complete video editing program, DaVinci Resolve is well-known for its industry-standard features and professional-caliber functionality. It is a single platform that is clipchamp vs video editor hence includes sophisticated editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio post-production capabilities.



  • With its support for a wide range of video formats, sizes, and aspect ratios, users may produce material specifically for websites, social networking platforms, and presentations.
  • Users can work together in real-time on projects, it's perfect for group video editing projects.

5. Canva

The online video editor from Canva is an easy-to-use tool that makes making beautiful films more straightforward. With a large collection of themes, stock footage, and music, users may add text, images, and effects to their films with ease. Canva is perfect for presentations, social media material, and more because of its user-friendly interface.



  • The ability to integrate with cloud storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive makes Canva easier to retrieve media assets and project backups.
  • Canva expands creative possibilities with its sophisticated capabilities, which include motion graphics, audio editing, and green screen.

6. Kapwing

With a variety of tools for making and editing videos, Kapwing is a feature-rich online video editor. It's ideal for making memes and social media material because it has features like text, audio, subtitles, and cropping. It is the preferred alternative for rapid and imaginative video productions because to its collaborative features and user-friendly design.



  • With free and subscription-based choices, Kapwing provides cost-effective solutions to suit different user requirements and financial constraints.
  • Through email, chat, and help centre tools, Kapwing offers prompt customer care to make sure people get help when they need it.

Part 2: Clipchamp Video Editor Reviews

Positive evaluations are given to Clipchamp Video Editor because of its feature-rich feature set and easy-to-use UI. Customers value its accessibility because it's a web-based application that doesn't require downloads so you can easily learn what is Clipchamp video editor. It is recognized for how quickly it renders and processes videos, which makes editing effective.

For a range of tasks, the configurable templates, effects, and filters provide creative versatility. Easy access to media files is made possible via integration with cloud storage systems. Real-time cooperation is made possible by collaborative features, which boost output. The creative possibilities are expanded by sophisticated techniques.


You must have witnessed the high demand for clipchamp video editor but the audience also wants to know the options beside it. To give you the best available options we have provided a list for you. Edimakor(Video Editor) is considered the best among the alternatives yet the rest come in the order.


Q1. Is Clipchamp Suitable For Professional Video Editing?

A1. Yes, Clipchamp is appropriate for professional video editing because of its vast feature set, sophisticated tools like motion graphics and green screen, and collaborative features, all of which are accessed through an intuitive user interface.

Q2. Does Clipchamp Offer Any Free Features Or Trials?

A2. Indeed, Clipchamp provides a free plan with restricted exporting and rudimentary capabilities. They also give a complimentary seven-day trial for their subscription services, letting consumers test the more complex features.

Q3. Can I Access Clipchamp On Mobile Devices?

A3. Indeed, Clipchamp can be accessed on mobile devices via its mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android and enables editing and creation while on the move.

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